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While genealogy is basically an individualistic hobby, it also offers the opportunity to collaborate with others. This page represents my heart-felt thank you to those whose generosity has helped me immeasurably.


Leslie Smith Collier Leslie has done more research on the HATFIELDs than anyone I know, and they aren't even her direct ancestors! Her SMITH line intermarried and migrated with the HATFIELDs, making them a logical research target. In addition to unselfishly sharing a large gedcom with me, she has also shared a great deal of her personal research notes and priceless analytical expertise. Thanks Leslie!
Dennis King A Campbell County, Tennessee HATFIELD researcher, Dennis provided a critical document to help me tie my HATFIELD ancestors together.
Eileen Alwood My cousin, and long time researcher, she is working on many lines, including COOK, FIRESTONE, HATFIELD & WHITEAKER.
Robert Crabtree Bob is originally from southwest Virginia where he has done lots of research on the CRABTREE line.
Bea Marsden Lots more of my maternal genealogy was provided by my aunt Bea. Visit her arts & crafts too, at Burney Falls Area Arts Cooperative.
Anne Jasper Anne is another one of my aunts with a strong interest in genealogy; particularly the TILKINS, WHEELER, HYDE and TANNER surnames.
Shirley Sherrill Shirley is one of my TILKINS cousins with a strong interest in their history.
Cheryl Karlik Cheryl has lots of information on the TANNER family and is also related to my TILKINS line.
Kay Williams Kay is working on the HATFIELD & SHARP lines in Campbell County, Tennessee and Whitley County, Kentucky.
Sheila Owens Sheila is working on the HATFIELD & DAVIS lines in Claiborne County, Tennessee and Bell County, Kentucky.
Becki Berglund Becki's ancestors are Obedience "Biddy" HATFIELD & James B. TACKETT of Campbell County, Tennessee.
Doris Hyden Ely Doris's ancestors are the POWERS in and around Campbell Co., TN, & Whitley Co., KY.
Larry Sullivan Larry's ancestors are the HATFIELD and TERRY families in Southwest Virginia.
Danny & Peggy Sue Hatten Peggy Sue is my third cousin. Her great grandfather, George Greer HATFIELD, was the brother of my great grandmother, Mollie HATFIELD. Our common ancestors are Davis Wesley HATFIELD and Nancy Jane CRABTREE.
Don & Mary Saban Don and Mary are researching Judge John Whiteaker of Washington County, Virginia. Check out their web site at John Whiteaker.



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