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Clendinen Family Genealogy

Families with the following surname spellings are welcome to participate: Clendenny, Clendaniel, Clendenen, Clendenin, Clendening, Clendennen, Clendenney, Clendennin, Clendenning, Clendennon, Clendenon, Clendinen, Clendinin, Clendinnen, Clendinon, Clendinneng, Clendinning, Glendening, Glendenning, Glendinning, Glendonning, Glendonwyn

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This site is devoted to the research of the name Clendinen in ALL of it's variant spellings regardless of country of origin or religious affiliation. The information you will find here comes from various source records.

The various spellings of the name are numerous but include Clendinen, Clendenin, Clendenon, Clendinnen, Clendennin, Clendennon, Clendining, Clendinning, Clendening, Clendenning, Clindining, and Clindinning. In Scotland the name is generally spelled Glendinning, but records include spellings such as Glendining, Glendonning, Glendoning and Glendonwyn. Glendonwyn is a location in Scotland and is generally considered to be the original spelling.

The origin of the name is thought to be Scotland but the Glendinning families lived in England and Ireland as well. Their descendants migrated to Canada, America and Australia among other places. The name Glendinning has been associated with some of the great (and royal) families of Scotland, ie., Douglas, Maxwell, Gordon, Lindsay, Stewart and Bruce.

You will also find information which was extracted from the Scots General Record Office (parish records containing marriages and births primarily) as well as sasine (hereditary land transfers) records from Dumfriesshire and Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.

If you have located a biography sketch from a county history book, please submit it and I will put it on the website. Be sure to include the complete title of the book, author and/or publishers, date and place of publication, and the page numbers.

Descendants of James Glendinning and Agnes Little: This is a very nicely done website on the descendants of James and Agnes (Little) married at Westerkirk, Dumfries, SCT in 1701.

An English branch of the family
The Douglas-Glendinning Connection


You are invited to submit reunion information and I will post it here.
DNA Studies

Check out the DNA Project Y-DNA Results Chart. Updated 06 Oct 2008

We now have mtDNA results available. Posted 15 Jan 2007

Recommended readings about DNA and genealogy

Scotland or Not ... Results are in. Read analysis and explanation.

Lineages: This is a new set of pages. Here you can have your lineage posted.

 Border Reivers: This is a great new site which is undertaking the collection of DNA for those family names along the border of England and Scotland. The Glendening name as well as our website is included. The photos and the history given here is fantastic. Oodles of interesting and beneficial information here.

Scots Marriages, pre-1700

Scots Marriages 1700-1749

Scots Marriages 1750-1799

Scots Marriages 1800-1855

English Marriages, pre-1700

English Marriages, 1700-1749

English Marriages, 1750-1799

English Marriages, 1800-1854

Scots Baptisms, pre-1700

Scots Baptisms, 1700-1750

Scots Baptisms 1750-1800

Scots Baptisms 1800-1855

Scots Sasines (Deeds) 1617-1671
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Irish Baptisms to 1854
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