Instructions for the Cloud Surname Bulletin Board
Web Bulletin Board for Cloud Historians.

The Cloud Surname Bulletin Board can be found at this URL

Click on the link above and select "Post New Message" to ask a question or to leave information for others to see.

When posting to a bulletin board or an email list, be sure to give a brief yet descriptive title to your note to distinguish it from others' notes and to attract attention.  It is a good idea to capitalize surnames and to fill in the field for your email address so people can write to you "offline".  Make your note informative and easy to read.  Use good spelling and grammar and avoid internet shorthand for words and phrases, as the person you're trying to find may not understand them.

Keep in mind that whatever you post will likely be stored on someone's computer, somewhere, from now on.  Think about what you've written and reread it before posting it.  Be careful what you write.

Keep your post on the topic of the Cloud family or collateral lines and do not use the board for inappropriate topics.  For example, a recipe that a Cloud ancestor used in the 1800's is appropriate, but your own personal recipes are not, as they have no historical significance (at least not yet).

There is no cost to participate, you do not need to be a member of anything nor to have any relation to the Cloud surname to post to the board..

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