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Lucinda Arabella FLOSSBINDER married George Arthur THROCKWINTER on 23 Sept 1824 in Crabapple County, Alabama <>

George Arthur THROCKWINTER married Lucinda Arabella FLOSSBINDER on 23 Sept 1824 in Crabapple County, Alabama <>

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* Annie AALDROP/WALDROP & J. M. M. WOFFORD, 29 Jan 1896, Attala, Etowah Co., AL, <>
* Frances Emma ABBETT married Mark M. INGRAM on Feb. 9, 1875 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* Mary Jane ABBETT married J. G. TAPLEY on Nov. 10, 1886 in Tallapoosa Co., AL. <>
* Mary Jane ABBETT TAPLEY (second wife) married Robert Wiley STEPHENSON on Dec. 19, 1907 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* Ocie Elizabeth ABBETT married Reuben Archie STEPHENSON on Dec. 12, 1904 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* Sarah Ella ABBETT married Eli Jackson HARRIS on Oct. 30, 1895 in Tallapoosa Co, AL. <>
* Mary ABBOTT to James Harvey WILLIAMS - 20 Mar 1898. They were married at the home of Hiram Rowe by Minor Williams Minister of the Gospel. Jasper W. Shepherd was Judge of Probate. Walker Co., AL < >
* Mary Ann ABBOTT married Virgil WILKINS on 9/7/1872 in Calhoun County, Alabama. <>
* Mary Ann ABBOTT to James P. BRAY -02Aug1873 in Jackson Co. AL <>
* Miss F.A. ADAIR to J. G. HARDAMAN 23rd December 1872. M. Mc Phail, Justice of the Peace. Clay County, Alabama. Copy of actual marriage license. <>
* Ann ADAMS married Lewis HARPER on 02 April 1842 in St. Clair Co., AL, <>.
* Catherine ADAMS married Joel GRANTHAM on June 5, 1873 in Henderson, AL (Pike County). They were married by B. A. Hill, J.N.P, and witnesses were Joel Grantham and J. J. Stallings. <>
* Catherine ADAMS, b. 1847. Coffee Co., AL, daughter of Mary and Ben Adams, married Joseph (Joel) Henry GRANTHAM, b. 1844, son of Joel Grantham and ?, on June 5th 1873 at Henederson, Pike County, AL. Bondsman, Joel Grantham, witness: J. J. Stallings Marriage was registered in Pike County. My g-gparents! <>
* Ethel ADAMS and J. B. CHAMBERS, probably Tuscaloosa/Bibb/Chilton area, October 30, 1902 (entry found in the notes of a Baptist minister by his grandson Eddie Ruddick at
* Isabella ADAMS married William PRICE May 15, 1856, Lauderdale Co. AL <>
* Jane ADAMS - Hosea VINES - 29 Nov 1856 return 20 Nov 1856 - Blount Co. - pg. 38, by Lindley Adams, J. P. at res. of Jesse Adams - sec. Lindley Adams
* Jane ADAMS married Lewis D. WINNEMORE on October 20, 1840 in Perry County, Alabama <>
* Julia ADAMS to Samuel WYNN on 17 Jul 1890, Jackson Co, AL. <>
* Maranza Anna ADAMS married S. S. SAXON in Butler County, Ala. on the 17th of May 1860 at the home of her father Elijah ADAMS. W.C. Shepherd was the Justice of Peace. The Judge of Probate was S. J. Bolling. <>
* Martha Georgiana ADAMS married William Powell MCEWEN on 24 Dec 1882 in Coosa Co., AL. His parents were George Washington MCEWEN and Mary Catherine SEARS. Her parents were Henry Simpson ADAMS and Lucy Frances CARIKER. <>
* Mary Ann "Polly" ADAMS married John Caswell PRICE December 2, 1849, Lauderdale Co. AL <>
* Mary Lee ADAMS married Harvey J. GRANTHAM on July 31, 1932 in Andalusia, AL (Covington County). They were married by H. J. Brogden, Judge of Minister. <>
* Sarah ADAMS married John (KINSAUL) KINSEL, on May 21, 1871 in Dale or Geneva County, AL (
* Winny ADAMS married Thomas SUMMERS on 6/16/1833 in Talladega Co., AL.
* Elizabeth ADCOCK married George STIGGINS in about 1814 in probably Monroe co., AL in the Creek Nation
* Lucinda ADCOCK married James J. McCARTHY on 2-18-1849 with S. D. Beard as security and T. Burpe officiating, Monroe Co., AL. <>
* Lucy ADCOCK married William E. ELLISON on Oct 6, 1840 in Monroe County, Alabama, Security by Thomas Ellison <
* Martha ADCOCK married Barry LAMBERT on Mar 15, 1846 in Monroe County, Alabama, Security by Perry Lambert <>
* Sarah ADCOCK married Thomas H. BOYLES on March 1, 1817 in Monroe County, Alabama, married by Alexander Henderson, J.P. <>
* Sarah Ann F. ADKISON mar William George Washington HARPER on 31 Jan 1850 Coffee Co, AL <>
* Adella ADKINS married J.M. BEARD in Walker County, Al. 3/1/1883 <>
* Thelestres Ann ADRIAN married William Monroe BIRCHFIELD on 11 Nov 1878 in Cleburne Co., AL <>
* Cora AGEE married William Franklin ADAMS on June 30, 1891 in Franklin County, Alabama. <>
* Dora AGEE married John Weston BURDEN on December 10, 1884 in Lawrence County, Alabama. <>
* Mary Lela ADERHOLT married Clem Hugh CADDEL on 10 July 1901 in Calhoun County Alabama <>
* F.V. AKINS married R.J. RAMSEY in Walker Co, Al. 11/9/1879 <>
* Luther A. AKINS married Isaac N. HILL in Walker Co, Al. 8/19/1882 <>
* Mary E. AKINS married Reuben AARON in Walker Co, Al. 12/28/1879 <>
* Mary J. AKINS married Robert BLACK in Walker Co, Al. 12/6/1882 <>
* Keziah ALDRIDGE married R.W. BRAZEAL in Walker Co, Al. 2/15/1878
* Mary Ann Caroline ALDRIDGE to Brantley BOLEN, 1 Dec 1836, Lawrence Co., AL <>
* Ella V. ALEXANDER to Dilaper ELLIS on July 9, 1893, Cullman Co. Al <>
* Lee Anna ALEXANDER married John T. TIDMORE 28 april 1901, Marshall County Alabama.  <> 
* Lula ALEXANDER married N. A. HUMPHRIES in Walker Co, Al. 1/10/1878 <>
* Martha ALEXANDER married James AYCOCK in Morgan County, Al on Jan. 15, 1873. <>
* Martha P. ALEXANDER married James WHITWORTH 22 Feb 1905 , Marshall County Alabama.  <>
* Mattie Kate ALEXANDER married Louis Alonzo THOMPSON on 8 March 1908 in Blount County, Alabama <>
* Nancy ALEXANDER married James HUMPHREY on 22 Mar 1882, recorded in Greene Co., Alabama (posted to Humphrey-L by Gene Wagner)
* Nicy ALEXANDER - Daniel PHILLIPS 9-08-1833 Bond-William Starling, Ceremony by James French, Blount Co. AL <>
* Omie ALEXANDER to Dan ELY on 10 September 1913 at Cherokee County, AL., <>
* Sarah ALEXANDER-Absolum DOSTER on 8 Oct 1822 in AL.<>
* Caroline (C.) ALFORD married Elijah WYNN on 03, Sept 1865 in Montgomery County, Alabama <>
* Carrie ALFORD married William Edgar BERRY on 8-1-1893 in Lee County, Alabama. <>
* Frances P. ALFORD married John Andrew Henderson CADDELL on 23 Aug 1870, Etowah Co., AL <>
* Amanda J. ALLEN to George W. WYNN on 04 Jul 1869, Jackson Co, AL. <>
* Attis Alice ALLEN married George Washington MCEWEN, Jr. on 13 Dec 1885 in Coosa Co., AL by T. A. Kelley, Ordained Minister of the Gospel. His parents were George Washington MCEWEN and Mary Catherine SEARS. Her parents were Fancis Marion ALLEN and Martha Ann WOOD. <>
* Beulah ALLEN - Elbert HARRIS - on 23 Nov 1920 Pell City, St. Clair, Co., AL <>
* Eliza ALLEN m. Francis Marion HUDGENS s/o Ambrose Hudgens 10/28/1858 Mobile Co. Book 16 Pg 305 <>
* Elizabeth ALLEN married James JOHNSON on 20 Jan 1820 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Elizabeth ALLEN married Moses BLACKSHEAR on 19 December 1858 in Henry County, AL.  The ceremoney was performed by John Parker. <>
* Isabella ALLEN married Robert GERMAN on 11 Mar 1820 in Mobile County, Alabama
* M. E. ALLEN (Martha Ella ALLEN) married John H. ADAMS (John Homer ADAMS) on 12 October 1884 in Henry County, AL.  The ceremony was performed by Dan Gordon J.P. <>
* Mary Elizabeth ALLEN married Major J. BEAVERS on 21 May 1858 in St. Clair Co., AL, <>
* Rebecca Aurelia ALLEN, born probably in 1902, married in maybe Mobile Co., AL, Edward ELLIS, born maybe in 1901. Rebecca was the daughter of ? Cunningham and Edna ?. Seeking information on this couple. <>
* Rosanna ALLEYN married Thomas F. LEWIS on 29 Apr 1820 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Viola Christine ALLEN md Everett Lee BOTTS on Sept, 1923 ALA <>
* Fannie Belle ALLISON married Charles Grady COX - 4 Oct 1910 in St.Clair County, Alabama <>
* Flora ALLISON - Henry DAVIS- Jun. 16,1867, Sumpter Co., AL <>
* Icia LouElla ALLISON married Earl Embrue McDONALD - 25 Jun 1920 in Odenville, Alabama <>
* Lucy Josie ALLRED married J. D. (John) CHANEY on November 5, 1891 in Cullman Co. AL <>
* Lidia ALMAN (ALLMAN) married John Rufus JEFFERSON in St. Clair County, Alabama on november 18, 1875. <>
* Lailah J. ALVERSON - E.A. HARRIS --9 Mar 1910 - Pell City, St. Clair Co., AL <>
* Margaret ALVIS married Lewis GUTTERY in Walker Co, Al. 9/6/1877 <>
* Zillpha A. AMERSON married William M. KNIGHT in Walker Co, Al. 8/3/1879 <>
* D.P. AMISON married F.M. LOCKHART in Walker Co, Al. 3/21/1882 <>
* Nan (Nancy Jane) AMOS married William (Cisero) MCNEAL on 19 July 1882 in Duck Springs, Etowah County, Alabama <>
* Belle E. ANDERSON married Green B. CAMP on January 19, 1913 in Randolph County Alabama. <>
* Emily Ann Judson ANDERSON married Riley Clinton DAWKINS on 8 Sep 1874 in Clay Co., AL <>
* Frances Amelia ANDERSON married James Edward MELLON on 15 Nov 1869 in Clay Co., AL <>
* Margaret ANDERSON to A. Z. MIDDLETON, 27 Dec 1866, Monroe Co., Ala. <>
* Margarett ANDERSON to Alexander M. SHANKS, 5 Jan 1837, Lowndes Co., Ala.
* Mary A. ANDERSON married George RAMSEY, on Feb. 24, 1859 in St. Clair Co. Al. <>
* Mary Amanda ANDERSON married Enoch STEPHENS on 12/27/1838, Talladega Co., AL. Mary Amanda was daughter of James W. Anderson and Nancy Wilson Pool of Laurens, SC <>
* Mary Jane ANDERSON to Lewis Prosper TOSH, Mobile Co., 22 Mar 1843; (from LDS film #1294414) <>
* Mellisa A. ANDERSON to Stephen J. H. [a/k/a James Stephen] MIDDLETON, 15 Dec 1858 Monroe Co. Ala. <>
* Melissa A. ANDERSON MIDDLETON to Marion Wesley MIDDLETON, 16 Sep 1866, Monroe Co., Ala. <>
* Rebecca E. ANDERSON & James Pennington WOFFORD, 04 Dec 1832, Madison Co., AL, <>
* Rutha ANDERSON to John Parr. CRUMP 17 Sept 1829 St. Clair Co AL<>
* Sarah ANDERSON to William MOORE, 6 Dec 1838, Lowndes Co., Ala. <>
* Sarah Elizabeth ANDERSON married Daniel Ellis SCOTT on 17 Aug 1867 in Clay Co., AL <>
* Sarah Elizabeth ANDERSON married William G. WALDROP on 1 May 1862 in Randolph Co., Alabama <>
* Susannah ANDERSON married James TAYLOR on 11 Mar 1821 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Cariann ANDERTON m: Benjamin C MORRIS 7 July 1840 Blount Co., Al <>
* Myrtle ANDERTON married Wilburn Archie HURST on February 23, 1918 at Hatton, Lawrence County, Alabama. <>
* E. ANDREWS married R.J. ISBELL in Walker Co, Al. 6/26/1878 <>
* Gladis ANDREWS - Lenard HARRIS - on 29 Aug 1931 Pell City, St. Clair, Co., AL <>
* Kittie ANDREWS to Joseph Conner WHEAT (son of Thomas and Louisa Johnson Wheat) 19 Oct 1876 Tuscaloosa Co., AL <>
* Nancy ANDREWS married William Wesley STACEY on April 19, 1857 at the home of George Washington Stacey's Home in Monroe County, R.D. Thompson J.P. James Lovett, Security <>
* Rebecca ANDREWS & Samuel M. MORGAN 30 Sep 1858 Benton Co., Ala <>
* Sallie L. ANDREWS married Thomas P. HUMPHREY on 20 Dec 1882, recorded in: Chambers, Alabama (posted to Humphrey-L by Gene Wagner)
* Elvira L. ANGLIN m Matthew OWENS 08/11/1853, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Laura M. ANTHONY married Lewis G. ADAMS on 8 March 1866 in Butler County, Alabama. <>
* Betsey ANTONIO married Francis RENOVA on 28 Apr 1820 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Engia APPERSON and J. F. KING, probably Tuscaloosa/Bibb/Chilton area, February 4, 1903 (entry found in the notes of a Baptist minister by his grandson Eddie Ruddick at
* Zeporah APPLING married Absalom DEASON on 5 Aug 1823 in Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama <>
* Nancy ARGO married Josiah CLARK Jr. in Walker Co, Al. 10/5/1882 <>
* Frances A. ARMBRISTER and Jonathan SHIELDS, son of Jacob Edwards Shields, married 16 February 1853 in Jackson County. <>
* Agnes ARMER married Andrew BURNSIDE on 20 Dec 1823 in Mobile County, Alabama
* Matilda Caroline ARMOUR married William M. PRATT on November 3, 1843 in Lauderdale, Alabama <>
* Cleo ARMSTRONG married Albert Howard CADDELL on 20 Jan 1948, Centreville, Bibb Co., AL <>
* Dollie ARMSTRONG married William VanBuren GILLILAND on 10 May 1911 in Blount County, Alabama <>
* Mary ARMSTRONG married John Thomas MOSES on Sept. 19, 1831 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama <>
* Mary Jane ARMSTRONG married Sept. 24, 1879 to John J. SAXTON or SAXON in Blount County, Ala. in the home of J. W. Armstrong and witnessed by T. Benton Armstrong. <>
* Samantha Isabel ARMSTRONG of AL to John Wesley MCCLINTOCK of SC on November 9th 1865 at Armstrong Place (Talladega Co AL) by W.O. Witt-minister Source: Samantha (Armstrong) McClintock's Family Bible <>
* Mary G. ARNETT to J. B. WINN on 29 April, 1824, in Madison Co., AL. <>
* Janie ARON married Simeon J. CALVERT 11/2/1899, Cullman Co., AL. <>
* Harriet ARRINGTON m Elisha HULEN 02/19/1843, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* M.E. ARY married W. JENKINS in Walker Co, Al. 10/9/1879 <>
* Emily E. ASHCRAFT married John E. HOOKER in Walker Co, Al. 2/9/1882 <>
* Mattie ASHLEY to Louis G. BEATY 8 FEB 1891 Escambia Co., AL
* Sarah Florentine ASTON married Hezekiah Karr CADDELL on 14 Feb 1867, Winfield, Marion Co., AL <>
* Mamie ASTON married James Edward CADDELL on 4 Feb 1916, Winfield, Marion Co., AL <>
* Elizabeth ATCHLEY to James J. KANKEL, Coosa County, Dec 22, 1848, wit: James M. Butler <>
* Etta ATKINS married G.W. WALDROP in Walker Co, Al. 2/9/1881 <>
* Mary Caroline ATKINS m. John Allen King RIDDELL on 8//25/1842 Fayette Co., AL. <>
* Susan ATKINS - James WILLIAMS in Walker Co, Al. 11/12/1879 <>
* Alice ATKINSON and I. N [or F] JOHNSON, probably Tuscaloosa/Bibb/Chilton area, March 14, 1903 (entry found in the notes of a Baptist minister by his grandson Eddie Ruddick at
* Emiline (Emma) Orlean ATKINSON to George O. SMITH, 17 Dec. 1879, Choctaw Co. Al. <>
* Jane Penn ATKINSON married William C. BROWN 23 Feb 1843 in Talledega Co, AL <>
* Martha ATKINSON married William R. LOVELACE 2 Dec. 1837 in Chambers Co., AL <>
* Martha A. ATWELL m John OWENS 01/15/1852, in Barbour Co., AL <>
* Nicy ATWOOD - Doctor LOVING in Walker Co, Al 7/19/1877 <>
* Patsy AUSTILL - Hiram SISK - 15 May 1855 - Jackson Co. - no return
* Carrie Odea AVERY married Oscar E. DUDLEY on 22 July 1900 in Henry Co., AL <>
* Eliza Jane AVERY married George W. DEAL on 21 Feb 1909 in Houston Co., AL <>
* Margan AVERY married George W. HENDERSON on 2 Jan 1898 in Henry Co., AL <>
* Norah AVERY married J. O. JUSTICE on 4 Oct 1908 in Houston Co., AL. Book 2 page 162. <>
* Mary AVERY married John RENDER on October 17, 1889 by Elmore Garrett, J. P. in Calhoun Co., AL
* Wilma Emmeline AVERY m. John B. Nelson CRUISE on Dec. 22, 1887 in Clay Co., AL by C.I. Wesley. It is recorded in Book D, page 108. In the miscellaneous section it states that the father of the bride was Thomas AVERY. <>
* Wilma Emmeline AVERY m. John B. Nelson CRUISE in Clay Co., ALon 12-22-1887.  Bride's father Thomas AVERY gave her away.  Married by CI WESLEY. <>
* Pauline AYER married George Edgar JOHNSON, Sr on 15 Febr 1917 in Russellville, Franklin County <>

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