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ELIJAH HOOTEN (1753-1844)

Revolutionary War Soldier

(The data which follows were obtained from papers on file in pension claim, S. 4388, based upon the service of Elijah Hooten in The Revolutionary War.)

Elijah Hooten was born in the year 1753 in the State of North Carolina. The names of his parents were not given.

While a resident of Cumberland County, North Carolina, Elijah Hooten volunteered late in 1779, served as a private in Captain Edwards' company, Colonel Williams' North Carolina regiment, he was in the battle of Gates' Defeat, and in the battle of Guilford Court House, where he was severely wounded, and returned to his home in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

After the Revolution he moved from Cumberland County, to Grayson County, Virginia, then to near Scottsville, in Kentucky, then to Warren County, Tennessee, thence to White County, Tennessee.

He was allowed $20 per annum pension on his application executed April 18, 1834, at which time he was living in White County, Tennessee. He died March 11, 1844.


(Following is a copy of the original application for pension)

State of Tennessee

White County

On this 16th day of April 1834 personally appeared in open Court before the Justice of the Court of pleas and greater sessions for said county now sitting Elijah Hooten or Whooten, a resident of said County aged about Eighty one years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as here in stated.

He is olden his memory frail: to the best of his recollection he entered the service as a private volunteer soldier, under Captain Edwards in Cumberland County North Carolina: he thinks this was some time in the latter part of the year 1779 = his engagement was for twelve months - and has served it out. He was under the command of General Caswell: The troops to which he belonged joined General Gates on "deep River", at a place called "Cox's Settlement". He remained with Gates' army until Gates' defeat near Camden. He was in that battle - and can relate many of the occurrences of the day - but it is deemed unnecessary. He will barely mention that his Captain & Lieutenant were both killed - his Lieutenants name was Castor: this declarant was present, and near to his Lieutenant when he was killed. - His Colonel's name was Williams: His engagement as stated above was only for twelve months, but he remained in the service until the battle of Guilford, having joined General Greenes army, after Gates' defeat - his Captain's name, (i.e. after the death of Edwards) he cannot remember, the troops were dispersed and scattered after Gates' defeat - which circumstance makes it difficult for him to remember his officers at Guilford - He was in that memorable battle, and received a severe wound, which disables him so that he could not serve any longer - he was taken home to Cumberland County - and was unable to walk at the close of the war. The scars, or indications of the wound, are at this day Clearly to be seen, and inspected by the Court. It has occasioned him to be a cripple, ever since he received the wound, and will so continue to the day of his death. He cannot positively say, that he was in the service two years as a private soldier. He can however state that as his best impression and is positively sure of having served one year and six months - for which he claims a pension. He knows of no living witness by whom he can prove his service. He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his names is not on the pension roll agency of any state. Answer to the interrogations prescribed by the war department and propounded by the Court.

1st. He was born in North Carolina, the County he does not remember - the year 1753 -

2nd. He has no record of his age-

3. When called into the service he lived in Cumberland County N.C. from there he removed to Grayson County Va from there to Kentucky near Scottsville - from there thence to Warren County, Tennessee to White County Tennessee where he now lives.

4. When called into the service he volunteered.

5. He has no acquaintance with any of the regular officers - except He knew the Commanders in Chief.

6. He never received a regular discharge having been taken home from the field of Guilford badly wounded.

7 He refers to the following persons to whom he is known in this present neighborhood to whom he is known in his present neighborhood and who can testify as to his character for Veracity and their belief of his services as a soldier of the revolution, there being no minister of the Gospel within his reach.

Viz. Shadrach Price - Jesse Bounds Jesse England, & William Mills. & William Bullocks. & William Bounds.


Elijah X Hooten


Sworn in open Court

16 April 1834

Jacob Shane Clerk

A. Abraham D.G.


We Shadrach Price and William Mills both residing in the County of White hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Elijah Hooten who has subscribed & sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be Eighty one years of age; that he is reputed and believed, in the neighborhood where he resides, to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion.

Sworn to in open Court <signed> Shadrach Price <seal>

16 April 1834 his

Jacob Shane Clerk <signed> William X Mills <seal>

A. Abraham D.G. mark

And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion, after the investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he states. And the Court further certifies that it appears to them that Shadrach Price and William Mills who have signed and sworn to the preceding certificate are credible persons and that their statement is entitled to credit.

<signed> Abr Eastman <seal>

<signed> David Snatg--- <seal>

<signed> Joseph Cummings <seal>



State of Tennessee

White County

Jacob Shane clerk of the County Court of White County aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of said court in the matter of the application of Elijah Hooten for a pension.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office the 23rd day do April A.D. 1834.

<signed> Jacob Shane Clerk

White County and

<signed> Pyet Abraham D.G.

Copy of Certificate of Pension:




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