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Creek Documents 20

Deed Record of Yargee, son of Big Warrior, to Sophia McCombs, Ta;;apoosa Co., AL, 1835

Transcribed by Woodrow Wallace

Yarge, son of Big Warrior, deeded the estates of his father and mother to Sophia McCombs on August 7, 1835. The document reads: "State of Alabama: Know all men by these presents, that in Tallapoosa County, Yargi an Indian of the Creek .. of Creek.. in the State of Alabama and County of Tallapoosa and this day.. and in consideration o the sum of five thousand dollars to me in hand paid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, grants delivered and sold, afirmed and conveyed , and by these presents for and in consideration of the sum aforesaid, do grant bargain and ..convey unto Sophia McComb of the County and State aforesaid all my rights, title, interest and claims in said County and to all and every part of my Father's, The Big Warrior's estate, both real and personal, and of the said Yarge's, an Indian, as aforesaid for the consideration, for the consideration the sum aforesaid , do grant, bargain and sell, ..and convey unto the said Sophia McComb all my rights, titles, interests and claims in and to all ..every part of my mother's YE? for both real and personal, to have and to hold unto her, the said Sophia McComb and unto her heirs & assigns forever, the above granted, bargained and sold interests in the above named estates together, with the tenements and aforementioned thereto belonging of in any way the said estates whether in real or paperform and I the ?? Yargi, the above mentioned estates together with all and everything thereunto belonging whether in real or paperform unto her, the said Sophia McComb and unto her heirs and assigns.. and will truly warrant and ..defend by these presents against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatever. In testimony whereof and of all and .. for the premises aforesaid. I, the said Yargi's that hereunto subscribed my name and afixed my seal this the seventh day of August a. d. 1835.

Yar X gi Signed and sealed and witnessed before us
Thos M Coker
William Bardin
(his mark) Proctor

State of Alabama | Personally appeared before me E Garby and Peter Haus, justices of the peace in and for the County of Tallapoosa the said Yargi, the within signed who says that he signed and sealed (faded out)
Vramid Garby
Peter Haus JP
Recorded 15 Oct 1835
Samuel T Nawin - clerk

Transcribed to the best of my ability W W
WallaceSr[Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL,
LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: Feb 9, 1998, Internal Ref.

Patentee Name: Mccomb, John W.
Accession Number: AL4680__.028
State: Alabama
Volume: 4680
Page: 28
Document Number: 4811
Land Office: Montgomery
Aliquot Part Reference: NWSW
Section Number: 34
Township: 16 South
Range: 9 East
Meridian / Survey Area: Huntsville Meridian
Misc. Document Number: 8073
Act/Treaty Authorizing Sale: Homestead Entry Orig.
Date Signed: Apr 10, 1886
Acreage: 158.82

Signed: Yes, the document on file at the BLM contains a signature.