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Musters sought by David Upton

I am very interested in the Creek War. My ancesters were living in Clarke county, AL at the time. My great great great grandfather was in the Alabama militia during this war. He was mustered in a Ft. Stephens. Do you or anybody have any information of an Alabama unit under the command of Colonel Joseph Carson with a Captain by the name of Peter Cartwright (commander of my ggg grandfathers company). I am very interested in muster rolls from the various units.

CADDEL Bill Caddel

Andrew Jackson CADDEL, born 5 Nov 1817, Pendleton District, SC, son of William Riley CADDEL of Caswell Co., NC, came with his family to Alabama by 1820. They were listed in the 1820 - 1840 census' of St. Clair Co., AL.

Records of the National Archives, Washington, DC showed Andrew Cadwell (CADDEL) mustered into service as a private in Captain William H. Musgrove's Company, Battalion of Alabama Mounted Volunteers, commanded by Colonel McMILLON in the service of the United States. He entered service near Fort Mitchell, camp of the Army of Hatchachula Creek, for the term of three months and continued service in the Creek Indian War for one month and 10 days. He was honorably discharged on July 29, 1836 at Montgomery, AL.

Records of the county clerk's office, Tuscaloosa County, showed a bounty land grant issued to Andrew, dated July 12, 1851, warrant number 10.209 for 40 acres. This land was granted to Andrew for his service in the Creek Indian War of 1836.

Andrew married 22 Aug 1837, St. Clair Co., AL to Mary BURCHFIELD. Andrew and Mary moved to Tuscaloosa Co., AL by 1850 and to Columbia Co., AR by 1854.

On July 3, 1856, Andrew CADWELL (located as CADDEL) received a second bounty land grant, warrant number 78.864 for 120 acres in Columbia County, AR. This grant was also for his service in the Creek Indian War of 1836.

In 1861 Andrew entered service in the Civil War for the Confederacy. He was in Jackson's Heavy Artillery and saw service in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. He became sick and was left near Birmingham. He was later captured by Union troops. He died 7 May 1862 as a prisoner of war in a Union Hospital at St. Louis, MO. His three oldest sons - Burwell Green CADDEL, James Wylie CADDEL and Andrew Peter CADDEL all lost their lives fighting for the Confederacy.

CALLER / McGREW Sue Moore 22 Nov 1998

I am a descendent of John CALLER, brother to James CALLER (CALLIER) of Burnt Corn infamy and also John McGREW (whose son Flood McGREW went with the Indian proctor Gaines to Pushmahata's Choctaw gathering to convince them not to unite with the Creeks). If you have any information on these men or their families, I would appreciate any references you might be able to direct me to. I love the history of the era as much or more than the genealogy.

John McGREW has a rather unique position in history as being the only individual the Choctaws sold land to-1500 acres in old Washington Co.- on the Tombigbee, just a couple of miles above what is Old St. Stephens. He had been kind to them during a famine. He arrived in the area in the late 1770's and was a neighbor and friend to many of the people mentioned here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

COLEMAN or COLMAN E. Coleman, Jr.

Henry A. COLEMAN (or COLMAN), b. 1814, in Putnam co., GA. was a veteran of the 1836 Creek Indian War. He was a resident of Cobb co., GA. for many years and was a major of militia in that county. I am seeking any information relatrive to his militia service.

JETER / FOWLER [email protected]

Looking for information On "Ransom JETER" (Christian name) "Blackhawk" (Indian Name) He is the father of Elizabeth JETER FOWLER (who was born around 1876 near River Falls, Alabama) I found a Ransom JETER buried in Rockdale Baptist Church Cemetery in Crenshaw Co. He was born 4/25/1823 and died 6/22/1907, but I don't know if this is the one who I am kin too. Ransom JETER supposedly fought in Battle of Ft. Mims???

Note: Elizabeth JETER married a James L. FOWLER who was the son of Mary BOLINGAME (her christian name) Mary was also a Creek Indian.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Note: Elizabeth JETER FOWLER died in Columbus, GA in 1939

LANIER Carol Middleton

My ggggrandfather George Malone LANIER served in the War of 1812 and then in the War with the Creek Indians. See his 1812 & Creek War pension application. He entered service in Franklin Co., GA (was living in Clarke Co., GA at the time). Served under Captain Garrett Sandridge in the Second Regiment, Georgia Militia, and under Captain Isham Hendon in the Creek War. He was honorably discharged in Milledgeville, GA. in 1814.

I should like to know if he saw battle. How can I find out where he served? Did he ever come into Alabama?

MADARIS or MEDARIS or MEDEARIS Kelly Madaris 17 Oct 1998

I am looking for information on Haywood MADARIS (spelling varies) who was assigned as a Private in Vagnon's Company, (Wilson's'), 5th Battalion, Georgia Mounted Volunteers, in the 2nd Seminole War. I found this information in a book about the Seminole Wars. I have not found anything else regarding his service or this regiment. I am very intersted in any information about him or his regiment. He moved to Mississippi around 1858. It may have been for a land Bounty, but I have not found any location to verify this. I would be greatly appreciative of any information or assistance.

MENAWA Quinn Elliott 21 Nov 1998

I have been trying to locate any information on Menawa's life in Oklahoma, and where he is buried.  I received no help from the "Chief of the Creeks" via Email. I have visited Red Eagle's resting place. Do you have any information pertaining to Menawa's later life.  Thanks.

MILES Bren Cloud 22 Oct 1998

I am looking for information on Hannah MILES born around 1750, married Thomas PRATHER. Family records say she was 1/4 Creek from Alabama. I would appreciate any help in finding out about Hannah. Her husband died in 1841 in Jackson Co. Indiana.

SCALES Richard Sausman

My ancestor, Henry SCALES, fought in the Battle of Emuckfau on January 22nd, 1814, and on January 24th, 1814 the Battle of Enotachopco Creek, both in the heart of Creek country. They were minor but fierce battles, attacks by the Creek, but Andrew Jackson's force prevailed and word of the battles stimulated recruiting in Tennessee and helped facilitate the campaign in March which resulted in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Does anyone have any information on them. I have 4 books on the War of 1812 and though I realize they were not major battles, I have been unable to find much on them.

Note: These are Richard's sourcebooks-
1) The War of 1812 - by Reginald Horseman, cpwt 1969
2) Struggle for the Gulf Borderlands: The Creek War & the Battle of New Orleans 1812-1815 - by Frank Owsley, Jr., cpwt 1981
3) The War of 1812 - by John Mahon, cpwt 1972
4) The War of 1812: A Short History - by Donald R. Hickey

TAYLOR Everett Burtrum Taylor III

Indianfighter Jacob Taylor: b.1806 d.17 Mar 1887 Walker county AL. Buried old Fairview Cemetery, Beat 10, Walker County, AL. It has been marked with a Gov`t. marker, inscribed "Jacob Taylor Indianfighter Born 1806 Died 1887. " I would like to know his war record, unit, etc. He was my GGgrandfather and I have been researching him for over 25 yrs. he was married to Centha Henson APRIL 1832 in Tuscaloosa AL. He fathered 20 children,4 boys and 16 girls. I do believe he fought in the 2nd Creek War. Any help you might give me would be most appreciated!

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