Bartlett Marriages in Kentucky

These marriages have been compiled by Sandra G. Taylor from microfilm, microfiche, marriage CD's, books, courthouse records, the IGI, etc., and arranged chronologically for ease in determining possible generations. Please use them only as a guide to where you can obtain the originals, as there are likely errors in some of them. If you don't wish to obtain a certified copy of the original, you can usually get a photocopy from microfilm through the LDS Family History Centers. There are undoubtedly some I've missed, and your additions or corrections would be very much appreciated. I will continue to add marriages as time permits.

NOTE: Some of these dates are the dates of the Bond and/or Consent and are NOT necessarily the date of marriage. The marriage itself usually took place days, or even weeks, after the bond/consent was signed. For an exact date of marriage, contact the County Clerk of the county where the marriage took place and obtain a copy of the Marriage Register, Minister's Returns, or if possible, a copy of the actual license. Some of those records are also available on microfilm.



Emily C. 16, Single, of Franklin Co., KY, b. Franklin Co., KY, md. Thomas J. WILLIAMS(ON?), age 22, Single, of Anderson Co., KY,
    b. Anderson Co., KY Sep. 26, 1852 by F. HODGES.
Nancy md. Monroe LANE Jun. 19, 1861
Elzara md. Manelus K. GUNNELL Jan. 19, 1864
Albert H. md. T.__? E. BROWNING Jul. 21, 1864
Willis F. md. Martha R. VARNARSDELL Jun. 18, 1868
James G., 28, b. Versailles, Woodford Co., KY md. Clara Belle GRIMES, 21, b. Lexington, Fayette Co., KY Jul. 17, 1908 in Laurenceburg

Elijah md. Winnefred JETT Feb. 28, 1805
Perry md. Sally CLARK Apr. 19, 1818 (bond)
John md. Elizabeth RICHEY, dau. of John of Allen Co., Dec. 29, 1818. [Note: In 1827, Tabitha (SPENCER) RICHEY, residing Fayette Co., TN,
deeds land in trust to sons James, Moses and John, and daughter, Elizabeth BARTLETT, wife of John BARTLETT; son John and dau Elizabeth
being "not present". The deed is witnessessed by Elijah CHISM and James DAVIDSON.]

(Bath formed from part of Montgomery 1811; also search records in Montgomery)

Mrs. Margaret G. (NICHOLAS), wid. of Col. John C. BARTLETT (d. 1814), md. Col. Thomas FLETCHER Aug. 13, 1818, bond Thos. FLETCHER
and William M. SUDDETH. (dau of Col. George NICHOLAS after whom Nicholas County was named, she d. 1819, Owingsville, Bath Co., KY…st)

BARTLETT, Emma Virginia, dau of Dr. Benjamin F. BARTLETT of ME, md. W. H. DAUGHERTY, Jan. 17, 1856, Owingsville.


Ebenezer and Rebecca Standiford, both of Bourbon Co., bond 29 Aug 1798 by Ebenezer BARTLETT and Aquilla STANDIFORD.
    Teste: L. S.? ARNOLD.

Anna Margaret and Harrison FOSTER. Consent of William BARTLETT signed Oct. 2, 1799 for the marriage of Harrison FOSTER
    and Ann BARTLETT, my daughter. Attest: William HILDRIDGE. [Note: This is the date of consent, not necessarily date of marriage.]

Dorcus [dau Wm.] to James WILSON, of the County of Bourbon. Bond dtd 22 August 1803 in the amt of £50 by James WILSON and James HILLIS.
    Teste: Wm. S. ALLEN D.C.B.C,Spencer? HILLIS.

Joseph [son of Wm.] md. Nancy JACKSON Jan. 30, 1806 by Augustine EASTIN.

James and Fanny HITT, both of Bourbon Co., bond 04 Sep 1811 by James BARTLETT and Jacky/Yackey? S. HITT. Attest: Thos. P. SMITH.

Spencer and Euphamia [sic] MCDOWELL, both of Bourbon Co., bond 27 Nov. 1817 by Spencer BARTLETT and James MCDOWELL.
    Attest: Geo. W. WILLIAMS. [See Grant Co., KY records for Spencer BERKLEY/]

WOODARD, Bartlett md. Hannah DAVIS Jan., 1794


BARTLETT, Abby H. md. William SMALL Apr. 15, 1861


William H. md. Mary COOK Mar. 14, 1861
F. H. md. R. B. ROBINSON Mar. 17, 1890
Cora md. T. B. ROBINSON May 19, 1898

(Formed 1795 from Harrison, Mason, Scott Counties. Boone formed 1798 from Campbell. Kenton formed 1840 from Campbell.)

From Northern Kentucky Marriages 1795-1850 (Campbell, Boone & Kenton Counties), compiled by S. Worrell.
b.=bond; w.=witness; c.=consent

BARTLETT, Elizabeth m. Stephen HULBERT, 17 June 1816, b. Stephen SEDGWICK, Campbell Co., KY

BARTLETT, Elizabeth m. Samuel COTTON, 9 July 1821, b. Newman YATES, Elizabeth "upwards of 21 years of age", Campbell Co., KY

BARTLETT, William m. Mary WOOD, 4 May 1823, b. John WILLIS, Campbell Co., KY

BARTLETT, Harriet m. Richard MCKINDER, 9 May 1826, b. James W. GAZLAY, Campbell Co., KY

BARTLETT, Susanna m. Philip ASHTON, 5 June 1837, b. John LEE, Campbell Co., KY

GRAVES, Bartlett m. Betsey LEATHERS, 17 June 1806, b. William GRANT, Campbell Co., KY

GRANT, William m. Polly L. GRAVES, 19 June 1806, c. by father Bartlett GRAVES, Campbell Co., KY

LEATHERS, Benjamin m. Sally MCGLASSON, 19 June 1813, b. Absalom GRAVES, c. by father William MCGLASSON, w. by James TOMLINSON &
Bartlett GRAVES, [groom a resident of neighboring Campbell Co.], A-15, Boone Co., KY

RIDDELL, Lewis m. Sarah Ann LEATHERS, 8 Oct. 1818, b. Bartlett GRAVES, Campbell Co., KY

DULANEY, Benjamin m. Louisa V. GRAVES, 29 Mar. 1823, b. Bartlett GRAVES, Campbell Co., KY

GOSNEY, Bartlet m. Polly Hull HOPKINS, 22 Mar. 1827, b. Samuel Hopkins, Campbell Co., KY

BALLARD, Bartlett m. Sarah HUGHES, 19 Mar. 1829, m. by Lewis CONNER, b. Joseph HUGHES, A-110, Boone Co., KY

WINN, George A. m. Clarissa A. GRAVES, 1 Feb. 1832, b. Bartlett GRAVES, Campbell Co., KY

BUSH, Joshua B. m. Elizabeth GRAVES, 12 Feb. 1833, b. Bartlett GRAVES, Campbell Co., KY

PHELPS, Josiah m. Ann MASSEY, 20 Aug. 1833, b. Bartlett BENNETT, Campbell Co., KY

GRANT, Bartlett G. m. Sarah SHAW, 17 Jan. 1839, b. by John N. SHAW, c. by Sarah's [unnamed] mother, her father being dead., Campbell Co., KY

SWETNAM, Bartlett m. Mary Frances RICHARDSON, 7 Oct. 1846, b. William RICHARDSON, c. by Mary's [unnamed] parents through her [unnamed]
brother, Kenton Co., KY

GOSNEY, Bartlett m. Rachel B. HOPKINS, 27 Dec. 1847, b. Thomas BAKER, Campbell Co., KY

REESE, Berkley G. m. Aurelia CASSON, 26 July 1840, b. William CASSON, who witnessed consent of Wm. CASSON [relationship not stated], Campbell Co., KY

STEERS, William m. Mary FEATHERS [LEATHERS?], 26 Nov. 1840, b. John S. BERKLEY, Kenton Co., KY

BERKLEY, John m. Eliza Jane STEERS, 7 Jan. 1841, b. Wm. STEERS, Kenton Co., KY

MCGINNISS, Greenberry B. m. Sally BARKLY, 20 Sept. 1827, m. by David Lillard, b. Washington BARKELY, c. by father Micajah BARKLEY, w. by
Peyton H. BARKLEY, A-101, Boone Co., KY

MCGINNIS, Smith m. Mary Jane MORROW, 11 Mar. 1828, m. by David LILLARD, b. Washington BARKLEY, c. by mother Margaret E. MORROW,
w by R. GIBSON, A- 108, Boone Co., KY

LEFENWELL, James m. Sarah BARKLEY [BUCKLEY], 28 Aug. 1831, b. Abraham GUNDACKER, Campbell Co., KY

MILLER, Henry H. m. Elizabeth BARKLEY, 8 Mar. 1834, b. William W. BROWN, Campbell Co., KY

HOWE, John m. Ann BUCKLEY, 1 Jan. 1834, b. Thomas MARCHBANK, Campbell Co., KY

BUCKLEY, George W. m. Hester SAGE, 27 July 1847, b. Francis A. CLARKE, Kenton Co., KY

BUCKLEY, James m. Frances CHRISTIAN, 3 July 1849, b. Robert CHRISTIAN, Kenton Co., KY

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BARTLETT, Willis T. md. Sarah E. HUMPHRIES Jun 11, 1849


Joseph W. md. Georgia WINFREE Aug. 25, 1897
Naomi md. N. N. LINDSAY Oct. 27, 1897

The following are marriage bonds and not necessarily the date of marriage.


Joshua md. Winny HERRING (gives her own consent in writing). Wit: Daniel WILLIAMS, Dudley CURL; surety Robinson HUNT. 31 Jan 1794

Joshua md. Betsy FLETCHER, dau of Winney FLETCHER (widow) (consent); Wit: John BARTLETT, John SUMMERS; surety Ebenezer CHORN. 12 Jan 1796

FLETCHER, John to Dully ELKIN, dau of Robert and Salley ELKIN (consent); surety Joshua BARTLETT; Wit: Joshua WILLIAMS. 13 Sep 1796.

John md. Nancy O'REAR, surety Isaac KEAS. 26 Nov 1806. [Believe this to be John BERKLEY, who is listed in the 1838 Directory of Lexington, Fayette Co., KY
and is in business with Thomas C. O'REAR as "O'REAR and BERKLEY"]

Daniel md. Polly HAYS, dau of William HAYS, decd; surety John HAYS. 09 Mar 1807

Daniel M. md. Polly WARE 1807.

Polly, dau Joshua BARTLETT (consent), md. George THOMSON; surety James BARTLETT. 01 Jan 1824

Polly, dau Joshua BARTLETT (consent) md. George THOMSON, son David THOMSON (consent); Wit: William BARTLETT; surety Samuel CHORN. 08 Oct 1824
[Don't know the reason for the two dates, unless they didn't marry the first time, then reapplied for the bond.]

James M. to Mariam DUVALL, surety James KELLY, guardian of Mariam DUVALL (consent). 02 Feb 1825; md. 03 Feb 1825. [James Madison BARTLETT,
son of James & Elizabeth (Betsy) BARTLETT of Henry Co., KY.] He d. 1828 in Henry Co., Mariam md. 2nd in 1835 Henry County Fleming HILL.

Katherine, dau Joshua BARTLETT (consent) md. William OAKLEY; surety James BARTLETT. Eleanor OAKLEY (consent); Wit: G. B. OAKLEY, David ALLEN,
John ALLEN. 17 Mar 1828.

Charles md. Margaret LADD, dau Jacob LADD (consent); surety James L. LADD, 15 Dec 1828

Wineyford, dau Joshua BARTLETT(consent) md. Bushrod GEORGE, son James GEORGE (consent); surety George W. THOMAS. 01 Sep 1829

Emily, dau Daniel BARTLET(consent), md. Aaron L. HAYS. 20 Sep 1831; surety David B. HAYS. Wit: James H. NILES (or MILES).

Verlinda md. John RANEY; sureties Daniel BARTLETT, James RANEY. 10 Sep 1834.

James md. Elizabeth CHORN, surety Samuel CHORN, 21 Dec 1835 [Divorced 1840. Name returned to Elizabeth]

Mary, dau Elizabeth BARTLETT (consent) md. John S. HARMON; Wit: George W. THOMSON; surety Lewis BARTLETT. 13 Aug 1838.

Eliza md. Robertson MYERS, surety Lewis BARTLETT. 20 Nov 1838.

James, age 50, b. Clark Co., widower, residence Montgomery Co., md. Margaret ANDERSON, age 20, b. Montgomery Co., single, res. Montgomery Co.,
06 Sep 1852. [Bond and marriage in Montgomery Co.]

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James md. Unis LAY Jul. 21, 1817 [Date of bond]
Nancy Ann md. Jeremiah WAYLAND May 5, 1822
Gambril [or Gambrel] md. Leah BARTLETTMar. 3, 1825
William md. Sarah Ann BEAUCHAMP Jul. 31, 1827 [ Lydia BARTLETTmd.
    Joseph P. BEAUCHAMP 1814 Green Co. KY]
Kezzy md. Jackson DOLLERIT Dec. 2, 1830
Sarah md. James BUNCH Jun. 14, 1839
William W. md. Charlotte P. FORD Aug. 5, 1839
John P. md. Georgetta G. GORE Nov. 5, 1840
Nathaniel H. md. Polly Ann WALKER Apr. 26, 1842
Jane md. Flavius J. FORD Jul. 31, 1842
Jesse md. Dina JEWELL n.d.
George md. Elizabeth M. DOYER Jun. 8, 1847
Groutta? md. Edward L. JONES Nov. 21, 1850
Sarah P. md. Upton W. HAWKINS Feb. 26, 1854
Samuel W. md. Catherine HARRISON Aug. 6, 1854
Ann Eliza md. Austin D. MATTINGLY Nov. 20, 1855
Granville Helm, age 20, md. Margaret Jane CHAMBERLAIN, age 16, Dec. 27, 1855
Mary E. md. Samuel FRENCH Oct. 12, 1857, dau of James BARTLETT and Mrs. Sarah A. BARTLETT
Mary Jane md. James MILTON Nov. 22, 1860
Polly Ann md. Jesse S. FORD Nov. 26, 1861
William E. md. Susan Mary CHAMBERLAIN Aug. 5, 1862
Rebecca md. James M. WILLIAMS Nov. 6, 1862
Florence Belle md. Dock Lewis RHODES Nov. 6, 1886, Whitesville
Owen H. md. Mattie Woodie MAY Jun. 24, 1911
Estil md. Elnora Nona TAYLOR Jun. 20, 1912, Owensboro



John C., of New Orleans, md. Miss Margarett G. NICHOLAS of Lexington, dau Col. Geo. NICHOLAS, Nov. 4, 1811; bond Joseph H. HAWKINS. [He d. 1814; see Montgomery]

Thomas H., of New Castle, Henry County, to Lucy FRAZER, of Lexington. Bond dtd 04 Jul 1828, bondsman W. FRAZER, her parent P. FRAZER; md. 15 Jul 1828 at Lexington. [Thomas son of Foster BARTLETT/Jane]

John H. C. md. Susan A. TANKERSLEY Sep. 26, 1841. [Her obit, 1847, refers to her as Mrs. Susan Todd]

Thomasella V. md. William T. SHORTRIDGE May 2, 1849, Lexington.

BERKLEY, Catherine md. Walker BOURNE Mar. 19, 1818, bnd. Mar. 14, 1818.

BARKLEY, George md. Patsy HIGBEE Jul. 8, 1806; cons. by applicants; bond, John HIGBEE.

ESTES, William md. Nancy Bartlet ESTES Dec. 15, 1807; cons. John ESTES, fath., Abraham ESTES; Wit: Clement ESTES.

GRAVES, Bartlett md. Sally ROBINSON Dec. 23, 1809; bond James ROBINSON; cons. by Bartlett GRAVES and James ROBINSON.

PARRISH, Bartlet md. Patty FRANKLIN Apr. 26, 1809; George FRANKLIN, John GASS, bond.

WINGATE, John Collins md. Polly YORK Jun. 14, 1809; bond, Bartlet YORK; cons. John YORK, fath., and Nancy YORK.


HAMLET, Bartlett md. Eliz. TURNER Jul. 1, 1830

HAYES, Bartlett md. Drusilla JACKSON Apr. 24, 1838

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Sally md. James BANKS 14 Nov 1798; cons. of father Henry BARTLETT; bond Peter G. VOORHIES.
Edmond md. Sally SNEED 09 May 1807, bond William DURRETT.
Frances C. md. Wesley HARDIN 18 Oct 1808; cons. of father Harry BARTLETT; bond James GALE. [See Jefferson Co. for 2nd]
Willis md. Lucinda HAWKINS 09 Oct 1816.
Sarah F. md. Innes D. HAYDON 18 Oct 1819.
Thomas H. md. Mary B. HAYDON 25 Jun 1821.
Mrs. Polly (BARTLETT) HICKMAN md. Gen. Squire GRANT, of Campbell Co., 07 Jan 1828.[She wid. of Thomas HICKMAN…st]
Anthony J. md. Sarah Ann HALL; cons. in writing by mother Mary P. HALL; bond 10 Feb 1830 by Anthony J. BARTLETT, Thos. J. HALL;
    Wit: J. C. HERNDON.
Malinda md. Jno. MILLER 31 Dec 1831.
Lucinda, dau Thomas, md. Joseph H. MCKEE 16 Feb. 1832; bond 13 Feb 1832.
Susanna md. Lewis CHRISTOPHER Jan. 1, 1825.
Emily md. John S. DORMAN 15 Jul 1835.
Eliza C. md. Dr. James L. RUCKER; bond 11 Sep 1835; md. 13 Sep 1835 by Rev. L. M. NOEL.
Jane md. Reuben L. HAWKINS; bond 23 Sep 1837 Reuben L. (x) HAWKINS, James L.
    RUCKER; md. 24 Sep 1837 by Dr. J. or P. E. DUVALL?.
Pearce md. Eliza BOOTS 13 Jan 1838.
Maria Jane, dau Willis, md. William C. HALL Apr. 26, 1841
Sally Ann md. Henry L. EVANS Jun. 16, 1845
Emily Clay, 16, b. Franklin Co., dau Thomas H., md. Sep. 26, 1852 Thos. Jefferson WILLIAMSON, 21, b. Lawrenceburg
Mary E., age 20, dau A. J. BARTLETT, md. James W. WINTER, age 23, 14 Mar 1860
George L. R. (son of Anthony J. BARTLETT & Sarah A. HALL) md. Bettie JONES Dec. 18, 1860 [Bond] [See Woodford Co. for 2nd marriage…st]
Fredonia md. Alexander KRING Jan. 6, 1870

BERKLEY, Theodriah md. Mariah Ann or Ann Mariah ZOOK May 9, 1821.

HANCOCK, Bartlett md. Sopiah DIXON Jan. 28, 1812.


Rebecca(dau Harry BARTLETT/Margaret GOODE) md. Isaac ALDRIDGE May 9, 1847. Solemnized by Wm. S. Jordan.
Thomas J. md. Martha E. TAYLOR May 1, 1870



(Formed 1820 from Pendleton Co.)

BARTLETT, Edward B. to. Ann T. SANDERS, dau of late Col. R. SANDERS of Scott Co., both of Grant Co., md. at the residence
      of Griffin P. THEOBOLD, May 31, 1834.


Nancy md. Moses CLARK Mar 5, 1793
Solomon md. Rosannah MCMURTRY 1797
Franky md. Gambril COX Jan 30, 1798
Nancy, dau of John, md. Noah GORDON Nov 19, 1799
Catherine, dau of Priscilla & John,dec., md. Joseph PHILPOT Mar 22, 1802
Margaret, dau of Priscilla & John,dec., md. Samuel MARSHALL Jun 6, 1804
Mrs. Priscilla md. Peter WOOLEY, Sr. Jan 2, 1806 [widow of]
Sarah md. William SCOTT Nov 24, 1806 [Date of]
Patsy md. Thomas LEE Nov 14, 1807
Lydia, dau of Priscilla & John,dec., md. Joseph P. BEAUCHAMP Feb 02, 1814 One Solomon BARTLETT, b. 1739 in MD, md. Mary VICTOR 1775 in Caroline Co., MD; migrated to Green Co., KY via VA and TN.

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Madison M. md. Harriet GRAY Nov. 1, 1855
Joseph E. md. Elizabeth KIZER Oct. 1, 1874

BERKLEY, James M. md. Elizabeth COLLINS Mar. 17, 1877


BARTLETT, Nathan md. Rebecca LEE Oct. 10, 1803

(Formed 1798 from Christian County)

Eliza md. William WALLACE Aug. 6, 1839
T. A. md. Ida V. WALKER Oct. 21, 1897
Ora md. Alverdie SPARKS Sep. 6, 1898
Melvin S. md. Ella A. GALLOWAY Oct. 29, 1898
Rutherford md. Ettie LAMB Jun. 17, 1899


Marriage Bond of Susannah BARTLETT and George SCOTT, Dec. 5, 1805.
Marriage Bond of Nancy BARTLETT and William R. TINGLE , Jan. 25, 1825.
Marriage Bond of Susan BARTLETT and Daniel S. LANE, Jan. 25, 1825.

Mary (Polly) H. (dau James & Eliz. (White) BARTLETT) md. Alexander PRINGLE Feb. 9, 1801. Div. Feb. 1808.
Patsy md. Reuben SAMUEL Mar. 22, 1802; cons. by f. Edmund BARTLETT; wit. Harry BARTLETT.
William md. Rebecca "Dicey" GOODE, dau Richard GOODE, dec. & Rebecca YOUNG, Dec. 16, 1802
Henry/Harry md. Margaret GOODE, dau Richard GOODE, dec. & Rebecca YOUNG, Jan. 13, 1804
Foster [Sr.] md. Jane SCOTT, bond by f. Elijah SCOTT, Dec. 17, 1804
Mary (Polly) H. (dau James & Eliz. (White) BARTLETT) md. John L. FOREE Aug. 23, 1810. Bond signed by John FOREE
& Samuel IRELAND.
Susannah "Sukey" md. William HAYS, Jr. May 20, 1813
Edmund, Jr. md. Mrs. Jane SPEER, Widow, Jun. 16, 1815
Lucinda md. Thomas P. COATES May 15, 1817
Philadelphia G., dau Edmund, md. Henry OWEN Jun. 15, 1817, bond William HAYS
Prudence md. John B. MOORE Aug. 21, 1817
Huldah, dau James, md. David Lawson LUCKETT Jun. 17, 1818
Mary T. md. John TAYLOR Jul. 3, 1820
Patsy to Joseph THOMASSON; bond dtd. Feb. 2, 1821; cons. by f. James; md. Dec. 12, 1821
Huldy, dau James, md. Davis GILLILAND Mar. 8, 1824
Eliza md. Henry S. LAWSON Jun. 13, 1826
John G. md. Sarah A. IRELAND, dau Samuel, Jul. 19, 1826, bond James M. BARTLETT
Elizabeth md. Thomas PERRY Dec. 16, 1827
Ann M. md. Robert MUIR Dec. 24, 1827
Rebecca, dau James, dec'd, md. Moses ATWOOD Jun. 26, 1828, New Castle; cons. Samuel IRELAND, guardian
Evaline md. Thomas NOEL Nov. 2, 1829
Mary (Polly) H. (dau James & Eliz.(White) BARTLETT) md. William HAYS, Jr. Oct. 12, 1830.
Foster [Jr.] md. Eliza CLAYGETT Dec. 18, 1837
Lemuel P. md. Evaline JEWELL Jun. 23, 1839
Margaret, dau William, md. John W. DAVIS Sep. 1, 1840
Eliza, dau Anthony, md. William SAMUEL Oct. 2, 1841
Richard T. md. Georgia Ann DAVIS Apr. 24, 1851
Anthony J., f. George B., md. Isabel M. F. BAKER Jun. 30, 1851
Elizabeth md. Daniel C. VORIES Nov. 26, 1851
George F. md. Mrs. Sally/Sarah A. (SAGER) LAWRENCE Apr. 13, 1860
Martha md. Madison B. LUCKETT[?], bond John G. BARTLETT Nov. 12, 1861, md. Nov. 14, 1861
Sarah J. md. Napoleon B. DARNOLD, bond Mar. 25, 1862 George BARTLETT; md. Mar. 30, 1862
H., age 27, md. Martha (Mattie) J. NEAL, age 19, Lic. Jan. 15, 1872, md. Jan. 16, 1872

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BARTLETT, Thomas H. md. Sarah E. HAINLINE Jun. 5, 1864


James md. Sally E. CARDWELL Sep. 4, 1841
Mary E. md. William V. WOOD Dec. 16, 1866 or Jun. 29, 1866 [Two]
Nancy H. md. J. P. JIMMERSON (or JAMESON) Feb. 18, 1868
D. F. md. Katie HERREN Jan. 18, 1877
John D. md. Viola P. PARSONS Mar. 16, 1882
Effie md. G. P. LAFOON [LAFON?] Jul. 27, 1882
M. E. md. M. J. SWINNEY Dec. 16, 1885
J. T. md. Rosa ROBERTSON Aug. 12, 1887
H. C. (bride), age 21, b. TN, md. S. H. HORD, age 22, b. KY, Nov. 16, 1893
Sallie md. G. D. WIGGENS Jul. 3, 1894
Luther md. Josie SMITH Jul. 11, 1895

BERKLEY, Lewis A. md. Annie HARDISON Jun. 13, 1895


Key to abbreviations:
md. - married; Bd. - bond; Lic. - license; cons. in pers - consent in person; cons. in w. - consent in writing; cons. prv. - consent proven; Wit. - witness; f. - father; m. - mother; sig. - signature.


DITTO, Henry md. Nancy BARTLETT; bond Henry BARTLETT. Bd. Jan. 5, 1786. [Bk1:p. 3]

BARTLETT, James md. Charlotte ASHBY; f. David ASHBY, cons. in w. Jun. 23, 1788. Bond Fielding ASHBY Jun. 23, 1788. [Bk1:p. 7]

BARTLETT, James md. Rachel PIERCE; f. George PIERCE, cons. in w. Aug. 3, 1790. Bond William STEWART Aug. 3, 1790; Md. Aug. 4, 1790 by Joshua MORRIS. [Bk1:p. 11]

BARTLETT, Frederick md. Betsey EDWARDS; f. and m. Frederick & Mary EDWARDS; cons. in w. Feb. 18, 1796. Bond Matthew LOVE Feb. 19, 1796; Wit. W. POPE, Dep. Clk. Jeff. Co.; Md. Feb. 22, 1796 by Henry BATDORFF. [Bk1:p. 23]

SNIDER, Jacob (sig. in German Jacob SCHNEIDER) md. Cath(ari)ne GALE. Bond John BARTLETT Mar. 13, 1798; Wit. Sam GWATHNEY. Md. Mar. 19, 1798 by Henry BATTORFF. [Bk1:p. 30]

SHIVELY, Philip md. Eliza. BARTLETT; bond John BARTLETT, f. of Eliza. Bd. Oct. 31, 1804; Md. Nov. 1, 1804 by Henry Batdorff. [Bk1:p. 49]

HORD, Willis md. Polly CAIN or CANE, m. Eliza. CAIN or CANE, cons. prv. Bond James BARTLETT Oct. 20, 1806, Md. Oct. 20, 1806 by Jacob LURTON. [Bk1:p. 56]

YOUNG, Peter md. Mary BARTLETT; f. sd. James BARTLETT, cons. in pers. Bond James BARTLETT Apr. 10, 1810; Wit. Edward TYLER, Jr. Md. Apr. 11, 1810 by James MCQUAID. [Bk1:p. 66]

HAYWOOD, George, Jr. md. Mary "Polly" Crane BARTLETT; f. Frederick BARTLETT, dec., m. Eliza. BARTLETT, cons. prv. Bond John EDWARDS; Wit. Isaac H. TYLER. Lic. & Bd. Jun. 28, 1815; Md. Jun. 29, 1815 by James VANCE. [Bk1:p. 84]

HELM, John md. Nancy BARTLETT; f. James BARTLETT, cons. prv. Bond William BARTLETT; Wit. Isaac H. TYLER. Lic. & Bd. Oct. 23, 1815; Md. Oct. 24, 1815 by Benjamin ALLEN. [Bk1:p. 85]

BARTLETT, William md. Polly HELM, f. John HELM, cons. prv. Bond Thomas HELM. Lic. & Bd. Dec. 3, 1816; Md. Dec. 5, 1816 by Benjamin ALLEN. [Bk1:p. 90]

RIGHT, Reubin (sig.)(WRIGHT elsewhere), lawful age 21 prv., md. Kizziah JACKSON, f. Samuel JACKSON cons. in w. Bond Joseph BARTLETT Dec. 22, 1817; Wit. Isaac FOUCH & Joseph BARTLETT. Lic. & Bd. Dec. 22, 1817; Md. Dec. 23, 1817 by Hinson HOBBS. [Bk1:p. 95]

BARTLETT, Jr., John md. Elizabeth BARTLETT Apr. 7, 1819; bond George BARTLETT; Wit. J. W. HARRISON. James BARTLETT, f. of Elizabeth, cons. prv. [Bk1:p. 103]

FENLEY, James (sig.) md. Frances BARTLETT; f. Jas. BARTLETT, cons. prv.; bond John HELM. Lic. & Bd. Sep 11, 1820; Md. Sep. 14, 1820 by Benjamin ALLEN. [Bk1:p. 118]

BARTLETT, William md. Zelpha HELM; f. John HELM, cons. prv. Bond John BARTLETT; Wit. Robert TYLER. Lic. & Bd. Jan. 27, 1822; Md. Jan. 31, 1822 by Joel HULSEY. [Bk1:p. 130]

BARTLETT, Deborah md. Lavender BARTLETT; bond James BARTLETT, f. of Deborah, cons. in pers; Wit. W. C. HOBBS. Bd. Sep. 27, 1824. [Bk1:p. 153]

HUMBLE, James R. md. Sally BARTLETT; f. James BARTLETT, cons. in w. Jul. 27, 1824; prv. by James R. HUMBLE. Bd. Jul. 27, 1824. [Bk1:p. 156]

HOSKINS, Robert md. Matilda BERKLEY, m. Elizabeth BERKLEY, cons. in w. Jun. 19, 1806; f. dec., prv. Bond James BURKS Jun. 20, 1806; Wit. James DENNY. Md. Jun. 21, 1806 by Jas. VANCE. [Bk1:p. 60]

MARRIAGE RECORDS, BOOK 2, June 1826-June 1837

BARTLETT, James md. Elizabeth SWINNEY, wid., husband dec. Lic. issued & md. Jul. 20, 1829 by Peter AKERS. [Bk2:p. 36]

BARTLETT, Joseph M. md. Eliza AMAS, f. Wm. AMAS, cons. in p. Lic. iss. Nov. 6, 1829; Md. Nov. 10, 1829 by Ben W. JOHNSTON. [Bk2:p. 40]

BARTLETT, James (sig. BATLETT?) md. Susannah WIRL, wid., husband dec. Bond Benjamin ASHBY. Lic. & Bd. Apr. 21, 1831; Md. Apr. 21, 1831 by J. H. OVERSTREET. [Bk2:p. 63]

BARTLETT, Jefferson md. Harriett CLARKE, m. Amy CLARKE, cons.; bond David CLARKE (sig.). Lic. & Bd. Sep. 10, 1832; Md. Sep. 11, 1832 by Robt. GAILBREATH. [Bk2:p. 91]

BARTLETT, Charles (X), md. Nancy FLETCHER, 21 yrs of age; wid., husband dec. Bond John MUSTER. Lic. & Bd. Jun. 2, 1832; Md. Jun. 10, 1832 by M. MILLER. [Bk2:p. 85]

BARTLETT, Augustus md. Isabella COLOMORE, wid. of William COLOMORE, dec. Bond Frederick BIRKMANN (sig.). Lic. & Bd. May 14, 1836; Md. May 15, 1836 by J. H. OVERSTREET.

JOHNSON, William md. Mary BARTLETT, wid. of George BARTLETT, dec. Bond Richard BENNETT (X); Wit. W. W. BLAIR. Lic., Bd. Jul. 22, 1836; Md. Jul. 22, 1836 by Daniel C. BANKS. [Bk2:p. 184]

[Ref: The Filson Club (1941), Jefferson County Virginia-Kentucky Early Marriages, Books 1 & 2 (Owensboro, KY: Cook & McDowell Publications, 1980)]

Susan md. William A. CHURCHMAN Jan. 12, 1841*
James H., age 29, b. KY, md. Louisa OLINGER/ HOHLINGER, age 40, b. MA, wid. Of Benjamin R. OLINGER or HOHLINGER, Jan. 26, 1856
John H. md. Mary S. MERIWETHER Jan. 10, 1861, Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Louisville
Marion H. md. L. E. DUVALL Mar. 12, 1868, Louisville
Allen (spelled BARTLET on License) md. Mary SMITH Dec. 18, 1879 at Thos. SMITH's by Henry DOFER?, MG; Wit: John LOW?, Peter GRAYHAM
William H. md. Joan HENTHORN Mar. 17, 1909, Louisville

ALSOP, Guilford Dudley to Caroline JONES May 12, 1826 [He son of Ann BARTLETT & George ALSOP; Ann dau Lt. Harry "Henry" BARTLETT & Sarah]

HARDIN, Frances (BARTLETT), widow of Wesley HARDIN ded, to Thomas PARRENT 25 Dec 1828; Bond: Thomas PARRENT, Joshua BRADLEY. Wit: John W. TYLER.
[See Franklin Co. for 1st]

* From the IGI; needs to be verified.

(Formed 1840 from Campbell)

Alice M., 20, b. Hamilton Co., OH, md. R. M. WADE, 22, b. Kenton Co., KY, Jun 4, 1867
Nathaniel P., 30, md. Ann JOURDAN, 18, Jan. 14, 1868
Carrie E., 21, b. Hamilton Co., OH, md. Charles J. TRANTER, 22, b. Hamilton Co., OH, Jun. 18, 1873
Mary M., 35, md. Charles W. SMITH, 33, Jan. 12, 1886, Covington

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BARTLETT, Edward M. md. Eliza Ann LAFOLLETTE Jul. 24, 1871


BERKLEY, Susan md. Major BOATRIGHT Jun 25, 1823

(Formed 1854 From Caldwell Co.)

GRAY, Bartlett md. Sarah F. HOPPER Dec. 28, 1876


BERKLEY, Walter md. Elizabeth MCQUEEN Jan. 29, 1809, Madison


Old Marriage Book of Mason Co., KY

Page 6, Year 1796
On this page are recorded marriages performed by Aquilla STANDIFORD.

Aquilla STANDIFORD, son of William STANDIFORD and Christina, his wife, was born in Baltimore County, MD Aug. 25, 1741.

Sarah CLARK, daughter of John CLARK and Hannah, his wife, was born in Baltimore Co., MD Jun. 10, 1744.

Aquilla STANDIFORD and Sarah CLARK were married Dec. 27, 1764.
[ Aquilla and Sarah Clark Standiford were the parents of Rebecca Standiford, wife of Ebenezer Bartlett.]

Lucinda, dau Ebenezer, md. Robert FRISTOE May 11, 1824
Silas md. Apr. 19, 1837 Barbara MCDANIEL. William REED, Jr. bondsman. [No Vol. or page no.]

Marriage Records of Mason County, KY

VOLUME 10, Page 234
Sylvanius [Sylvanus] P. BARTLETT, of the state of Missouri; aged 40 years; first marriage; Merchant by occupation; born Oxford Co., ME, parents born in Oxford Co., ME. Married Nov. 15, 1871 Adelis (Delia) A. WALTON, of Mason County; aged 42 years; first marriage; born in Mason County; father born in U.S., mother born in VA. William H. SQUIRES, bondsman.

VOLUME 10, Page 370
John BARTLET of Mason County; aged 21 years; first marriage; farmer by occupation; born in Ohio; father born in Pennsylvania; mother born in Mason County. Married Aug. 17, 1872 Arblar CARIGAN, of Brown County, Ohio; aged "21 years last May"; first marriage; born in Ohio; parents born in Ohio.

VOLUME 19, Page 182
Fannie BARTLETT, of Mason County; aged 16 years; first marriage; born in KY; parents born in KY (b. 1877). Married Jul., 13, 1893 Oscar MORGAN, of Mayslick, Mason Co., KY; first marriage; farmer by occupation; born in KY; parents born in KY. Consent for marriage given by mother, Jane BARTLETT. Sworn to by Silas MORGAN.

VOLUME 22, Page 502
Stanley Simpson BARTLETT, Jr. of Poughkeepsie, NY; aged 22 years; first marriage; salesman by occupation; born in Poughkeepsie, NY; father born in Utica, NY; mother born Poughkeepsie, NY. Married Oct. 13, 1899 Isabelle BARKLEY of Maysville, KY; aged 28; first marriage; born Maysville, KY; father born in Mason County; mother born in KY.

VOLUME 25, Page 368
Thomas E. BARTLETT of Mayslick, Mason Co., KY; aged 26 years; first marriage; farmer by occupation; born KY; parents born KY. Married Jun. 18, 1904 Carrie MCGEE, of Mayslick, Mason Co., KY; aged 21 years; first marriage; born KY; parents born KY. Fred WEBER, bondsman.

VOLUME 29, Page 264
Otie May BARTLETT, of Wallingford, Fleming Co., KY; aged 18 years; first marriage; born in KY; parents born KY. Married Aug. 10, 1910 Thomas H. JONES, of Wallingford, Fleming Co., KY; aged 22. Consent for marriage given by Charles BARTLETT, father of Otie May.

Frances B. "Fannie" to John H. Wood 20 Jun 1850 by John B. Ewan, MG. [Lic dtd 17 Jun 1850]. (dau Elizabeth "Betsy" BARTLETT & George W. SWART).


BARTLETT, Ben md. Rebecca WILLIAMS Apr. 13, 1870


Isabella md. William B. FRAZIER May 3, 1840, min. William HOWARD
Joshua, age 25, b. Monroe Co., KY to Julia MCGUIRE, age 18, b. Monroe Co., KY, 1st marr. for both, May 15, 1856
Jacob T, age 19, single, b. Monroe Co., KY to Elizabeth P. SABINS, age 14, single, b. Monroe Co., KY June 3, 1859
Mary E. md. W. G. BOWLS Dec. 14, 1882
William md. L. A. SOARDS Jul. 29, 1886
Rachel A. md. S. P. HOOD Apr. 14, 1887
John T. md. Mary MEADOWS Jun. 2, 1887
Mandy md. Zachariah NICHOLS Dec. 28, 1890
M. E. md. R. W. MORRISON Feb. 26, 1891
Sarah Elizabeth, 41, b. 1858, md. J. J. NORMAN, 62, b. 1837, Sep. 17, 1899

(Formed 1796 from Clark Co.; part taken to form Bath 1811-search also Bath records)

Hiram md. Nancy PRIEST Sep. 8, 1818

Elizabeth md. Richard MORTON Apr. 23, 1845

James, age 50, b. Clark Co., widower, residence Montgomery Co., md. Margaret ANDERSON, age 20, b. Montgomery Co., single,
res. Montgomery Co., 06 Sep 1852.

Margaret Colton md. Benjamin F. O'REAR Jul. 14, 1858

BERKLEY, Nancy md. Stephen EUBANK Nov. 4, 1818, Montgomery

(Formed 1822 from Floyd & Bath Cos.)

John M. DANIEL md. Sarah CONLEY, bond Jun. 14, 1852. Wit: Silas BARTLETT, Caroline CASTLE/CONLEY?;
md. 14 Jun 1852 by John FERGUSON, Min.

Peter md. Louise J. DAVISSON or DAVIDSON Feb. 19, 1860

ADKINS, Bartlett md. Elizabeth LOW Sep. 23, 1856

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Elizabeth md. Stephen MAY Dec. 27, 1815
Nancy md. Thomas DUNCAN Nov. 13, 1816
Marmaduke md. Adelfa LINTHICUM Jun. 1, 1824


Polly, of Nicholas County, [dau William BARTLETT, Sr.], to Ashford PRATHER, Bond dtd 10 March 1810 in amt of £50 signed
Ashford x (his mark) PRATHER, Wm. BARTLETT, Attest: A. J. HUGHES. Married 15 March 1810 by H. SMITH.

Nancy (or Massie), dau William BARTLETT, Sr., md. James BUCHANAN, Jr. Sep. 10, 1815 by James BLAIR.
Bond dtd 09 Aug 1815 in amt £50 signed by James BUCHANAN & James BROWN; Attest: Horace METCALFE, DCNCC. Cons
"to marry my daughter amassey BARTLIT" signed by William BARTLITT July 25th 1815. In three documents, i.e., the Bond, Consent by her father and instruction by clerk to minister to perform the marriage
her name is clearly written "Massie", not Nancy.

William to Phobe [sic] SWART Mar. 24, 1817, both of Nicholas Co., he of lawful age and concent "being certified to me by her Mother
and Bond and Security having been given according to Law"....
[Bond/License to any minister legally authorized is permitted to celebrate the rites of matrimony….]

Jeffrey to Sarah HERNDON Apr. 13, 1819 (bond); bondsmen Jeffrey and Samuel BARTLETT; teste Moses ___lain?.
Jeffrey and Sarah md. Apr. 17, 1819

Elizabeth "Betsy" md. George W. SWART, Bond 28 Sep 1819 by George SWART & John THACKER;
Teste: John THACKER, Moses HOPKINS. Md. Sep. 30, 1819.

Hains/Haines to Polly HILDRETH 08 May 1820. Consent dtd 04 May 1820 given by Samuel BARTLETT & Sarah HILDRETH.
Attest: John BARTLETT.

Cynthia to Elisha E. CLAYTON, Bond/License dtd 04 Mar 1822 by Elisha E. CLAYTON, Ebenezer BARTLETT (father of Cynthia),
Attest: Horace METCALFE, DC. Married 14 Mar 1822 by Walter WARDER.

Elizabeth C. md. Aquilla HILDRETH, dau Ebenezer & Rebecca (STANDIFORD) BARTLETT, Mar. 14, 1822 by Walter WARDER.
Bond dtd 12 Mar 1822 in amt of £50 signed Aquilla HILDRETH, Ebenezer BARTLETT, Attest: Horace METCALFE, DC.

Eliza md. Josiah MCCABE Oct. 1, 1826, dau Ebenezer BARTLETT & Rebecca STANDIFORD. Bond in amt of £50
dtd 27 Sep 1826 by J. MCCABE, Ebenezer BARTLETT; Teste: Horace METCALFE D.C

Rachel [Rachel HILDRETH, wid Wm. BARTLETT, Jr.] md. Henry DUVALL May 15, 1827. Bond for £50 dtd 07 May 1827,
signed Henry DUVALL, John HILDRETH. Teste: Eli F. METCALFE, DClk. Marriage date certified: "This to certify that
on the 15 day of May 1827 I joined together Henry DUVALL and Rachel BARTLET in the State of Matrimony given
under my hand this 16 day of May 1827." Francis Landrum

Sally, dau Samuel, md. Benjamin PRATHER Jan 1, 1828

Mahala, dau Samuel, md. Ralph EVANS 15 Dec 1831. Mahala's cons. dtd 15 Dec 1831 by f. Samuel BARTLETT,
Wit: Enos BARTLETT, Henry MYERS. Ralph's cons. dtd 13 Dec 1831 by f. Isaac EVANS, Sr., Wit: Isaac EVANS, Jr., Henry MYERS.

Frances, dau of Mr. Saml. BARTLETT, Nicholas Co., md. Samuel P. JOHNSON Aug. 9, 1832? Bond in amt £50 dtd 24 July 1832 by
Enos BARTLETT and Saml. P. JOHNSON, Attest: J. G. PARKS, C…? Consent for dau to marry… Signed Samuel BARTLETT,
Teste: Enos BARTLETT.

William (III) [son of William BARTLETT, Jr. & Rachel] md. Sophia PORTER, dau Wm. PORTER, Dec. 24, 1835 by John ROGERS.
Bond in amt of £50 dtd 21 Dec 1835. Teste: William BARTLETT, William PORTER. 18 Nov 1835 Samuel BARTLETT, guardian of William BARTLETT,
gives written consent for Wm. to obtain Lic. from the Clerk of Nicholas County to intermary (sic) with Miss Sophey PORTER dau. of Wlliam PORTER
of Carlisle. {s} Samuel BARTLETT. Attest: Robt. L.G. EDWARDS, William BARTLETT.

Sophia C., Mrs. md. Isaac SKINNER. Bond dtd Jul. 21, 1841 in amt of £50 for intended marriage between Mrs. Sophia C. BARTLETT of Nicholas Co.
& Isaac SKINNER. {s} Isaac J. SKINNER, Joel HOWARD (or HAWARD). Attest: J. G. PARKS Cu..e.

Mary Ann, dau Jeffrey, to William BUCHANNON. Bond dtd 25 Apr 1843 in amt L50 signed by William BUCHANNON, Jeffrey BARTLETT.
Teste: J. G. PARKS Cu..e

Leann, 20, b. 1846 Fleming Co., KY (dau Silas & Barbara BARTLETT) md. Nov. 8, 1866, Carlisle, Nicholas Co., KY James E. BEAGLE, 21,
b. 1845 Harrison Co., KY

Eli, 27, (son of Silas BARTLETT & Barbara MCDANIEL), md. Jul. 27, 1867, Carlisle, Nicholas Co., George Ann FERGUSON, 19,
both b. Nicholas Co.

Rebecca (dau Silas & Barbara BARTLETT) md. Allen HUMPHRIES Jun. 26, 1875 by J. D. McConnell at Jas. F. STANDEFORD's,
Nicholas Co., KY. Wit: Jas. F. STANDEFORD, John C. ROGERS. [Nicholas Co. Marriage Register, pp. 150-151].

McCABE, Elizabeth of Nicholas Co., 22, Single, b. Nicholas Co. md. Sep. 9, 1852 Henry SAMPSON of Nicholas Co., 28, Single, b. Fleming Co.
[Note…st: Elizabeth was the dau of Eliza[beth] BARTLETT and Josiah MCCABE. She d. Jan. 1857 without issue]


Benjamin F. md. Frances M. CHAPMAN Jan. 13, 1869
James W. md. Elizabeth C. GRIGSBY Mar. 9, 1871
G. L. md. Sarah Belle CHRISTIAN Nov. 17, 1875
L. H., age 18, md. Miss Florence BARTLETT, age 20, Jun. 30, 1892
Joseph F. md. Sudie MILLER Jul. 19, 1892
W. W. md. Florence SMITH Nov. 1, 1899
R. B. md. Viona HICKS Apr. 20, 1904
Lennie T. md. Oma LAKE Oct. 6, 1904

BERKLEY, James A. md. Margaret FORD Oct. 16, 1873

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Margaret, of legal age, to Samuel MARSHALL Dec. 28, 1820; Bond Charles Jones, Wit: Charles JONES, Elizabeth JONES.
Nancy md. John MARSHALL Jul. 6, 1821 by John CONNER; Bond Peter JONES.
Zelinda, dau Thos. BARTLETT, to Richard WILSON, Request to Owen Co. Clerk to issue Lic., dtd Jan 01, 1848;
    Married 02 Jan 1848 by John W. Le?. Signed: Thos BARTLETT; Wit: B. HAYDON, Jas. BARTLETT.


BARTLET [BARTLETT], Nancy, [Nancy Foster BARTLETT, dau James & Elizabeth "Betsey" (White)], to Samuel IRELAND,
both of Pendleton Co. Bond in amt of £50 dtd 20th day of Feby 1803 for intended marriage; Signed: Saml IRELAND, James GIBSON.
Teste: Jas LANIER CPC.


Mary BARTLETT to Levi MERCER Jun. 16. 1865. Md. at Jesse BARTLETT's.

BELCHER, Bartlett md. Juley [Julie?] A. CLEVINGER Feb. 10, 1867

(Formed 1867 from Nicholas, Bracken, Mason, Fleming, Harrison Cos.)

Lucy, 18, b. Nicholas Co., Res. Robertson Co., Father (Silas) & Mother b. Nicholas Co., md. Aug. 18, 1874 John W. BAILEY, 22, b. Nicholas Co.,
Farmer, Res. Robertson Co., Father b. Nicholas Co., Mother b. Harrison Co.

Wm., 24, b. Rowan Co., Res. Nicholas Co., Father [Silas…sgt] b. Nicholas Co., Mother b. Rowan [Fleming] Co., md. Aug. 9, 1877 at Wm. S. BAILEY's
in Robertson Co., Samantha C. BAILEY, 20, b. Harrison Co., Res. Robertson Co., Father b. Bourbon, Mother b. Mason. [Note:…sgt]: Rowan Co. formed
1856 from Fleming & Morgan Cos.

Hulda [dau], age 28, Res. Robertson Co., 1st mg., b. Nicholas Co., Father b. Nicholas Co., Mother b. Rowan Co., to Oscar MARTIN, age 21,
Res. Robertson Co., 1st mg., Occu.: Farming, b. Nicholas Co. To be married at Jno. W. BAILEY's, Robertson Co., KY 01 Feb. 1882.
Wit: Wm. X (his mark) BARTLETT, Attest: J. B. PRATHER. Actual marriage 03 Feb 1882 by Eld. Joel J. WARREN at Wm. BAILEY's.
Witnesses: H. B. BRADLY, Lucy BAILEY. Hulda was b. in 1851.


BERKLEY, Joseph md. Nelly SUTPHIN Jan. 29, 1801


Lucy BARTLETT md. Zebulon COLLINS Mar. 2, 1811 [ From IGI; not an extracted mg. record; needs to be verified]

Allen D. BARTLETT md. Linah DODD Jul. 14, 1820 [ From IGI; not an extracted mg. record; needs to be verified]

Geo. BARTLETT md. Fanny MCQUAID, dau James MCQUAID, 15 Aug 1821. Bond-James MCQUAID, Jr., brother of Fanny.

James BARTLETT md. Catherine MILLER, widow of Alexander MILLER, 20 Mar 1821. Bond-James S. WHITAKER.

Samuel BARTLETT md. Louisa WAYLAND, dau of Rachel WAYLAND, Feb., 1824. Bond-Julius WAYLAND.


BARTLETT, Joseph H. md. Martha J. HILL Dec. 19, 1867


Katherine D.[dau Anthony W. & Mary (BLANKS)] md. Joseph W. MCCAIN Nov. 1866
Elizabeth Sammie [dau Anthony J. & Isabella (BAKER)] md. Samuel PRYOR Nov. 24, 1875


Marriage Bond of Martha BARTLETT and Simon HANCOCK, Apr. 5, 1796, dau Thomas BARTLETT & Mary
Prenuptial Agreement and Deed of Gift, Simon HANCOCK to Martha BARTLETT, Apr. 11, 1796. Wit: Edm'd BARTLETT, Salley BARTLETT. [DB1:p. 449]

Betsy (dau Thos. & Mary (FOSTER) BARTLETT) md. Wm. JACKSON 11 Mar 1792, min. James DUPUY; Bond dtd 02 Mar 1792.

Polly, dau Harry, md. Thomas HICKMAN, both of Woodford, 23 Aug 1793; min. M. BLEDSOE. Bond dtd 24 Aug 1793 (sic) in amt of £50 signed by
Thomas HICKMAN & Benjamin MIRSHON, Teste: Cave JOHNSON. Cons by Harry BARTLETT (my dau Polley) 23 Aug 1793; Teste: James GAYLE,
William HANCOCK. NOTE: Polly md 2nd Gen. Squire Grant [See Franklin Co.]

Anthony, (f. Thomas), md. Nancy "Ann" BLACKBURN. Bond dtd Dec. 27, 1794, Cons. by f. Geo. Blackburn dtd 28 Dec 1794 (intended marriage).

Phebe, dau Lt. Harry BARTLETT & Sarah CRANE, to James SANDERS; Consent 23 Jan 1795 by Harry BARTLET, Test: Thos. MONTAGUE*,
John WIGLESWORTH. Bond/Lic in amt of £50 dtd 24 Jan 1795 for intended marriage between James SAUNDERS (sic) and Phebe BARTLET,
Teste: Lewis CRAIG, Jr., Ja. P. SANDERS; William …lute? [illegible] *Thomas MONTAGUE was Harry BARTLETT's nephew, son of his sister, Ann.

Edmond md. Sally SNEED 09 May 1807; bond William DURRETT.

George B., (son of Anthony & Nancy (Blackburn) BARTLETT) md. Mary M. JACKSON Aug. 3, 1817

Thomas J. (son of Anthony & Nancy (Blackburn) BARTLETT) md. his cousin Henrietta (BLACKBURN) FLOURNOY, (dau Wm. B. BLACKBURN & Martha
WATKINS), 06 Jun 1827.

Henrietta, nee BLACKBURN, md. Francis P. HOLLOWAY Dec. 15, 1846

George L. R. (son of Anthony J. BARTLETT & Sarah A. HALL) md. Mary F. HACKNEY Mar. 13, 1872 at Versailles.

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