The Creek Documents 7

The Will of Big Warrior

From the Mormon Genealogy Library in Norman, Oklahoma, with thanks to Shirley Hall

Will of "Big Warrior" or George Washington Cornell was recorded in Orphans Ct. Record, Macon Cty AL Bk 1 1834-1838 pg 6-7

In the Name of God Amen I George Cornells a half breed Indian of the Creek Nation & town of Tuckabatchee upper Creek, being at this time in bodily strength as well as possible of sound mind and perfect understanding but considering the uncertainty of human life at all times, but more so in advanced age, I have thought it advisable to make and ordain this my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills heretofore made by me and to dispose of my whole property in the following manner (viz).

Item (after my death) I give and bequeth to my son Suchee Cornells one negro boy named Cupid, to my daughter Sethoky Cornells one girl named Nauna, to my daughter Choefulhoky Cornells one negro (sic) girl named Suzy, to my son Richard Cornells one negro boy named Jack, to my daughter Thlany Cornells one negro girl named Jenny, to my daughter Liba Cornells one negro girl named Bess, to my son Susa Cornells one negro boy named Jack, I also leave to my children aforenamed the following negro children, beginning at the eldest and so on down agreeable to their names in the will (viz) Pompy to Suchee, Samuel to Sithoky, Stepanny to Choefolheky, Peter to Richard, Ben to Thlany, Harry to Liba, Tom to Susa (item) I give and bequeth to my brother James Cornells one negro boy named Ned.

(item) I will and bequeth to my wife Autucky Cornells the balance of my negroes during her lifetime at her death to be equally divided amongst my children named in the will (the negroes named as follows) (viz) Tom and his wife Bick, one negro woman named Mary, one negro woman named Abby, one negro woman Chloe, one negro man Primie, one negro boy Billy, one negro boy Nat. (Item) I will and bequeth to my to my Granddaughter Siphou one child named Anna, I do hereby nominate and by these presents do consitute and appoint Neluckoboy (or Little Doctor) executor of this my last will and testament, given under my hand and seal near the Town of Tuckabatchee in the Upper Creeks, this 12th day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand and eight hundred and twenty-five, signed, sealed, Delivered an acknowledged in present of us as the last will and Testament of the Subscriber he having at the same time executed this which is lodged in the hands of Neluckoboy for the use of the heirs.

Tuskeneha his mark x
Neluckoboy his mark x
Charles Cornells
Interpreter his mark x
Elis Jacoby
his George x Cornells mark

Rec'd in office 26 January 1835
Recorded in office 27 January 1839