Ancestors - Recollections of An Old Soldier - the Life of Captain David Perry (1741-1826)

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Revolutionary soldier by A. Chappel


of Capt. David Perry 
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Perry Coat of Arms
Will of Ezra Perry (transcribed by Serenity Olsen)
Inventory of Sarah Perry's Estate (transcribed by Alvin E. Montgomery)
Selected Genealogical Sources  


jumpapt. David(4) Perry is the great-grandson of Puritan immigrant Ezra (1) Perry of Bideford[?], Devonshire, England through Benjamin(2) and Eliakim(3); and third great-grandson of Thomas Burgess of Bocking, Essex, England, both of whom settled in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Through his mother Sarah [Joy] Perry, David Perry is the descendant of immigrants Thomas Joy of Nostern, Dorset, England and Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, "builder of the first State House in Boston;" and John Gallop "of Boston, a coastal trader whose sea fight with Indians off Block Island [unfortunately] opened the Pequot War, 1636-7" (see Helen Bourne Joy Lee, The Joy Genealogy, pp. 17-19).  

NOTE: Further information and sources will be forthcoming.  Online ancestral information on David Perry and Anna Bliss is posted on various sites, but must not be accepted as conclusive. Such information is only as reliable as the sources from which it was generated.  Although quality varies, the efforts of genealogists compiling and supplying the information can still be appreciated.  



Coat of Arms.   The coat of arms is a reproduction of that used by Ezra Perry's brother Edward Perry, "the Quaker." To a 100 year old photo of the coat of arms (courtesy of Ethel Perry Sevigny) have been added the coloring according to British heraldry records.  (A reproduction of the coat of arms appearing on the cover of Elwell Perry's book will be forthcoming subject to permission.)



In the name of God Amen ye 16 Day of October 1689. I Ezra Perry Sr., Of Monument and Town of Sandwich, being sick of body but of good and perfit memory thanks to Allmighty God and calling to Remembramce ye uncertaine estate of this Transitory Life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to Call, do make, constitue, ordaine, and declare this my Last Will and Testatment in manner and forme following, revoking and annulling by these presents all and every testament, testaments, will and wills heretofore by me made and declared either by word or writing And this is to be taken for my Last Will and testament and none other.
And first being penitent and sorry from the bottom of my heart for my sins past, most humbly desire forgiveness for ye same. I give and comit my Soule unto Allmighty God my Saviour and Redeemer in whom and by ye merrits of Jesue Christ I trust and believe assuredly to be saved and to have full remission and forgiveness of all my sins, and that my Soule with my body at the generall day of Resurrection shall rise again with Joy and throue ye merritts of Christ�s Death and Passion, possess and inherit ye kingdom of Heaven, prepared for His Elect Chosen.
And my body to be burried at ye ordinary place of burreing. And now for ye setling of myTemporal Estate and such goods and chattles and debts as it hath pleased God, far above my deserv to bestow upon me. I do order and bestow the same in manner and forme following: That is to say; All my outward moveables without doars and within doars to my truly and beloved wife as my true and undoubted and lawful executrix, to order and dispose of as she pleases and shall see cause to dispose of at her pleasure, execpting what I leave and bequethe to my well beloved son Samuel Perry, that is, two stiers of two and one heifer of four years and a mare coult; one bed and furniture belonging thereto and a gune and sword and bandaleers and one iron pot.
To my well beloved son Benjamin Perry, two cows, two steeres above three years old, one bed and its ffurniture, one gune and sword. To my daughter Remember tow cowes and a bed and its ffurniture, one meare and all her increase. Also to my son Ezra, one shilling. To John Perry, my son, one shilling. To Deborah, my daughter wife to Seth Pope one shilling. To Sarah wife of Ephraim Swift, one shilling. As witness my hand and seal day year and month first above written.
Ezra x Perry (His Mark)



[Transcribed and contributed by Serenity Olsen, in �The Life and Times of Ezra Perry.� See: Lydia B. [Phinney] Brownson and Maclean W. McLean, �Ezra Perry of Sandwich, Mass., c.1625-1689" New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 115 pp 86-99 (Apr 1961), and pp. 191-198 (July 1961); pp. 268-289 (Oct. 1961); vol. 116 pp. 27-44 (Jan 1962); 100-103 (Apr 1962); 191-204 (Jul 1961). For more information, please see the Bingham Family History - Perry Genelogy• web page on the Binghams of Bingham County web site by Richard "Dick" Bingham.]



(NOTE: On June 7, 1659, Ezra Perry was allowed by the court to be Executor of the estate of Sarah Perry. This inventory was taken the day after. Sarah Perry, who is believed by many to have been the widow of Edmund Perry and mother of Ezra Perry above, apparently left no will. For more information of this family, see Bingham Family History - Perry Genelogy•)


An Inventory of the goods of Sara Pery of Sandwich lately deceassed taken and prissed [appraised] this 8 of June 1659 by them whose names are under written.
                                                                                        l.-s.-d. [pounds-shillings-pence]
Imprimise five Cowes at ................................................... 17-00-0
It on 2 yeare old steere .................................................... 02-05-0
It two yeare old Calves ..................................................... 03-00-0
It 12 yards of sarge .......................................................... 03-00-0
It on chest with some Cotton wooll &, divers other
             smalle thinges .................................................... 02-00-0
                       The whole some ........................................ 27-05-0
Edward Dillingham [poss. father of Henry Dillingham below]
Henry Dillingham [husband of Hannah Perry, daughter of Edmund and Sarah Perry*.]
Thomas Burge [father-in-law of Ezra Perry, executor of Sarah Perry's estate]
[brackets mine—DGJ]


Source: *Alvin E. Montgomery in Some Ancestors and Descendants of Nathaniel Perry, Jr. [N.Pub., N.D. but post-1961, date of Brownson and McLean in NEHGR v115, one of his sources]. Montgomery cites 'The Plymouth Scrapbook' by Charles Henry Pope (1918). Brownson and McLean consider that the wording of this inventory clearly shows that Sarah Perry was a step-mother. However, they, like most American genealogists, fail in one paramount point, and that is period language and usage.
      When reading any early American text in the English language, the British usage of words during that time period must be taken into account -- and the British colonists were just that, British. The word "friends," for instance, might refer to acquaintances, close acquaintances, intimates, or family for at least four generations from the first immigrants. The best source for period usage by date is The Oxford Dictionary of the English Language.•


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