Appendix C. Biographies of Editors - Recollections of An Old Soldier - the Life of Captain David Perry (1741-1826)

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Revolutionary soldier by A. Chappel


Appendix C.
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[ Biographies of Some of David Perry's Descendants ]


  1. Simeon Ide (1st Edition)
  2. Mrs. John Ferris Alden (2nd Edition)
  3. William Abbatt (3rd Edition)
  4. Winston DeVille (4th Edition)
  5. D.G. Jones (Combined Electronic Edition 1998, Web Site edition 1999 & 5th printed edition)

Biographies of editors forthcoming.  This page is under construction.  Please check back later.
Ultimately, this Web Site is the result of a question, asked silently in childhood: "Was there life before the pioneers?" One question led to another... --DGJ
Some biographical information on D.G. Jones can be found here

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