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Civil War Irish Home Page  

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To discuss, learn about and honor the Irish men & women of Civil War Era America, both North & South, by enlisting in RootsWeb's
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CIVIL-WAR-IRISH is an e-mail list and forum for genealogical research and the discussion of Irish participation in the American Civil War.  It is hosted by RootsWeb at no cost to subscribers.
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WHAT'S TOPICAL:  While most members' focus is genealogical research of soldiers, sailors and Marines who were of Irish birth or Irish descent, discussion about the Irish experience both in the military and on the home front is also welcome and encouraged.  Some examples include:

  • Queries regarding a particular ancestor or military unit
  • Reviews of books or other resources which might help others in research
  • Telling others what your ancestor or another Irish man/woman experienced during the War
  • Biographies of famous and not-so famous Irish persons
  • Essays on military or civilian life during the War
In short, if the content of your post has something to do with the Irish experience in Civil War America, it's OK.  Anything posted remains under the copyright of the person who submits it.

WHAT'S NOT:  Chain letters, virus alerts, flames, commercial solicitations and other spam, and, most especially, Yankee/Rebel baiting - we're here to study the Civil War, not refight it.  (NOTE: This last taboo does not apply to period documents, such as letters, which a member might contribute, because these are viewed in their historical context.)
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Administrative Stuff:
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Research Aids:
Books for researching Irish participants in the American Civil War: General research guidance and references, Unit studies, First person accounts, Biographies, Irish on the Home Front.

Irish-born soldiers listed in Heitman's Historical Register and Dictionary of the US Army:  Lists those who were appointed US Army officers at some time and who served in the American Civil War.

On-Line Resources:  Databases of names and reference material published on-line, Specifically Irish Info, Living History Organizations with an Irish Emphasis, Veteran/Descendant Organizations, the US National Archives and Records Administration, Links to State Archives, Gateways to more links.

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Biographies, Essays, and Other Stuff:
Pvt. Albert Cashier
(a.k.a. Jennie Hodgers)
Capt. John Dooley
1st Virginia Inf.
Sgt. Thomas Plunkett
21st Mass. Vol. Inf.
Sgt. James P. Sullivan
6th Wisc. Vol. Inf.
The Irish Ninth
by M. H. Macnamara
We will support our troops. 
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