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The Montgomery News
Hillsboro, Illinois

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"The Montgomery News", Hillsboro, IL, Friday, April 13, 1894, p. 3:


      We have received an invitation to attend the marriage of Miss Nellie BARTLETT to Mr. Harry Kemp SNYDER at the home of the bride�s parents in Joplin, MO., Wednesday Apr. 25th. Miss BARTLETT is well known here and is the only daughter of our former townsman C. L. BARTLETT. She is highly accomplished, being a very fine musician and an elocutionist of reputation. They will make their future home at Kansas City MO.


"The Montgomery News", Hillsboro, IL, Friday, July 13, 1894, p. 5

A Bit of Romance

      Chas. W. BARTLETT of Joplin, MO., who was raised in Hillsboro and who is an only son of Chas. L. BARTLETT, was clandestinely married in Topeka Kansas, May 9th, to Miss Anna FERGUSON. The young couple kept their marriage a secret until last week when it was announced through the Joplin Herald, a copy of which we have received. There was no opposition to the wedding, and their keeping it a secret arose only from a desire on the part of the young couple to do something out of the ordinary. This is the way the Joplin Herald sizes up the happy couple.
      The bride is a sweet bud of feminine loveliness just blossoming into an exquisite flower of womanhood, and whose beauty, grace and charm of manner, sweet disposition and womanly accomplishments have combined to make a most charming and interesting personality and have endeared her to a host of friends and have won for her the admiration and kindly feeling of all who know her. She has lived in Joplin since her early childhood and no young lady is more popular.
      The groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. L. BARTLETT, and has resided in Joplin during the past four years during which time he has won the friendship and confidences of his associates by his sterling worth and manly qualities. He holds the responsible position of book-keeper in the Miners� Bank, and by his ability and expertness enjoys the esteem and favor of its officers. Mr. BARTLETT is a young man of energy and exemplary habits and is certain to attain a high standing in the community.
      The NEWS extends its heartfelt congratulations.

"The Montgomery News", Hillsboro, IL, Friday, Dec 16, 1898, p. 1:


      Miss Anna BARTLETT, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry BARTLETT, was united in marriage Thursday afternoon, December 15th, at 2 o'clock, to D. D. TENNYSON, of Litchfield.
      Miss BARTLETT is well known to everyone in Hillsboro. She was born and raised in Irving, and finished her education in the College at Lincoln, Illinois. She is an accomplished pianist. For several years she has been teaching music here and has given excellent satisfaction. The young lady is a member of the Hillsboro Bachelor Girls Club and the members of this club were the only witnesses to the marriage outside the family.
      Mr. TENNYSON formerly made Hillsboro his home when employed in the Robinson Gallery here. He is a photographer of exceptional ability and has built up a large and lucrative business for himself at Litchfield.
      The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. Ezra KELLER at the bride's home and the young couple left on the afternoon train for their new home in Litchfield, where they will be at home to their friends after January 1st, 1899. The best wishes of the News and a host of friends go with the young couple.

"The Montgomery News", Hillsboro, IL, Tues., May 6, 1919, p. 3:


       The marriage of Miss Edna BARTLETT and Walter BOTKIN of Irving took place Saturday night at 11:40 o'clock at the Presbyterian parsonage in Irving, the pastor, Rev. W. S. LOWE, officiating. The ceremony was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. Ross BERRY, who are intimate friends of the bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. BOTKIN decided to steal a march on their friends so they had what was almost a midnight ceremony and the fact of the wedding was not known until Sunday afternoon, although the friends of the contracting parties had announced that the wedding would occur in May.
       Miss BARTLETT is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram BARTLETT of Irving and a sister of County Clerk A. H. BARTLETT of Hillsboro. She has many friends in Hillsboro as well as her hometown, as she taught in the Burbank school here for two years. She is a very fine young woman and is greatly beloved in her circle of friends. The groom is a son of Mrs. Mary BOTKIN of Irving and is manager of a restaurant at Irving at present. They expect to live in Irving until fall when they will go to Decatur to make their home. They will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ross BERRY for a few days and will then go to housekeeping. Best wishes for a happy future are offered by their many friends in Irving and Hillsboro.

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