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After 20-30 years of research by many individuals and as of January 1999, the father of Joseph, Nathan and Joshua BARTLETT has not been proven and research is ongoing. Joshua and Nathan are definitely brothers and circumstantial evidence leads us to believe Joseph is a brother. Our quest is to find some parents for these men.

Generation No. 1

1. Mr. BARTLETT married Mrs. BARTLETT:

Children of Mr. BARTLETT and Mrs. BARTLETT are:

2. Nathan BARTLETT, b. 1751 VA, d. 20 Apr 1837 Dry Valley, White Co. TN, m. ca 1796 KY Peggy HUNTER.

3. Joseph BARTLETT, b. ca 1765 VA, d. 1838 Overton Co. TN, m.   1) ca 1785 Henry Co. VA Sarah? SIMS;   2) ca 1796 Hawkins Co. TN Millicent RICE.

4. Joshua BARTLETT, b. 1768 NC; d. bef. 14 Jul 1828 White Co. TN, m.   1) 31 Jan 1794 Clark Co., KY Winnifred HERRING;   2) 1798 Madison Co., KY Winnie WILLIAMS.

Generation No. 2

2. NATHAN BARTLETT, born 1751 VA, died 20 Apr 1837 Dry Valley, White Co., TN, married ca 1796 KY PEGGY HUNTER, born 1773 Jessamine Co. KY, died 1853 Dry Valley, White Co. TN, daughter of Henry HUNTER.

Nathan BARTLETT was one of the earliest settlers in the Dry Valley, his grants being a little older than those of his nearest neighbor, Joseph HUNTER.

Peggy HUNTER was a sister-in-law of Sarah BOONE, who married Peggy's brother, William HUNTER. Sarah BOONE was the daughter of Edward "Ned" BOONE and the niece of the famous "Daniel BOONE", her father´┐Żs brother. Nathan and Peggy are both buried in the BARTLETT Graveyard in Eastlake Subdivision on Bartlett Road, Cookeville, Putnam Co., TN. From 1947 correspondance received from Mrs. B. K. Mitchell, Clerk & Master of Chancery Court, White County: "...I did find the graves of one Nathan and his wife, which proved to be the Nathan whose estate was settled in 1837 to 1840. These two graves are marked with heavy slabs of mountain stone set roof style over them and with the following inscriptions: 'Here lies the body of Nathan BARTLETT, Decd April 20, 1837, aged 86.' "

[Note: Putnam Co., TN was formed 1842 from White County, the formation declared unconstitutional and abolished, then re-established in 1854. Prior to 1842, Dry Valley was located in what was then White County.]

Children of Nathan BARTLETT and Peggy HUNTER:

5. Daughter BARTLETT, m. William TURNER.

6. Nellie BARTLETT, b. ca 1797 Jessamine Co., KY; d. 1833 TN, m. 1820 White Co. TN Joseph E. BARTLETT, son of Joshua BARTLETT and Winifred HERRING.

7. Elijah BARTLETT, b. ca 1798 Jessamine Co. KY; d. 1815 White Co., TN.

8. Polly BARTLETT, b. ca 1799 Jessamine Co. KY, m. Joseph PRYOR.

9. William BARTLETT, b. 1801Jessamine Co. KY, d. 1864 MO, m. ca 1827 TN Margaret C. ROBERTS.

10. Joseph A. BARTLETT, b. 03 Jan 1802 Jessamine Co. KY, d. 03 May 1880 Oakville, Live Oak Co. TX, m.   1) ca 1824 TN Betsy/Elizabeth BARTLETT;   2) 22 Jun 1874 Live Oak Co. TX Mary Ann MCWHORTER.

11. Isaac BARTLETT, b. ca 1806 TN.

12. James BARTLETT, b. 09 Mar 1809 TN; d. 21 Mar 1885 Putnam Co. TN, m. aft. 1830 TN Elizabeth "Lizzie" VERBAL.

13. Matilda BARTLETT, b. ca 1811 TN, m. aft. 1825 Nathan BARTLETT(#19).

14. Henrietta BARTLETT, b. ca 1813 TN, m. Nathaniel R. MARCHBANKS.

3. JOSEPH BARTLETT, born ca 1765 VA, died 1838 Overton Co. TN, married   1) ca 1785 Henry Co. VA Sarah? SIMS, born ca 1768, died 1793-1794 Hawkins Co. TN;   2) ca 1796 Hawkins Co., TN MILLICENT RICE, born ca 1770 VA, died bef. 1840 Overton Co. TN, daughter of John RICE and Elizabeth (Unknown).

In 1791 the family moved to Hawkins Co, TN where the mother died about 1793-94. Joseph, not knowing what to do with the three children, placed them in the custody of their Grandmother SIMS. Also helpful with the children was their Aunt Lucy CHISHOLM. By 1796 Joseph had married Millicent RICE and started a second family. About 1810 Joseph and his family moved from Hawkins County to White Co., TN, remaining there through at least 1815 [Tax lists-land on Phillips Crk]. From May 1824 through Feb 1836 Joseph and Millicent were members of the Spring Creek Baptist Church (Overton/Jackson Co., TN).

Children of Joseph BARTLETT and Sarah? SIMS:

15. James BARTLETT, b. ca 1786 Henry Co. VA, d. Jul 1815 Dry Valley, White Co. TN, m. aft. 1806 Nancy (Unknown).

16. John BARTLETT, b. 1780-1790 Henry Co. VA, d. 27 Jan 1848 Claiborne Co. TN, m. 23 Dec 1808 Claiborne Co. TN Nancy MASON.

17. Sarah (Sally) BARTLETT, b. ca 1790 Henry Co. VA, d. 08 Dec 1808 Caney Fork, White Co. TN, m. 01 Dec 1806 Caney Fork, White Co. TN Abner HILL, b. 20 Aug 1788 Rockingham Co. NC, d. aft. 1860 TX, son of Thomas HILL and Katherine SHROPSHIRE.

Children of Joseph BARTLETT and Millicent RICE:

18. Isaac B. BARTLETT, b. 05 Feb 1797 Hawkins Co. TN, d. 22 Mar 1857 near Iconium Village, Appanoose Co., IA, m. bef. 1814 Jackson Co. TN Nancy JOBE/JOB.

19. Nathan BARTLETT, b. ca 1799 Hawkins Co. TN, d. 1862 Appanoose Co., IA, m.   1) 1821 Overton Co. TN Amanda (Unknown);   2) aft. 1825 Matilda BARTLETT;   3) 02 Apr 1843 IA Keziah GRAVES.

20. Jesse BARTLETT, b. 24 Dec 1801 Hawkins Co. TN, d. 20 Nov 1861 Daviess Co. MO, m.   1) 1828 Jackson Co. TN Eleanor SMITH;   2) 12 Nov 1848 Daviess Co. MO Adaline VENDERELLE or VENABLE.

21. William BARTLETT, b. 17 Jan, 1804 Hawkins Co. TN, d. 26 Nov 1871 Putnam Co. TN, m. 1824 Jackson Co. TN Hester (Easter) LYNN.

22. Betsy/Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. ca 1805-1806 Hawkins Co. TN, d. bef. 1855 Henderson Co. TX, m. ca 1824 TN Joseph A. BARTLETT(#10).

23. Evan BARTLETT, b. ca 1806 TN, d. aft. 1880, m. ca 1826 TN Mariah MAXWELL.

24. Mary (Polly) BARTLETT, b. 1808 TN, d. 1865 MO, m. 1824 TN Josiah MARCHBANKS .

25. Joshua BARTLETT, b. 04 Feb, 1811 White Co. TN, d. 16 Sep 1881 Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co. TN, m. 1833 Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co. TN Anna Meador ANDERSON.

26. Joseph BARTLETT, Jr., b. 1814 White Co. TN.

27. Elisha BARTLETT, b. 1816 TN.

28. Henry BARTLETT, b. 1817 Overton Co. TN, d. 1875 MO, m.   1) ca 1836 Overton Co. TN Sarah ROBERSON;   2) ca 1838 Overton Co. TN Julia WOOD;   3) ca 1838 Overton Co. TN Eleanor TERRY.

4. JOSHUA BARTLETT, born 1768 NC, died bef. 14 Jul 1828 White Co. TN, married   1) 31 Jan 1794 Clark Co. KY WINIFRED HERRING, born 1768 Boonesboro, Madison Co. KY, died bef. 1798 prob. KY;   2) 1798 Madison Co. KY WINNIE WILLIAMS, born 1767-1768, died 11 May 1852 White Co. TN at age 84.

Joshua is buried in an unmarked grave on the Joshua BARTLETT Farm, South of Falling Water, Putnam Co., TN. His Will was dated Sep. 23, 1823 and proven July 4 or 14, 1828, White Co., TN. Winifred WILLIAMS BARTLETT is buried in Brown's Mill or Hiram Brown Cemetery, Putnam Co., TN.

From the Early History of Putnam County, Tennessee , by W. S. Mcclain, 1925:

Joshua BARTLETT and wife (Winnie, nee WILLIAMS) moved from Boonesborough, KY with their eight children about the year 1808 and built a cabin on the south bank of Falling Water, near the location of the concrete bridge on the new highway through there.

Later Mr. BARTLETT erected a larger and better residence (now occupied by Dudley FARLEY) near the original cabin, which was then used for several years as a church and school house, but was finally abandoned for a new building on the north bank of Falling River, the site of the present Brown's Mill Church. The BARTLETT children were named Daniel, Nathan, Joseph, Edith, Rebecca, Dorcas, Nancy and Penelope. Another daughter, Hester, was born in their new home in 1812, and was the grandmother of Claude BROWN, who gave us this information. Mr. BROWN's mother, widow of the late Hyram BROWN, now in her 87th year, remembers clearly the details of the capture of Daniel BOONE's daughters by the Indians, in a raid on Boonesborough, as related by her mother. The original entry of land by Mr. BARTLETT embraced 360 acres on Falling Water, the bottom land thickly covered by tall cane.

[Ref: (1). White Co, TN Wills and Settlements. (2). War of 1812 Pensioners - Joshua, Winney, no pension, srv Capt. HOLLOWMAN's TN Mil, BLW#88729-40-50. Reference Number for service record is 154162 and Bounty Land Warrant No. is 88729, issued under an Act passed Sep. 28, 1850, to his widow Winnie Williams BARTLETT. Her Application for Bounty Land, dated Jan. 31, 1852, was accepted Nov. 17, 1852.]

Child of Joshua BARTLETT and Winifred HERRING:

29. Joseph E. BARTLETT, b. 1796 Boonesboro, Clark Co. KY, d. 14 Mar 1876 Dumas, Tippah Co. MS, m.   1) 1820 White Co. TN Nellie BARTLETT ;   2) ca 1835 Overton or White Co. TN Martha THOMAS. Joseph and Martha are buried in the Bartlett Cemetery, Tippah/Union Co MS.

Children of Joshua BARTLETT and Winnie WILLIAMS:

30. Rebecca BARTLETT, b. ca 1800 Cumberland Co. KY, m. ca 1821 Cumberland Co., KY Thomas RANDOLPH.

31. Perdine or Penelope BARTLETT, b. ca 1802 Wayne Co. KY, d. 1839, m. ca 1820 White Co. TN Thomas BOHANNON.

32. Daniel BARTLETT, b. 28 Sep 1803 Wayne Co. KY, d. 01 Apr 1892 Harrison Co. MO, m.   1) 1824 Virginia ENGLAND;   2) 1836 Mrs. Barsheba ENGLAND BEADLES.

33. Dorcus BARTLETT, b. ca 1805 Wayne Co. KY, d. Jun 1823 White Co. TN, m. Wayne Co., KY William WHITAKER.

34. Nathan BARTLETT, b. 1806 Wayne Co. KY, d. 30 Sep 1841 Tippah Co. MS, m. 03 Feb 1828 White Co. TN Narcissa (Naughsisse) SUTTLE.

35. Edith (Cadey) BARTLETT, b. ca 1808 Jackson Co. TN, d. bef. 1840, m. aft. 1826 Jackson Co. TN Pleasant RANDOLPH.

36. Nancy BARTLETT, b. ca 1810 Jackson Co. TN, d. Tippah Co.? MS, m. ca 1830 Jackson Co. TN William BULLOCK.

37. Hester BARTLETT, b. 07 May, 1812 White Co. TN, d. 26 Dec 1889 Putnam Co. TN, m.   1) 14 Nov 1842 White Co. TN Jesse GRAHAM;   2) ca 1846 White Co. TN John Saul WATSON;   3) 08 Sep 1850 White Co. TN Hiram BROWN.

This compilation and notes authored and submitted by Carol A. Selander, Jo Carolyn Beebe, Michael P. Bartlett, Pat Sutton and Barbara Bartlett Thomas.
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