Slideshow of CFG 2000

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To those who attended: Thanks for coming!

To those who made presentations: Really BIG THANKS!!!

To those who didn't make it: Sorry you didn't!

A personal note: 

It was really a gratifying experience to have the Cloud Family Gathering here in Huntsville this year. For many years, my Uncle Jim Cloud wanted to have it here and was very pleased that his invitation was well received two years ago. I trust he was with us in spirit and is pleased. It was great that two of his daughters and two granddaughters were here for the Saturday luncheon. 

And, it was fun! This was particularly true as opportunities for Murphy to invoke his Law diminished, folks pitched in to make it a great event, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and gaining information and research tips. Seeing Clouds who have become friends and meeting Clouds we had not known before is always enjoyable.

So, thanks for coming, and best wishes!!!





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