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The "orphans" are Bartlett families who have been unable to connect to the next generation or an immigrant ancestor and research by the submitter is continuing. It is hoped that by posting their known families here, connections to others will be made, so please be sure to contact that person if you recognize any of the names.

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Page No. Earliest Name Location(s) Researcher
Page 1 Aaron Bartlett Granby, MA Barbara
Page 7 Alonzo M. Bartlett Maine Bob Bartlett
Page 3 Addision Bartlett RI or NY-Hartford, CT Elisabeth D'Alessandro
Page 5 Charles Bartlett     Maine-New York-New Jersey-Wisconsin Diana K. Bartlett
Page 6 Edson Lyman Bartlett Vermont-Canada-Wisconsin Marjorie Stokes Kraemer
Page 6 Edson Lyman Bartlett Vermont-Canada-Wisconsin Nathan D. Bartlett
Page 1 Edward Bartlett Killingly, CT Norma Combs
Page 3 Harriett Bartlett Louisiana Debi Antley Murphy
Page 13 Harvey Bartlett North Carolina-Georgia Barbara Lopez
Page 2 Hiram "Ira" Bartlett New Jersey-Illinois-Missouri-Wyoming Evelyn Bartlett Flood
Page 12 James Bartlett Massachussetts-Ohio Patricia Davis
Page 1 John Newman Bartlett Virginia-Missouri Roy L. Jobe
Page 3 Joseph Bartlett New Jersey Mary Marking
Page 6 Julius Lyman Bartlett Mass.-New Jersey-South Carolina-Texas Kathryn White
Page 2 Michael R. Bartlett Vermont-Illinois-Iowa Flavia Hodges
Page 9 Norman Howard Bartlett Illinois-Nebraska-Iowa-Missouri Charlotte Morton
Page 10 Samuel Bartlett North Carolina-Georgia-Alabama Peggy Puckett
Page 1 Silence Bartlett Brookfield, MA Audrey Vogelpohl
Page 1 Solon Putnam Bartlett prob. New York-Illinois Norma Seibold
Page 2 Theophyle Bartlett Windsor, CT Pam
Page 4 William Bartlett Virginia-Tenn.-Missouri-Texas Jean Dingman
Page 8 William Bartlett North Carolina (1600s)-Georgia (1800s) Jean Harton
Page 3 William Allen Bartlett East Windsor, CT-Louisiana Laura Cipriano
Page 4 William C. Bartlett New York-Illinois Georgene Sones
Page 1 William H. Bartlett Eng.-PEI, Canada-Illinois Lin Tucker
Page 2 William Henry Bartlett Virginia-Indiana-Iowa       FOUND! Audrey Zatrian
Page 11 William W. Bartlett Mississippi-Louisiana-Oklahoma Ray Bartlett

For information, additions or corrections, please contact the submitter.

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