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Boyds in Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files

BOYD, Benjamin, S6690, Continental Line, applied 15 Apr 1818 Prince George
County, MD aged 57 and upwards

BOYD, Benjamin BLW #10983-100-14 Aug 1795 assignee Francis Sherrard, served as
a Private in the MD line

BOYD, Daniel S41454, VA Line, applied 24 Sep 1821 Fauquier County, VA aged 84
with wife aged 51 and 2 children aged 7 and 9, enlisted in Loudon County, VA.

BOYD, David, R1085, SC and VA Line, soldier enlisted in Culpepper County, VA
soldier married Sarah Dabney also referred to as Sarah Cauthorn and both died
in 1823 or 1824 in Tattnal County, GA leaving 2 children; Adin Boyd aged 52 in
1856 and Blancett or Blanchy Jones aged 68 in 1856, both lived in Lowndes
County, GA.

BOYD, Francis, S42627, VA Line, applied 4 Dec 1818 Fayette County, OH aged 60,
enlisted in Halifax County, VA in 1821 soldier had a wife Anne, old and infirm
and a daughter Anne aged 16, soldier died 17 Dec 1824.

BOYD/Boid, George, S12274, NY Line, see George Boid.

BOYD, Henry S35783, PA Line and St. Clair's Indian War, applied 1 April 1818
New Castle, DE aged 66 and upwards, soldier mentions a relative James Kinnear
(relationship not stated), in 1820 soldier had a wife Mary aged 60.

BOYD, Henry, S2089, VA Line, applied 11 Sep 1832 Washington County, TN aged
76, enlisted in Loudon County, VA

BOYD, Henry, S30884, VA Line, applied 8 July 1832, Todd County, KY, aged 74,
enlisted in Halifax County, VA

BOYD, James, S44641, Continental Line (NY) applied 17 Feb 1824 Ontario County,
NY aged 65 a resident of Seneca, NY and was a widower and only 1 child, who
did not live with him.

BOYD, James, R1086, MD and PA Line, applied 20 Aug 1833 Monroe County, VA aged
73, soldier was born 3 Oct 1759 in Chester County, PA and was drafted there
and moved to Monroe County, VA in 1784, soldier died 23 April 1846 leaving a
widow Flora who in 1847 lived in Monroe County, VA.

BOYD, James S12260, NY Line applied 3 Sept 1832 Orange County, NY aged 72 a
resident of New Windsor, NY and enlisted there and was born there in 1759 and
always lived there.

BOYD, James, S32127, (also see N.A. Acc #874 #050019), NC Line, applied 25 Aug
1834 Jefferson County, AL aged 71, soldier's son James Boyd Jr. makes enquiry
7 Sep 1838 in DeKalb, MS about his fathers pension who in 1838 was living in

BOYD, James, S12269, NC and VA Line, applied 11 Oct 1832 Patrick County, VA
aged 69, enlisted in Surry County, NC, soldier was born 8 May 1863 in Bucks
County, PA, a Thomas Ayres stated in 1834 that he had lived with soldier's
father, Joseph Boyd about 45 years before.

BOYD, James, Lydia, W9362, BLW #26496-160-55, PA Line, soldier applied 13 Aug
1832, Columbia County, OH aged 72 years and 7 months, a resident of Butler
County, OH, soldier volunteered at Warrington Twp in York County, PA, soldier
was born 1759 in Lancaster County, PA, soldier stated he had lived in
different Counties in PA and OH, widow Lydia applied 31 May 1853, Columbiana
County, OH aged 63 on 7 Mar 1853, married 13 Oct 1825 in Fayette County, PA
and soldier died 11 July 1848.

BOYD, John, S2088, MD Line, applied 2 Aug 1832, Belmont County, OH a resident
of Union Twp, OH, soldier was born 1756 in Cecil County, MD.

BOYD, John, S19555, MA Line, applied 4 Sep 1832 Worcestor County, MA aged 82,
a resident of Oakham, MA, soldier was born 25 Feb 1750 at Woburn in Middlesex
County, MA where he lived for 11 years then moved to Oakham, MA

BOYD, John, BLW #8142-100-11 Jun 1789, served as a Private in the NJ Line

BOYD, John, S34055, NY Line, applied 8 Apr 1818 Essex County, NJ aged 83, a
resident of Elizabethtown, NJ, soldier stated in 1820 "wife, children, house,
land, furniture or property of any kind I have none"

BOYD, John, Ann, W24708, NC Line, soldier was son of Robert Boyd and was born
3 Aug 1758 and before the war soldier's father lived in Rowan County, NC ,
soldier married  Ann Bone, daughter of James Bone, of Rowan County on 16 Nov
1779 and she was born 28 Apr 1762, soldier died 2 Dec 1814, widow applied 16
May 1843, Coles County, IL, widow died 19 Mar 1844, soldier and widow had 1
child named Alpha Balch born 19 Sep 1795 and she married Theron E. Balch on 28 May
1811.  He was born 12 Dec 1787 and died 1 Nov 1838, in 1845 Alpha Balch
lived in Coles County, IL, family data shown was: Robert Boyd died Sep 1793
aged 63, Anney Boyd died 19 May 1804 aged 72, children of Theron and Alpha
Balch were: Maria Julia Balch b. 27 Feb 1812 and married Alexander Barnett on
31 July 1828, William Boyd Balch born 1 Sep 1813, (a Wm. B. Balch was a
witness for widow in Coles County, IL in 1843), John MoreheadBalch born 3 Feb
1816, Emily Clarissa Balch born 31 May 1818, Elizabeth Ann Balch born 4 May
1820 in Lawrence County, AL and died 21 Mar 1841, Mary Jane Kincaid Balch born
8 Aug 1822 in Lawrence County, AL, Theron Eusebius Balch, Jr. born 12 Feb 1825
and died 29 Aug 1835, Alpha Caroline Balch born 17 July 1827 and died 31 July
1834, Cornelia Tustan Balch born 24 Dec 1829 and a Cornelia T. Balch was a
witness for widow in Coles County, IL in 1843, George Beall Balch born 15 Mar
1832, Alpha Caroline Balch 2nd or 3rd b 7 Feb 1835 and Hezekiah Theron E. Balch
born 7 Oct 1838.

BOYD, John, Mary, R1089, NC Line, soldier applied 11 Nov 1833, Hendricks
County, IN aged 72 a resident of Guilford Twp, IN, lived Burke County, NC at
enlistment, a William Boyd was a witness to Soldier's affidavit in 1833, widow
applied 13 June 1843, Hendricks County, IN aged 76, soldier married Mary
Roberts in Surry County, NC in June 1785 and they moved to Green County, TN
then back to Surry County, NC then moved to Gracen (Grayson) County, VA then
moved to Hawkins County, TN then back to Surry County, NC then to Hendricks
County, IN, soldier died 6 Jan 1840, soldier and widow had 15 children:
Alexander Smith Boyd who died shortly after birth, William Boyd born 22 Feb
1787, John Boyd born 20 Nov 1788, James 15 Oct 1790, Matthew born 18 Aug 1792,
Martha, Elizabeth born 30 Mar 1794, Spencer born 19 Feb 1796, Joshua born 15
Oct 1797, Jane or Jeeny born 4 Oct 1799, Susan or Susy born 1 (Apr) 1801, and
one not named, 10 were living in 1843, soldier was born 28 Dec 1761, soldier's
daughter Martha Hiatt was aged 50 in August 1842.
For more information on this Boyd line contact Pat Boyd Roberts

BOYD, John, S41446, NC and SC Line, applied 25 June 1818 Chatham County, NC
aged 67, soldier enlisted at Hillsboro, NC, on 21 Aug 1820 soldier was living
in Moore County, NC with no family and was living with son-in-law (wife not
named) Stephen Berraymins in Moore County, NC.

BOYD, John, PA Line, applied 20 May 1818 Blount County, TN, in 1820 soldier
was aged 68 with a wife Katy aged about 47 and 4 children: Betsey 17, James
15, Sally 12 to 13, and John 10 to 12 years.

BOYD, John, Rebecca, W8371, BLW #211-200-28 Feb 1795, served as a Capt and Lt
in the PA Line, widow applied 22 Sep 1848, Northumberland County, PA aged 80,
soldier married Rebecca Bull dau of Genenral John Bull on 13 May 1794 and
soldier died 13 Feb 1832, children were: Sarah Haines Boyd born 9 Apr 1796,
Anima Smith Boyd born 8 Feb 1798 and died 24 Nov 1801, Mary Phillips Boyd born
24 Nov 1799 and died 7 Dec 1801, Elizabeth Rittenhouse Boyd born 20 Sep 1801,
John Benjamin Boyd, born 11 Jan 1804 and died 1 Aug 1845, William Thomas Boyd
b 29 Nov 1805 and died 8 Jan 1848 and Maria Josepha Boyd born 16 Sep 1808,
soldier was shown as McLean John Boyd.

BOYD, John, Mary, R1090, PA Line, widow applied in July 1844 Chester County,
PA aged 86, a resident of Westfallow Field Twp, PA, married 18 Dec 1782 and
soldier died 9 Jan 1823, soldier rec'd 200 acres of land from PA, widow's name
was Mary Cowan, a daughter of soldier shown only as a Mrs. Whitehill was a
resident of Washington (state not shown, perhaps DC) on 7 March 1846.

BOYD, John, R1088, VA Line, applied 15 July 1837 Warren County, OH aged 74 a
resident of Lebanon, OH, soldier was born 25 March 1763 at Winchester, VA and
enlisted there and after his discharge from service soldier lived in PA until
1789 and returned to Winchester, VA and in Oct 1789 moved to Augusta County,
VA where he married and in 1791 moved to Rockingham County, VA and in 1808
moved to Lee County, VA, then to Bourbon County, KY, then back to Lee County,
VA then to Christian County, KY then in 1824 moved to Madison County, TN then
in 1836 moved to Lebanon, Oh, a son was mentioned as living in Christian
County, KY in 1824 but was deceased in 1837 and wasn't named in the file,
soldier died at the home of his son-in-law, D.S. Hays of Hopkinville, KY
on 8 Oct 1844 leaving a widow Elizabeth Boyd who died in Madison County, TN
about 1852 leaving children; George W. Boyd who died leaving children
(soldier's grandchildren) Alonzo, Amanda, Oscar, Newton, Emma, Harriet, John,
Lucretia and Charles Boyd, soldier's daughter Sarah Summers died leaving
children (names unknown), soldier's daughter Peggy Boyd and grandaughter Mary
Boyd, soldier's son Milton Boyd died leaving children (names unknown),
soldier's daughter Jane wife of D.S. Hays and soldier's sons James and
Benjamin Boyd and John W. Hays was adm of Soldier's estate but no date was on
the affidavit.

BOYD, Joseph, S45299, CT Line, applied 1 Apr 1818, Madison County, NY aged 59
a resident of Brookfield, NY, enlisted at Plainsfield, CT in 1780, in 1820
soldier had a wife Zerna aged 59 and a daughter Lucretia aged 17.

BOYD, Patrick, Anna, W5846, VA Line, soldier applied 17 Sep 1832 Monroe County,
VA aged 73, enlisted in Augusta County, VA, widow applied 19 April 1841,
Monroe Cty aged 70, soldier married Anna McDowell on 26 April 1787 in
Greenbriar County, VA and soldier died 1 Mar 1835, soldier had been born in
Augusta County, VA (date not shown).     If you have or want more data on
Patrick Boyd contact:   David Boyd

BOYD, Richard, S45298, NY Line, applied 15 Oct 1819 New York City, NY, in 1820
soldier was aged 61 with no wife but 2 children living with him, towit: Rachel
aged 18 and Matilda aged 15.

BOYD, Robert, S6682, PA Line, applied 12 May 1834 Mercer County, PA aged 75 a
resident of Beaver County, PA, volunteered in Chester County, PA, soldier was
born 1785 in Ireland, before soldier made application he had lived in Crawford
County, PA.

BOYD, Robert, Sarah, R1092, SC Troops, soldier died in 1818 and his widow
Sarah died 4 Mar 1844, soldier's son Robert Boyd applied 5 Nov 1856 in Russell
County, VA and stated soldier lived in SC during the war.

BOYD, Samuel, S18731, MA Line, applied 24 Aug 1832 Kennebec County, ME aged 89
a resident of Palermo in Waldo County, ME, soldier was born 1753 in Bristol,
ME and before the war moved to Winthrop, ME and enlisted there, soldier died 1
July 1838.

BOYD, Samuel, Mehitable, W207746, NY Line, widow applied 9 Nov 1839 Orange
County, NY aged 82 a resident of Mount Hope, NY, soldier married Mehitable
Tuttle on 8 Jan 1784 at Goshen, NY, and soldier died 12 Aug 1831 aged 77,
soldier's son John Boyd was aged 50 in 1839 and signs an affidavit in Orange
County, NY.

BOYD, Samuel, Isabella, W9737, SC Troops, soldier applied 29 Aug 1832 Wayne
County, IN aged 68, soldier was born 1764 in Bedford County, VA, lived in 96
Dist SC at enlisted in Spring of 1780 and in 1787 moved to KY and in 1811
moved to Wayne County, IN soldier married Isabella_____? on 12 Dec 1785 in
Chester County, SC, soldier died 27 Nov 1835, widow applied 8 Sep 1840 Wayne
County, IN aged 76 and she died 31 Oct 1852, soldier's son James Boyd was born
5 Dec 1786 and in 1840 lived in Wayne County, IN.

BOYD, Thomas, BLW #248-200, served as a Lt. in the MD Line, papers were burned
in the War Office fire of 1800

BOYD, Thomas, S28649, NY Line, applied in Aug 1832, Washington County, NY,
soldier was born 18 Aug 1761 in Ireland, lived at Salem in Washington County,
NY at enlistment, soldier married in 1783 (wife not named) and in 1843 she was
aged 81, a son J.H. Boyd is mentioned, soldier mentions a brother but doesn't
name him.

BOYD, Thomas, S17286, NC Line, applied 20 Aug 1833 Calloway County, MO
aged 72, born 10 Mar 1761 in York County, PA and his father moved the family to
Burke (now Wilkes) County, NC close to the Rowan County, NC line and in 1795
 [ I ] moved (see below) to Montgomery County, KY and in 1826 moved to Calloway
County, KY, soldier had a brother in the war but doesn't name him, a son lived in Calloway
County, KY in 1833, soldier raised a family but none are named.

I think the above makes it is a bit confusing as it  makes it sound as if the
father of Thomas Boyd moved to KY in 1795 -- which is not the case.
This Thomas is the younger brother of my William Boyd. These are the
actual points made by his declaration.   Linda Boyd Lawhon

        Excerpts from the declaration of Thomas Boyd

20 Aug 1833
State of Missouri
Calloway County

      On this twentyeth day of August in the year eighteen hundred
and thirty three personally appeared in open court before the County
Clerk of Calloway County now sitting,
    * Thomas Boyd a resident of the said County of Calloway in the
State of Missouri aforesaid, aged seventy two years
    * I was born on the 10th of March in the year 1761 in York County
    * North Carolina, to which State I removed along with my Father
and family when I was about eight years of age.
    * My Father then settled with his family in what was then called
Berk County close to the line of Rowan County.
    * I remained there with my Father and Mother until I was about
fifteen years old when the British having landed in Georgia sent
emmisaries and officers to the Cherokees to excite them to war
against the Americans in which they so well succeeded that the
Cherokees became very troublesome on the head waters of Tennessee
River and made an attack upon the frontier settlements of North and
South Carolina on the waters of the Catawba, the Watenee and the
Broad River and succeeded in masacring many of the inhabitants.  To
repel them, British and Indians, a considerable force was raised of
volunteers and drafted Militia under the of one General
Rutherford.  A brother of mine having volunteered, in order to go
along with him, I ran away from my father, being about fifteen years
    * I left Berk County N.C. in the year '95 after having lived
there from my early childhood until that time - thence I moved to
Montgomery County Kentucky where I remained until
    * 1826 when I removed thence to Calloway County Missouri where I
now live.  I am in my 73d year since the 10th day of March last.  My
Revolutionary services commenced in seventy six when I was in by 15th
year, so that taking my youth then and my old age now it ought not to
be required of me to state facts with the precision and detail which
would suppose a perfect memory; about the year and month in which my
first services commenced I am confident that I have stated correctly

BOYD, Thomas, BLW #218-200-28 Feb 1795 to John Boyd only surviving brother and
heir at law, served as Lt. in PA Line

BOYD, Thomas, BLW #9010-100-6 April 1790, served as a Private in the PA Line.

BOYD, William, Jennet, W5226, CT and VT Line, soldier applied 4 Sept 1832
Saratoga County, NY aged 74 a resident of Ballston, NY, born 1758 at
Perthshire in Scotland and in 1775 came to America, lived at Clarendon, VT at
enlistment, widow applied Saratoga County, NY aged 80 (affidavit had no date),
married 10 Dec 1795 and soldier died 17 January 1834, soldier born 12 Aug
1760, wife Jennet Frasure was born  15 Sept 1770 at Stespay  (Stathspey?) in
Scotland, also shown was Jennet B. Frasure born 4 Sept 1803 in Dewanesburg?
(relationship not stated)

BOYD, William, S35197, Continental Line (MD, PA, or VA), applied 8 Sept 1818
Fleming County, KY aged about 64, soldier died 30 Dec 1828, soldier's son
Thomas Boyd lived in Flemingsburg, KY in 1821.

BOYD, William, Dorcas, W23647, Continental and NH Line, soldier applied 3 Mar
1819 Franklin County, VT aged 62 a resident of Georgia District, Vermont, in
1820 soldier lived in Fairfax, VT with wife Dorcas aged 41 and children: Silas
19, Daniel 13, Joseph 11, and Nelson  9, widow applied 4 Mar 1839 Franklin
County aged 65 a resident of Albans, VT, soldier lived at New Chester, NH at
enlistment, married 2 Oct 1793 and soldier died 25 or 26 Oct 1833, soldier's
sister Phebe Bivins of Wilton, VT was aged 70 on 13 Oct 1841 and states widows
and her maiden name was Hall, soldier's oldest son James was aged 46 on 14 Aug
1840 and he married 20 Nov 1820, soldier and widow had 7 children (6 living in
January 1841) to wit: James 46, Phebe (deceased), Silas 42, Justus 38, Daniel
34, Joseph 32, and Nelson aged 30, widow's sister stated her father had a
number of children to wit: Edward, Friend, Phebe, the widow Dorcas, Marcy,
Hely, Polly, Ann, Justus, Elizabeth, and Henry Hall and they in order of
birth, widow's sister, Marcy Inman died in 1838 aged 63.
Need data on Chester County, NH Boyds   Colin Brooks

BOYD, William, BLW #6842-100-22 July 1790 assignee Thomas Littleton, served as
a Private in the NY Line.

BOYD, William, Getty, W16856, NY Line, soldier applied 15 April 1818
Rensselaer County, NY aged 55 a resident of Sansingburgh, NY, in 1820 soldier
stated he was 62?  and had a son living with him aged 14, soldier married
Getty Vanderwerken on 1 Jan 1775 at Seaticook in Rensselaer County, NY,
soldier died 5 Jun 1825 a widow died 5 July 1837 leaving children: Mary Bonce,
Evelyn Jones, and Rebecca Newman all of Sansingburgh, NY in 1842.

BOYD, William, S30881, NC Line, applied 25 Mar 1833 Barren County, KY age 79
on 25 March 1833, soldier was born 25 March 1754 in Dobbs County, NC, lived in
Guilford County, NC at enlistment and lived there about 14 years after the war
and moved to Franklin County, VA for 18 years then moved to Barren County, KY,
soldier died 21 Mar 1839.

BOYD, William, S45878, NC Line, soldier applied 8 July 1824 Warren County, TN
aged 64, enlisted at Hillsborough, NC, in 1824 soldier stated he had no family
and was living in the family of John Lane, lived in Orange County, NC at
enlistment and was born there 15 Mar 1761 or 1762, sometime after 1824 soldier
moved to Jackson County, AL for 1 year then moved back to Warren County, TN
then returned to Roane County, TN and applied there 24 October 1832 and
received a pension, soldier died 14 Feb 1847 and widow Nancy Boyd applied 23
April 1847 for final payment and at the time she was a resident of Roane
County, TN.

BOYD, William, R1094, NC Line, applied 9 April 1832 Washington County, AR aged
71, soldier was born 11 Aug 1760 in South Hampton County, VA lived in Rowan
County, NC at enlistment and after the war lived in Montgomery County, NC,
Warren County, TN, Lauderdale County, AL, NcNairy County, TN and Washington
County, AR, in 1837 soldier signed his name William Boyd Sr. soldier was dec'd
in 1854.

BOYD, William, S22127, PA Line, applied 9 Apr 1833 Chester County, PA aged 80
a resident of Bradford, PA, volunteered at Northampton Twp in Bucks County,
PA, soldier was born 23 Jan 1753 at Plumstead Twp in Bucks County, PA, soldier
mentioned a son who lived at New London Crossroads in Chester County, PA in
1833, after the war soldier lived at Northampton Twp, PA then moved to Upper
Wakefield, PA then to Chester (now Delaware) County, PA, between the boroughs
of Chester and Marcus Hook then to New London Crossroads, PA then to
Washington County, PA then back to Chester County, PA in Nottingham Twp then
to the Poor House at West Bradford, PA.

BOYD, William, BLW #219-200, served as a Lt. in the PA Line, warrant was
issued to John Boyd only surviving brother and heir at law of soldier (warrant
issued 28 Feb 1795).

BOYD, William, Keziah, W5845, BLW #19916-160-55, SC Line, soldier applied 24
Oct 1832 Chester District, SC aged 66, soldier was born 1766 in Ireland and he
came with his father and family to America about 1771/72, soldier was enlisted
from Craven County, now Chester Dist) SC, widow applied 23 Dec 1852 Dekalb
County, GA aged 80, soldier married Keziah Porter in Jan 1794 and soldier died
18 Jan 1838, children were: Nancy born 5 Mar 1796 who married William Wylie on
18 April 1816 and had children (none named) and soldier's son Hugh M. Boyd was
born 9 July 1802.

BOYD, William, S8084, VA Line, applied 4 Feb 1833 Albemarle County, VA aged
about 76, soldier was born 1756/57 in Hanover County, VA and lived in Louisa
County, VA at enlistment.

BOYD, William, Old War IF-#46769 and Old War WA-#20706 Rej, Nancy, not Rev War
but Indian War, Widow applied 10 Dec 1849 Bath County, KY aged 80, married 27
Jul 1791 and soldier died 20 Jul 1847 in Bath County, KY, soldier's brother Spencer Boyd
was JP in Bath County, KY in 1849.

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