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Check out a new experiment. I have created pages for every Langford or Lankford family unit I have found. They are grouped by the states where they lived. Click on the state links below and go to that state page.

and BI (British Isles)

The new pages are also accessible from Langford & Lankford Persons, where everyone is listed by names.

View the pages with caution. They are new, and it is my hope they will be improved very soon, as folks find them and add or subtract information. They may even be shuffled around, so keep an open mind and remember the only way to get the real proof on your family lines is to do the document chase.

Still I am hoping this will help folks break down some brickwalls.

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Compiled from varied sources. No guarantees. Use as a guide for obtaining records.
Contributions welcome.
Langford & Lankford Marriages in Virginia
Langford & Lankford Marriages of North Carolina
Langford & Lankford Grooms of Georgia
and Langford & Lankford Brides of Georgia
Langford & Lankford Marriages of South Carolina
Langford & Lankford Marriages in Tennessee
Langford & Lankford Marriages in Kentucky

Langford & Lankford Marriages in Florida
Langford & Lankford Marriages in Alabama
Langford & Lankford Marriages in Mississppi
Langford & Lankford Marriages in Missouri

Langford & Lankford Marriages in Texas

in the USGenWeb ARCHIVES and elsewhere online

Marriage certificate for Mary "Polly" Langford and George Malone Lanier, Clarke County, GA, 1816

Family Bibles
Langford-Satterfield Family Bible, DeKalb Co., GA
James T. Langford's family Bible

Census Records
Langfords in the 1790 North Carolina Federal Census

1850 Somerset Co., MD
1850 Overton Co., TN
1850 Pontotoc Co., MS

1850 McDonough Co., IL
1850 Frio Co., TX
1850 Panola Co., TX
1850 Smith Co., TX
1870 Jackson Co., FL

1880 Frio Co., TX
1900 DeSoto Co., FL
Langfords in Iowa Census
Some Texas Census

Land & Deeds
Langfords on the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery
Langford-Jennings Transaction, Washington Co., AL, 1833
J. C Lankford: Deed of Gift of Child to Mrs. Maggie Johnson
Some Rutherford Co., North Carolina Deeds

Langfords & Lankfords in Revolutionary War

Langfords & Lankfords in War of 1812
Florida militia muster rolls, Seminole Indian wars
Polk County, Florida - 1917-18 Civilian Draft Registration
Forrest Co., MS -- 1917-18 Civilian Draft Registration
Langfords in the Civil War

Confederate Indigents in Texas

Owens Cemetery at Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church, Nocatee, DeSoto Co., FL
Smith School Creek Cemetery, Lampasas County Texas
Roosevelt Co., NM
Wilkes Co., GA
Fairview, Grayson Co., TX
Whitemond, Grayson Co., TX
Centerpoint Cemetery, Montague Co., TX
Cemetery Records of Cooke Co., TX

Langford & Lankford Obituaries in North Carolina

Jefferson Co., AR
Hernando Co., FL
Langford / Lankford Death Notices from the Gainesville Daily Register in Cooke Co., TX

Wills & Estates
Will of George Langford of Warren Co., NC (d. c1782.)
Warren Co., NC-Records of Estates
Will of John Langford, Newberry Dist., SC
Will of Asa Langford, Lexington District, SC 1845

Estate of Henry Langford (died 1867), Greenville Co., SC

Miscellaneous Records by state
Langford Records in Georgia
Georgia Abtracts I

Georgia Abtracts II
Langford Records in Alabama
Langford Records in North Carolina
Langford Records in Virginia
Langford Records in South Carolina


"Additional Sketches About Langfords, Book ll", 1981, by George Shealy Langford, available through LDS and perhaps at Clayton Library

"The Langford legacy : the generations of James and Martha Langford, 1653-", Ronald E. Wade (Published privately by the author, Longview, TX, c1986)

"Ancestors of Anselm Cooke", Frances Langford Cooke Chan,
Large section on Langford and allied families; the author takes her line George N. Langford back to Euclid Langford of VA

"Cherrystones...An Adventure in Genealogy", need author's name, published in the 1980s. Documents the Langford family from Cheshire County, England, and has some info about the family that came to Australia.

"The Langfords, Their Life and Times" by Virginia Ann Hawkins Mabry, 1979

"Edens Adventures" (no further information)


The Langford Family
My own line (so far) in Georgia

Poldi Tonin's Alps and Highlands

Glenn Langford's Langford Family Ties
You can find a Langford coat of arms on Glenn's site

Langfords can be found on The Closet Rebel

Sprouse Family Page also has Langfords

"The Diary of Ida Marshall Lankford"
on the Somerset Co., MDGenWeb site

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