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                         BOYD BOOKS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY

The Surnames of Scotland, their Origin, Meaning, and History by George F. Black. 1979

The Scottish Nation. William Anderson, 1872

Dean Castle, Kilmarnock, and the family of Boyd  Seymour Clarke, 1918

Boyds of Kilmarnock, Porterfields of Porterfield and Corbetts of Tolcross. 1837, Corbett Cunningham.

Selection of papers of the family of Boyd of Kilmarnock, 1468-1590. James Maidment, 1837

The Boyds of Penkill and Trochrig. Seymour Clarke, 1909

Scottish Families Histories held in Scottish Libraries Joan P.S. Ferguson, 1960

Sources for Scottish Genealogy and Family History. D.J. Steel Edinburgh, 1903.

Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research. Margaret Dickson Falley, 1962.

New World Immigrants. Michael Tepper. 1979

Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies 1719-1744. Marion/Jack Kaminkow, 1967.

A List of Emigrants from England to America 1718-1759. Jack and Marion Kaminkow, 1966.

American Colonists in English Records. George Sherwood, 1961

Some Emigrants to Virginia. W.G. Stanard, 1915.

Emmigrants to New England 1700-1775. Ethel Stanwood Bolton, 1931.

Passengers from Ireland. Donald M. Schlegel, 1980

Irish Settlers in America, Michael J. O'Brien, 1979

Ships Passenger Lists, National and New England 1600-1825. Carl Boyer, 1977

The Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands Frank Adam, 1955.

The History of the Boyd Family and Descendants. William P. Boyd, 1884.

Family Record, Descendants of John and Mary (Fulton) Boyd. M. Hillis Boyd, 1882. Harrisburg, Pa.

The Boyd Papers, in Ayrshire and Galloway, Scotland. W.S. Cooper ed., 1882.

Proceedings of the Boyd reunion, Youngstown, Ohio. Boyd Association Historical Committee. 1881-92

Autobiography and Sermons of Elder Elijah Martindale, also Pioneer History of the Boyd Family. Indianapolis,
1892.  Belle Stanford.

History of Kilmarnock, Scotland,1864, Archibald M'kay

Boyd family Association, 1905, origin and history of the name of Boyd with biographies
of the most noted persons of that name. American Publishers

A Family History, Boyds and Connected Families, Early Settlers Central Savannah River Area of Georgia and
South Carolina," is the full title. It was published in 1980 by John Wright Boyd of Tignall, Wilkes Co., GA.

Burke's Family Index. London: Burke's Peerage Limited.

History of Wilmington, Vermont. The Times Press, 1900

Boyd, Earls of Kilmarnock, The Scots Peerage (Robert Wood's edition) edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, 1880

History of the Boyd Clan and Related Families. Frederick Tilghman Boyd, 1962
                                (both these are companion books)
Boyd-Patterson Ancestry, H. Minot Pitman and Katherine Patterson Boyd Hunt, 1967

Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810 edited by Sir Arthur Vicars. Dublin, 1897.

The Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783 By David Dobson, 1989.

Ohio Source Records. From the Ohio Genealogical Quarterly published 1986.

First Census of Vermont, 1790.

Vanished Pioneer Homes and Families of Shelburne, Mass by Leila Stone Bardwell, 1974

A Short History of Scotland. P. Hume Brown, 1908

The Surnames of Ireland. Edward MacLysaght, 1964

New England Families. William Richard Cutter, 1904

History of Whitingham, Vermont. A. Augustine Butterfield,  1916.

The American Genealogical Research Institute, 1973

History of the Wheeler Family in America. A.G. Wheeler 1914.

Annals of the Boyd family 1153-1963 The Boyds of Penkill and Trochrague,  Florence R. Cameron

The Petition of Ulstermen, 1718.

Port Arrivals and immigrants to the city of Boston. William H. Whitmore, 1715-16 and 1762-69.

Vital records of Londonderry, New Hampshire. Daniel Gage Annis, 1914.

Gazetter of Windham County, Vermont. Hamilton Child 1884.

The Irish Scots and the Scotch-Irish. John C. Linehan, 1902

The Boyd Family. Arthur S. Boyd Jr., 1924.

The Scotch-Irish. Charles A. Hanna, 1902.

Scotch-Irish Pioneers. Charles Knowles Bolton, 1910

Directory of Scottish settlers in North America, 1625-1825.  David Dobson, 1986

Passenger lists from Ireland.  J. Dominick Hackett and Charles Montague Early. 1981

Emmigrants from Ireland 1847-1852. Eilish Ellis ca. 1852

Boston marriages, 1700-1809, Edward W. McGlenen, 1903.

The Descendants & Ancestors of James Boyd and Nancy Wier,  William Riley Boyd, 1991

The Boyd Family, Descendants of John Boyd/Margaret Long & Abraham Boyd/Hannah Hill,
of Boston and Shelburne Falls, MA and Wilmington, VT., 1993, Richard G. Boyd

Ulster Sails West. William F. Marshall, 1950

Record of the Boyd Family, John Boyd From Scotland and Descendants, 1913, Edgar E. Boyd

The Boyds of Albany, three Generations, 1917, Joanna B. Newton, Los Angeles. CS71.B79

Historic Vance County, (VA) 1941, John Bullock Watkins.

The Boyds of Boyds Tank, by Frank Ewell Boyd and William Taylor Boyd.

If you know of other books that contain information on the Boyds give me the complete info on
the book and I'll include it here.

Richard G. Boyd

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