Obituary of Phoebe Bartlett Campbell, Claiborne Co., TN, 1914

Unknown Newspaper
Claiborne Co., TN, February, 1914


     In memory of our beloved friend, Mrs. Phoebe CAMPBELL, who passed away February 19, 1914, aged 80 years and 29 days. She joined the Baptist Church at Little Sycamore in the year 1850 and lived a devoted member till death. In her departure the community has lost a good and wise counselor, the Church one of its best members and in the home is seen the vacant chair and the familiar voice is heard no more. In her younger days she was often at the bedsid [sic] of the sick and dieing, and in the homes of the bereaved. Many of us remember her words of comfort in these trying hours. We have heard her speak of the time and place of her conversion and of her joys and sorrows in the Christian life and her hopes for the better country.
     Aunt Phoeba was an every day Christian, one who ceased not to let her light shine before the world and one who was always ready to testify for Jesus. She was the daughter of John and Nancy BARTLETT, and the last one of the family to die. Father, mother, and a number of brothers and sisters preceded her to the grave by many years. She was married to Benjamin CAMPBELL and to this union were born two children, Joseph and Leona. Left a widow while her children were small she taught them in the ways of truth and both were converted in early childhood. After growing to years of maturity Leona passed over the Jordan of Death, and no doubt she, with many kindred and friends, was waiting at the beautiful gate to welcome her dear mother into the Celestial City. What a haypy [sic] reunion; the meeting with friends so long separated, but best of all, the meeting with Jesus, who hath said: "I go to prepare a place for you."
     To her and ..(illegible) grand children who watched by her bed of suffering and administered to her wants in her last hours, think not of mother and grand-mother as dead, but as a glorified being, clad in robes of spotless white, singing the song of redeeming love basking in the beautiful Eden, the ever blooming garden of God. While earth is darker, heaven is made brighter by her going. Her beautiful Christian life, her never ending influence should be a benediction to us all.
     Funeral services were conducted at Little Sycamore Church by Revs. R. N. PLANK and Wint BOLTON, after which the body was laid in the family cemetery to await the resurection [sic].


Transcribed from the original newspaper copy and contributed by Barbara B. Thomas.
The only changes are the capitalization of surnames.

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