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Linking Cutlips Since 1998

Lois Lambert has been working hard, contacting publishers, consulting rare book dealers, visiting garage sales, stopping at flea markets, fighting cobwebs in musty cellars for Cutlip information. Ever vigilant, Lois constantly seeks new sources of data regarding Cutlips, and, after acquisition, she lists them here. Magnanimous to a fault, she offers to invest some of her valuable time looking up information for you.

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  • Grundy County

    • Grundy County, Missouri Marriage Records: 1841–1875. [authors here]. Selby Publishing. Kokomo, IN: 19xx.


Virginia / West Virginia

  • Marriages

    • Augusta County: 1748–1850. Vogt & Kethley. Iberian Pub. Co. Athens, GA: 1986.

    • Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds: 1772–1850. Vogt & Kethley. Iberian Pub. Co. Athens, GA: 1984.

    • Botetourt County, Virginia Marriages: 1770–1853. Vogt & Kethley. Iberian Pub. Co. Athens, GA: 1987.

    • Orange County, Virginia Marriages: 1747–1850. Vogt & Kethley. Iberian Pub. Co. Athens, GA: 1990.

    • Frederick County Marriages: 1738–1850. Vogt & Kethley. Iberian Pub. Co. Athens, GA: 1984.

    • Rockbridge County, Virginia Marriages: 1778–1850. Dorthie & Edwin C. Kirkpatrick. Iberian Pub. Co. Athens, GA: 1985.

    • Bath County Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns: 1791–1853. [authors here]. Bath County Historical Society. Warm Springs, VA: 1978.

    • Braxton County Marriages: 1836–1875. Wes Cochran. [publisher's name]. Parkersburg, VA: 19xx.

    • Randolph County, WV Marriages: 1787–1923. Wes Cochran. [publisher's name]. Parkersburg, VA: 1990.

    • Pocahontas County, Virginia Marriage Bonds: 1822–1852 and Minister's Returns 1822–1871. James E. & Rita H. Wooddell. [publisher's name]. Some City, ST: 1988.

    • Nicholas County, WV Marriages: 1817–1903. Wes Cochran. [publisher's name]. Parkersburg, WV: 1995.


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