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This is a site to provide scans of original source documents, census pages, photographs, and the like. If you have any relevant items you would like to include here, just contact me via email. If the document is already scanned you can email it to me directly. If not, you can send a copy of your original to me and I will scan and post it. You will be identified as the source of the document (unless for some reason you don't want to be identified).



Whiteaker Family

This is a photo of William Daniel "Oscar" Whiteaker, wife Mollie Emma Hatfield, and children Nanie Darkcus, Charles Davis and Pearl Mattie Whiteaker. The photo was taken around 1906-07, probably in Mexico, Audrain Co., Missouri.

Davis Wesley Hatfield

This is a photo of my second great grandfather, Davis W. Hatfield, courtesy of Hatfield & Terry family researcher Larry Sullivan.

George Greer Hatfield, Rachel Carrie Baldwin & family

This is a photo of my great grandmother's brother, George Greer Hatfield, and his family.

Arthur & Jim Hatfield

This is a photo of brothers Arthur & Jim Hatfield, sons of Davis Hatfield & Martha Sharp.

Photo of Frankie Hatfield Davis and Family

Frankie was the wife of Preston Davis and likely the daughter of Moses Hatfield of Claiborne Co., TN.

Photo of Alvis Kade Powers

Born in Whitley County, Kentucky in 1842. He was the husband of Alafore Hatfield of Campbell County, Tennessee.

DeEtta Belle Hyde

Edwin & Lucinda Hyde

William Seyton, Father of Mary Seyton Hyde

Tilkins, Hydes & Wheelers

Rosia Mae Wheeler Tilkins

Rosia Mae Wheeler as a Girl

Rosia Mae Wheeler (1932)

Carrie Tilkins Ivens

Lawrence Tilkins & Rosia Wheeler (1927)

DeEtta Hyde, Deforest Wheeler, Josephine Durham & Albert Wheeler

Kathryn Wheeler

Russell, Ruth & Harold Wheeler

Edyth Robbins & Marie Dean

George Taber, husband of Lillie Hyde

Henry Martin Goodroe

Susan (Blaze) Goodroe

Amelia Burt & Lettie Tanner

Wheeler House in New Haven, NY

Photographs of Gravestones

Reuben Tanner (1836-1912) and wife Amelia Burt (1847-1927)

Abel Tanner (1783-1849)

Francis Tilkins (1827-1916) and wife Adelia Goodroe (1837-1910)

John Tilkins (1858-1933), wife Lettie Tanner (1873-1955), and sons Lester & Carl

Lawrence Tilkins (1904-1986) and wife Rosia Wheeler (1909-1992)

Lewis Tilkins (1898-1982) and wife Velma Fuller (1919-1984)

Arbie Tanner (1878-1958) and wife Mae Tilkins (1879-1955)

John Ivens (1869-1959) and wife Carrie Tilkins (1867-1933)

Franklin Phelps (1847-1911) and wife Julia Tilkins (1856-1933)

Sawyer Smith (1803-1859)

James Ray Curtis (1904-1958) and wife Pearl Mattie Whiteaker (1904-1989)

Deeds & Vital Records

Death Certificate - Frank Whiteaker (1971)

Death Certificate - Grace (Whiteaker) Wendel (1971)

Death Certificate - Robert Whiteaker (1965)

Death Certificate - Reuben Tanner (1912)

Death Certificate - Davis W. Hatfield (1928)

Deed of Conveyance - Davis Hatfield to James B. Tacket

Indenture dated 1 Feb 1853 between Davis Hatfield and James B. Tacket. Davis Hatfield receives $40 in exchange for a 100 acre parcel of land in Campbell County, TN, District 11.

Deed of Conveyance - Robert Burton to Andrew Hatfield

Indenture dated 21 Dec 1808 between Robert Burton and Andrew Hatfield. Burton sells a 100 acre parcel of land in Campbell County, TN, to Hatfield. The document is witnessed by Wm Allen, John Hatfield and William Paulley.

Deed of Conveyance - Andrew Hatfield to Jeremiah Holloway

Indenture dated 20 Jan 1821 between Andrew Hatfield and Jeremiah Holloway. Hatfield sells a 50 acre parcel of land in Campbell County, TN, to Holloway in exchange for $700.

Marriage Certificate - Reuben Tanner & Amelia Burt (1865)

Marriage Certificate - James Ray Curtis & Pearl Mattie Whiteaker (1930)

Marriage Certificate - Daniel D. Whiteaker & Darcus Crabtree (1879)

Marriage Return - Davis Hatfield & Nancy Crabtree (1872)

Social Security Application - Norma Tilkins

Social Security Application - Ilene Tilkins

Social Security Application - Boneita Tilkins



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