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Johannes Cornelius Riegel as born September 29, 1674 in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. His parents were Jost and Maria Elisabeth (Honen) Riegell.

Anna (Gertruithia) Riegel's parents and birth information is currently unknown.

Johannes Cornelius and Anna had eleven known children:

1. Anna Riegel
b: 1700
d. Unknown
m. Unknown

2. Matthias Riegel
b: Jun 1704
d: Aug 1775
m1. Maria b: ca 1704 d: ca 1751
m: ca 1725
m2. Sabina Catharine Leydi
b: 1709
d: Aug 24, 1802
m: Apr 11, 1757 in Tohickon Church, Bucks Co., PA
Known children of Matthias and Maria include:
2a. Johanna (Hannah) Riegel b: May 27, 1729 d: Nov 27, 1828 m. Conrad Jacoby b: Jun 07, 1730 d: Mar 26, 1795 m: Feb 11, 1755 in Tohickon Church, Bucks Co., PA
2b. Rebecca Riegel b: ca 1728 d. Unknown m. Unknown
2c. Benjamin Riegel b: 1736 d. Unknown m. Unknown
2d. Anna Magdalena Riegel b: ca 1740 d. Unknown m. Unknown
2e. Johannes Riegel b: Sep 30, 1751 d. Unknown m. Unknown
NOTE: Matthias had no children with his second wife, Sabina.

3. Jorg Wilhelm Riegel
b: Nov 20, 1706
d: Sep 07, 1778
m1. Anna Maria Plattner
b: 1711
d: ca 1760
m1: Jan 12, 1736 in Jefferson Twp., Lancaster Co., PA
m2. Elizabeth
m2: ca 1770 in Berks Co. PA
Known children of Jorg and Anna include:
3a . Mary Catherine Riegel b: Dec 06, 1736 d: Aft. 1823 m. John Steigerwald m: in Zion Moselem Ch., Berks Co., PA
3b. Anna Elizabeth Riegel b: Apr 01, 1738 d. Unknown m. George Schneider m: in Berks Co., PA
3c. George Riegel b: Sep 25, 1739 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3d. Johannes Daniel Riegel b: Sep 25, 1742 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3e. Johannes Wilhelm Riegel b: Nov 17, 1743 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3f. Johann Michael Riegel b: Oct 28, 1746 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3g. Mary Margaret Riegel b: ca 1748 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3h. Johannes Jacob Riegel b: May 11, 1749 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3i. Leonard Riegel b: Dec 26, 1751 d. Unknown m. Unknown
Known children of Jorg and Elizabeth include:
3j. Henry Riegel b: Mar 13, 1774 d. Unknown m. Unknown
3k. Maria Magdalena Riegel b: Nov 26, 1777 d. Unknown m. Jacob Rush

4. Johannes Riegel, Sr.
b: Jun 08, 1709
d: Jun 09, 1795
m. Catharina Elisabetha Shirmann
b: 1719
d: Jun 09, 1795
m: Jan 09, 1738 in Little Tulpehocken Church
Known children of Johannes and Catharina include:
4a. Simon Riegel b: Nov 05, 1738 d. Unknown m. Unknown
4b. Catherine Elizabeth Riegel b: 1741 d. Unknown m. Wendell Hautz b: 1740 m: May 20, 1760 in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., PA
4c. Maria Catherina Riegel b: Mar 06, 1744 d. Unknown m. Unknown
4d. Phillip Adam Riegel b: Feb 14, 1746 d. Unknown m. Unknown
4e. Barbara Riegel b: 1748 d. Unknown m. Unknown
4f. Johannes Riegel, Jr. b: Mar 11, 1751 d. Unknown m. Unknown
4g. Johannes Adam Riegel b: Sep 07, 1754 d. Unknown m. Unknown
4h. Daniel Riegel b: Nov 08, 1756 d: 1805 m. Unknown
4i. Susanna Riegel b: Aug 03, 1758 d. Unknown m. Unknown
4j. Mary Elizabeth Riegel b: ca 1760 d. Unknown m. Unknown

5. Anna Elizabetha Riegel
b: Apr 03, 1712
d: Bef. 1764
m. Andreas Aulenbacher
b: Oct 26, 1702
d: Dec 1763
m: 1731 in Rheinaland-Pfalz, Germany
Known children of Anna and Andreas include:
5a. Maria Catharina Aulenbach b: Apr 28, 1731 d. Unknown m. Mathias Muller b: Oct 18, 1743
5b. Daniel Aulenbach b: ca 1734 d. Unknown m. Unknown
5c. Anna Margaretha Aulenbach b: ca 1735 d. Unknown m. Unknown
5d. Maria Magdalena Aulenbach b: ca 1736 d. Unknown m. Unknown
5e. Elisabeth Aulenbach b: Dec 1737 d. Unknown m. Unknown
5f. Simon Aulenbach b: ca 1740 d. Unknown m. Unknown
5g. Joh. Nicolaus Aulenbach b: Jun 15, 1742 d. Unknown m. Unknown
5h. Andreas Aulenbach b: ca 1742 d. Unknown m. Unknown

6. Johan Daniel Riegel
b: 1714
d: 1786
m. Maria Dorothea Beitler
b: ca 1718
d: Jul 01, 1786
m: ca 1744
Known children of Johan and Maria include:
6a. Johannes Riegel b: Dec 02, 1746 d. Unknown m. Unknown
6b. Maria Sarah Riegel b: 1748 d. Unknown m. Unknown
6c. Andreas Riegel b: ca 1750 d. Unknown m. Unknown
6d. John Nicholas Riegel b: Mar 10, 1753 d. Unknown m. Unknown
6e. Maria Gretha Riegel b: 1755 d. Unknown m. Unknown
6f. Catherina Elizabeth Riegel b: Mar 1758 d. Unknown m. Unknown
6g. Mattheis Riegel b: Sep 13, 1760 d. Unknown m. Unknown

7. Justus Henrich Riegel
b: 1716
d: Mar 24, 1717
m. Unknown

8. Johan Adam Riegel
b: 1718
d: Apr 20, 1718
m. Unknown

9. Philip Jacob Riegel
b: 1719
d. Unknown
m. Unknown

10. Sarah Riegel
b: ca 1720
d. Unknown
m. Unknown

11. Joh. Abraham Riegel
b: 1722
d: Aft. 1790
m. Elizabeth A'Dubelle
b: ca 1722
m: 1743 in Lebanon Twp., Lancaster Co., PA
Known children of Joh. Abraham and Elizabeth include:
11a. Regina Reguel b: ca 1743 d. Unknown m. Unknown
11b. John Heinrich Raigeul b: ca 1745 d. Unknown m. Unknown
11c. Abraham Riegel b: ca 1747 d. Unknown m. Unknown

Johannes Cornelius, his wife, Anna, and several of their children arrived in America on September 18, 1733 on the 'Pennsylvania Merchant' in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two of their sons, Matthias and Jorg, had came to America a year earlier, 1732, and established homesteads. Johannes and Anna were to join son Jorg at the homestead he had established in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Johannes lived on his farm in Berks County until his death in 1750.

Anna died in 1760 in Tulpehocken Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Stefan Riegel, a decendant of Mattheiss Riegel, has done extensive research on the Riegel family and deserves a huge amount of credit for his efforts. Stefan's homepage is a must for any Riegel researcher:


More information about our Riegel family can be found in:

Riegell to Riggle a genealogy 1390-1995
by Carl Robert Riegel and James Earl Reigle
Penobscot Press; first printing May 1996

This book has served as a source for most of the Riegel information that I have. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book let me know and I will forward Carl's address to you.




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