Obituaries of Dr. A. W. Bartlett and Katherine Bartlett McCain


Carrollton Democrat
Carroll Co., KY
Saturday, May 16, 1891

       DR. A. W. BARTLETT of Bedford, died at the residence of his son-in-law, Capt. J. W. MCCAIN, last Saturday morning, at the advanced age of 92 years. He recently had lagrippe, and it was its effects that killed him. Dr. BARTLETT was no ordinary man. With his fine moral character, unusual intelligence, elegant manners and polite bearing, he was a fine example of the old fashioned gentleman. He was a captain in the Mexican war and we learn, he was a soldier on the Southern side in the recent conflict between the north and south. Some years back he was judge of the Trimble county court for four years. While in this position he gained wide notoriety by reason of his refusing to grant any liquor license. Steadfastly rejecting all applications for the same, the county was "dry" during his whole administration. The Circuit court over-ruled him, but he took the case to the Court of Appeals and was sustained, the latter tribunal holding that the question of the necessity for license was a mere matter of discretion with the country judge.
       Beginning in 1879 he was for some time superintendent of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum at Lexington, having been appointed by Governor BLACKBURN.
       Dr. BARTLETT�s funeral took place last Sunday under Masonic auspices, Rev. SHOESMITH, of the Methodist church, conducting religious services.

Contributed by Marilyn H. Lewis.


Trimble County, Kentucky Heritage Book
From unknown newspaper, ca 1917

       MRS. KATE MCCAIN, a widow of the late Senator J. W. MCCAIN, died lat Sunday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Helen HEMINGWAY, at Little Rock, Arkansas. For two years she had made her home with her only sister, Miss Carrie BARTLETT, in Louisville. Being in bad health, she went to visit her daughter in Arkansas with the hope that the change might improve her condition, but her heart became affected and she gradually weakened unto the last.
       The body was brought to the home of her son, E. B. MCCAIN, in Bedford, where a funeral service was conducted by Rev. Edw. ALLEN of the Methodist Church. Interment was in the IOOF Cemetery. Mrs. MCCAIN was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Anthony [W.] BARTLETT, and was born in Bedford 77 years ago. She was twice married, and is survived by three children, one daughter and two sons; Mrs. Helen HEMINGWAY, a daughter by her first marriage, and E. B. MCCAIN, of Bedford and L. H. MCCAIN, of Louisville.
       The death of Mrs. MCCAIN brings a pall of gloom over Bedford, which was her home most all of her life. She was a woman of highly intellectual endowment and strong Christian character. In early life she was converted and united with the Bedford Methodist Church, retaining her membership here. She was noted for her charity, and her kind ministrations in the hour of sickness or of need is held in grateful remembrance. A king, devoted and loving mother and sister, her loss in the home is irreparable; but she has gone to that home, that mansion in the skies, where is prepared a place in the Father�s house, there forever to dwell with her Savior in that happy abode throughout the cycles of eternity.

Contributed by Marilyn H. Lewis.

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