Hiram Bartlett - Susan Keas, 50th Wedding Anniversary, Montgomery Co., IL


The Montgomery News
Hillsboro, Illinois
Friday, October 21, 1921, page 1


      The year 1871 must have been marked with an unusually large number of weddings, judging from the unwonted number of golden wedding anniversaries of which we have lately been informed. Last week, we recorded four such anniversaries in the same issue, and mention of others has been made at different times during the year.
      One of the couples who observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary this week was Mr. and Mrs. Hiram BARTLETT, of Hillsboro, who celebrated the occasion quietly in their home on South Oak Street, as the illness of Mr. BARTLETT, the last few days, prevented their old friends from gathering at their home and forbade an observance of the important date as it should be observed.
      On October 19, 1871, Miss Susie KEYES [KEAS], of Grayson Springs, Ky., and Hiram BARTLETT, of Irving, were united in marriage at Grayson Springs and they went to housekeeping in Hillsboro, but they have lived in Irving the greater part of their fifty years of wedded life. They returned to Hillsboro about two years ago, and have made their home here since that time.
      Mr. and Mrs. BARTLETT have eight sons and daughters, namely: Elmer BARTLETT, who lives in Memphis, Tenn.; Frank, of Detroit, Mich.; Bell, wife of Dan MCCALLUM, and Marie, wife of Elmer CRANE, of Decatur; Arthur H. BARTLETT, county clerk of Montgomery county, of Hillsboro; Miss Gussie BARTLETT, of San Antonio, Texas; Harry BARTLETT, of Cement, Okla.; and Edna, wife of Walter BOTKIN, of Decatur. There are also seven grandchildren in the family.
      Mr. BARTLETT is now 74 years of age and his wife is 68.

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