David Martin Vantine's Descendants
David Martin Van Tine

courtesy of Kathy Walton


Sarah Keller   SARAH ANN "PATTY" KELLER (Mother)

Born:            22 November 1925 in New Kensington, PA

Died:           1 June 1994, East Brady, PA (Emphazema)

Buried:         Kellersburg Methodist Cemetery, Kellersburg, PA

Parents:        Charles Deemar Keller and Minnie Evalina Faith  

Education:    New Ken High School, New Kensington, PA

Spouse:        Richard Elwood Dickey, 28 July 1945 in Trinity Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA

Children:      2 Girls (both living) and 3 boys (one has died)



Born:            23 November 1922 in Homer City, PA

Died:           29 April 1988, Allegheny Valley Hospital, Natrona Heights, Pa (Lymphoma Cancer)

Buried:         Urn buried in Kellersburg  Methodist Cemetery, PA

Parents:        Carl Elwood Dickey and Edith Gertrude Kinter

Spouse:        Sarah Ann “Patty” Keller

Children:      2 Girls (both living) and 3 boys (one has died)

Work:          Photographer, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Harmarville, PA 

Military:       World War II fought in Philippines. While stationed on Hui Islands in the Russells, loaded torpedoes onto John Kennedy's P.T. Boat, which was blown up shortly thereafter.  Kennedy became the 35 th President of United States


Minnie Faith KellerKeller Gravestone


Born:            3 April 1898 in North Second Street, Apollo, PA, Birth Record Vol. 1, Page 54, Kittanning, PA Court House (father listed as Charles Kendall, catcher in mill and mother Essie Lea)

Parents:        Charles Kendall Faith and Lea Esther (Essie) Van Tine

Died:           28 November 1981, in her daughter Eulah’s home in  New Kensington, PA (acute myocardial infarction)  

Buried:         Union Cemetery, Arnold, PA, Lot 70 G, Officiating Clergy David J. Bird, St. Andrews Episcopal Church

Spouse:        Charles Deemar Keller on 20 June 1917, New Kensington, PA

Children:      Eulah May Keller, Sarah Ann "Patty" Keller


Born:            7 March 1896 in Ford City, PA

Baptism:       2 August 1896, St. Marks Church, Ford City, PA

Died:           27 June 1979, in home East Hills Drive, New Kensington, PA (Heart attack)

Buried:         Union Cemetery, Arnold, PA, Lot 70 G

School:         Ford City Public School, Ford City, PA, with perfect attendance record in 1908           

Spouse:        Minnie Evalina Faith on 20 June 1917, New Kensington, PA, Marriage Record #43110, Rev. T. E. Yeakley

Children:      Eulah May Keller, Sarah Ann "Patty" Keller

Parents:        Charles Thompson Keller and Sarah Elizabeth Rawlinson

Worked:       Owner, Keller Electric Company, New Kensington, PA, incorporated on January 6, 1930. They were the sole Electrical Contractor for the building of the Conemaugh Dam, also the first all-electric home in New Kensington in 1936.


Lea Esther Van Tine  
LEA ESTHER (ESSIE) VAN TINE (Kathleen's great-grandmother)

Born:            9 July 1873, Cochran Mills, PA (per mom’s notes)

Died:           3 April 1943

Buried:         Boiling Springs Cemetery, Spring Church, PA

Parents:        David Van Tine and Elizabeth Jane Deemer

Spouse:        1896, Charles Kendall Faith, in Apollo, PA

Children:      Jay Faith (died June 29, 1895, aged 2 days per Burial records of his mother) – Esther – Minnie Evalina – Lloyd –

                   Helen Elizabeth – Dolly - Margaret


Charles Kendall Faith  
CHARLES KENDALL FAITH (Kathleen’s Great-grandfather)

Born:            October 24, 1876, Clarksburg, PA

Died:           21 July 1940

Buried:         Boiling Springs Cemetery, Spring Church, PA

Parents:        Robert Faith and Martha Hancock

Spouse:        1896, Lea Esther Van Tine, Apollo, PA

Children:      Jay Faith (died June 29, 1895, aged 2 days per Burial records of his mother) – Esther – Minnie Evalina – Lloyd –

                   Helen Elizabeth – Dolly - Margaret

Notes:          World War I draft card lists Charles Kendrel Faith, 1300 Taylor Avenue, New Kensington, PA, Age 42, born October 24, 1876, Bartender, Wife, Essie – FHL Roll #1926979, Draftboard 3

August 20, 1940, estate of Charles Faith, by Frank L. Hankey and Sons Funder Directors, 843 Fifth Avenue, New Kensington was $313.00 (Embalming, dressing Etc. $25, Casket & Services $215, Outside Case and Delivery Concrete $25, Slumber Robe $10, Palms and Flowers $15, Gloves for Bearers $3.00, Casket Coach $20).

Obituary:  Charles Faith, 64 of the Leechburg road, near Melwood Park, died last night in the Citizens General hospital following a short illness.  He is survived by his wife, Essie Faith, nee Van Tine; five daughters, Mrs. Deemar Keller, of New Kensington, Mrs. Helen Boyer, of Arnold, Mrs. Esther McGeever, of R.D. NO. 1, New Kensington, Mrs. Dolly Steffey, of New Kensington, and Miss Margaret Faith, at home; a son, L. R. Faith, of Philadelphia.  Funeral services will be held from his home Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock with the Rev. Thomas H. Hughes, minister of the First Christian church, officiating.  Burial will be in the Spring Church cemetery, Armstrong County.

Bearers at funeral were:  J. Faith, Bob Faith, George Faith, Frank Minnick, Bill Henderson, Bill Hegman.  Car 1, Mrs. Charles Faith, M/M C. D. Keller, L. R. Faith, Margaret Faith – Car 2, Frank O’Conner(driver), Mrs. Helen Boyer, Arthur Boyer, Patricia Keller, Andrew McGeever, Jr. – Car 3 Ms. Herford (driver), M/M McGeever, Norma Lee McGeever, Janet McGeever – Car 4 – Mr. Rupter (Driver), M/M Alford Steffy and family – Car 5 – Olive Faith & wife M/M Henderson – Car 6 Frank Minick & wife, Miss Betty Minick, Bill Hegman and wife – Car 7 George Faith & wife, M/M George Shaney – Car 8 Jay Faith & family, George Faith, Ida Duncan – Car 9 Park Van Tine & wife, Sara Vantine – Car 10, Walter Woomer & wife, Rossetta Faith, Mable Faith

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DAVID MARTIN VAN TINE (Great-great-grandfather)

Born:            September 30, 1853, Armstrong County, PA

Died:           November 23, 1924, Wheeling City, Ohio, West Virginia (chronic nephritis and valvular heart disease

Buried:         Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling City, WV or Spring Church Cemetery

Parents:        Thomas (Thoe) Van Tine and Esther (Hattie Schutte) 

Spouse:        Abt. 1873, Elizabeth Jane Deemer

Children:      Lea Esther (Essie) – Thomas P. – Daniel P. – Florance B. – Sarah E. – John A. – David F.

Spouse:        Mariah Elizabeth Bowlin (1854-1918), WV (they had no children)

Spouse:        Mary Conrad Quinlan (1866 - ), Aug. 29, 1918 Wheeling, Ohio, WV (they had no children)

Spouse:        Lizzie Drumm (they had no children)

Spouse:        Per mom’s notes:  His first wife was Elizabeth Deemar and she died.  He remarried.  His daughter Lea (Essie) had to help take care of her brothers and sisters.  They lived at Cochran Mills PA next door to Cochran family.  The one Cochran girl became a news reporter and her pen name was Nellie Bly.  She traveled all over the world as a reporter.  The first woman to do so.  Essie Faith knew Nellie Bly.  David Van Tine sold vegetables etc.  He had horse & cart he sold from.  He might have had a store.  I don’t know.  He and his second wife moved to Wheeling WV where he owned and ran a 5 & 10 cent store and a movie house.  He sent Essie Faith and her children clothes, etc. on birthdays, Christmas, Easter.

(NO PICTURE)  ELIZABETH JANE DEEMER (Great-great-grandmother)

Born:            1847

Buried:         Boiling Springs Presbyterian Church, Spring Church, PA

Parents:        Daniel Deemer and Leah Kirkland

Spouse:        David Van Tine

Children:      Lea Esther (Essie) – Thomas Park – Daniel Perin – Florance B. – Sarah E. – John A. – David F.  

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(NO PICTURE)  THOMAS H. VAN TINE (Great-great-great-grandfather)

Born:            8 August 1816, Conewago, Adams County, PA

Died:           28 October 1892, Cochrans Mills, Armstrong County, PA (80 yr 12 days)

Buried:         St. Michael’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Burrell, Twp. PA (AKA Brick Church)


(NO PICTURE)  ESTHER SHOOP aka Hattie Schutte (Great-great-great-grandmother)

Born:            17 August 1822

Died:           29 August 1902, Armstrong County, PA (76 yrs 2 mo 20 days)

Buried:         St. Michael’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Burrell Twp., PA