The Vantine/Vantyne Descendants
of Carel Fonteyn and Catharine de Baile

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The 1860s Roster

Abraham D. Vantine 1830-@1894, Otoe county, Nebraska - a biography
Abram N. Van Tyne
- 1798-1880
Ashley Abraham Van Tine - owner of Vantine's --added link to A Little Journey to Vantine's. Picture of Ashley and his wife.
Personal papers of Ashley A. Vantine

Harriet Macy Vantine - Testimony regarding the Groves & Baker sewing machine patent
Hezekiah O. Van Tine - a biography from Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania
Jesse B. Vantine - 1821-1893, Ottawa county, Ohio - a biography
James Vantine - 1833-1895, Oakland county, Michigan - a biography
Joseph E. Vantine - 1835-@1904; New Castle, Delaware - a biography and Medal of Honor
Mary Ricard Van Tyne - Testimony in Lincoln assasination trial
T.J. Vantine - "Pioneer Days in the Southwest" - 1860, Texas Rangers, Ft. Belknap, Texas
Uncle John's [Van Tine] Experience - New York Times, Sunday, January 12, 1879 
Capt. Charles H. Vantine - 21st Ohio, Report -August 16-September 22, 1863. —The Chickamauga Campaign.
Courtesy of Willard Smith.
Peter Vantine - 1811-1892; Genesee county, Michigan - a biography
Elizabeth Belle Butler Wetmore - Courtesy of Ken Newton
John Weir Vantine - Courtesy of MC Fairbanks

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new11/3/2016 The Family Group Sheets are so out-of-date that I've removed them. It's too hard to keep them up-to-date with all the new information available. I have been working on and much of my work is there. However, it is open to anyone to change so it may be what I entered, or maybe not. I also have a tree on which I'm struggling to keep up. I won't continue to update the Family Group Sheets on this site.

8/23/2014 There's a new link to a terrific blog by Ian D. Swart. This is of particular interest to Texas Vantines.

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4/20/2014 The connection of the Chazy, Clinton county, New York Vantine family
has been speculative. There are indications that they are related to the Fishkill
families, but nothing substantiating. I have found a small newspaper clipping which
quotes L. F. (Lafayette) Vantine as saying he is related to William H. Vantine of Ohio.
William is a grandson of Isaac Fonteyn/Vantine of Fishkill. So, there is one tiny
possibility. It's also possible that Lafayette was confused or mistaken.

5/4/2013 I've added a jpg of the full transcript of Carel Fonteyn's will which is availailable through but the records have to be searched page by page. It's pretty enormous because I wanted it to be easy to read. Otherwise, not much going on. Same ole same ole.

My brother, who took the Family Tree DNA test (bless his cotton-pickin' heart for doing it!) is I1a OR M253 OR a terminal SNP of Z63+. Sounds like greek, doesn't it! They all pretty much mean the same thing. If there aren't any surprises in his lineage back to Carel Fonteyn -- every male descendant should be I1a. We sure could use another Vantine male to test to confirm it. It is a couple of hundred dollars to test though. :(

Be well, friends. I haven't given up, I'm just slowed down and will continue this research as long as I am able.

2/12/2012 I've started putting Abraham Knight Van Tine's civil war file up. Because it is so large, the index is on the rootweb (this) site and the actual files are on my other website, --errr. Still working on it.

7/19/2010 -- Goodbye Sarah Nolan -- Mike Morrissey has provided a convincing argument that Sarah Nolan never existed. She was the result of a mis-transcription of a DRC christening record. However, the actual name of Charles' wife is still not proven to me. Could be Maria. Meh. The result is not material, however. Both Charles' are with their correct respective parents. All that is changed are the birth/christening records of the children -- which are, infuriatingly enough, named the same for both families. If you have Sarah Nolan in your family tree, it's time to throw her out. Can't say I'm persuaded who her replacement is, but Goodbye, Sarah. My fgs will change with the next update.

New Netherlands Connections
Dorothy A. Koenig, Editor
1232 Carlotta Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707-2707
Published quarterly, $20

But The Name's Spelled Wrong!

What has this to do with the Vantine (Van Tine, Van Tyne, etc.) family, you are certainly asking. The legal language of New Amsterdam was Dutch, but most people were illiterate in any language. Henry Fiske says in his Dutch and Quaker Colonies that there were at least 26 languages being spoken in a town with only about four thousand inhabitants. I have never found proof that Charles Fonteyn could read or write either French or Dutch, the one signature existing being his mark "X" only. Throughout these records, wild variations in spelling the name Fonteyn are evident.

First Known Signature Mark

As Rosalie Fellows Bailey remarks in "Dutch Naming Systems": "In the seventeenth century, it was the custom of Dutch magistrates and scribes to translate foreign names into what they believed to be equivalent Dutch names and so enter them on the court records or other series of records kept in that language.... If the foreign name was difficult to translate, the seventeenth century Dutch magistrate or scribe usually entered a phonetic approximation. Such might take the form of a Dutch name similar in sound to the foreign name, but often quite different in meaning; or the foreign name might merely be spelled phonetically by translating the sound of the name in letters as the Dutch pronounced their letters."

Through my years of research on this family, I have discovered that the change from Fonteyn to Vantine follows many different paths. In the following chart, there are a few listed:
Fonteyn Vontine Vantine
Ffontaine Vonteyn Vantyne
Fantine Fontime Van Tine
Fountin   Van Tyne
Fontijn Phantine Tine
Fanton   Tyne

To further complicate matters, the name is frequently misspelled. Valentine, Vandine, Van Dyne, Van Line, or Van Fine are some of the many variations. It can be confused with the "real" Dutch names of Van Tyn and Van Tien. Given names suffered similar mistreatment as evidenced by the name Jacques Fonteyn. In the late 1780's, a perplexed tax enumerator in Adams County, Pennsylvania, scratched his head and gave it his best effort and listed Zwacks Vantine as a taxable male head of household.

Rosalie Fellows Bailey also came to the same conclusion, "The Van Tyne or Vantine family of central New Jersey has a misleadingly Dutch connotation since the family is of French origin." As late as 1814, I have clear evidence that the family continued to use both variations of the name. The documents that I have which were signed by Cornelius Vantine to receive his War of 1812 land grant are clearly signed Cornelius Fantine in two separate places (I believe this to be John Vantine's, my third great grandfather's, brother--but no proof). The early tax and church records of Dutchess County use many variations of Fonteyn/Vantine.

The only clear exception is William Vantine who always seems to be Vantine. Since his father William Fonteyn, who married Kniertje Wiltsie 29 Nov 1741, died shortly after William (son) was born, I feel certain that this steadfast spelling can be attributed to his mother's second husband, Koenradt Applie, a literate Swiss-German.



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Marriage Affidavit

Bible Records

Robert F. Vantine, Jr. Bible Records
Bible Records 2

List of Burials in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N ew York
List of Cemetery Records in New York -- all over the place

1894 Census of Barry County, Michigan (1 record)

Church Records
Conewago DRC of Conewago, Adams, NY some marriages and baptisms
First DRC of New Brunswick, Middlesex, NJ Baptisms
First DRC of New Brunswick, Middlesex, NJ Memberships
First DRC of New Brunswick, Middlesex, NJ Another list of members
First DRC of Fishkill, Dutchess, NY Baptisms and Marriages
Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster, NY (1 record)
First DRC, Hopewell, Dutchess, NY
Poughkeepsie DRC, Dutchess, NY
New Hackensack DRC, New Hackensack, Dutchess, NY


New York City (1812-1900)
Philadelphia (various records) Court Records
New Jersey Supreme Court, 1704-1844 Index
Hendricks Fisher & wife, Elizabeth vs Charles Vantine, 1778
Charles Fontyne vs John Fontyne, Trespass, 1764

Misc Court Records of Dutchess co, New York -- Bastardy hearing
Van Tine vs Van Tine in New Jersey

Death Certificate images

Land and Property

Indexes to Deeds
Western NY Transactions
1709 Indenture and signature with seal
1713 Mortgage for Jacques Fonteyn

Military Records

Civil War
War of 1812
1812 Pension of Thomas Vantine

newCivil War Pension files for Abraham K. Van Tine

Newspaper item
newbullet Plattsburgh Daily Press 27 May 1895

Album of Samuel Edgar Van Tine family (Dutchess county, NY)
Abraham D. Vantine of Nebraska family
Abraham Knight Van Tine of Pennsylvania
Album of David Martin Van Tine, son of Thomas H. Van Tine and Esther Shoop
bulletAlbum of Van Tine-Stephensons of Missouri
George Riley Vantine -- Michigan
Additional Vantine Pictures
Album of Eugene and Olive Louise (Nield) Van Tine
(Dutchess county, NY)
Album of John Herbert Vantine and relatives
(Westmoreland county, PA)
Album of George and Mary Jane (Vantine) Anderson family
(Clinton county, NY)
Album of Ira Dey and Mary (Slotta) Vantine
(McKean county, PA)
Album of William Vantine
(Delaware county, PA)


Bond between grandchildren of Jacques Fonteyn - 3 images

bullet Carel Fonteyn's will transcript

Tax Lists - NY and NJ, 1724-1815

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