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I am descended from Orr's of Annandale Farm, Kilmaurs parish

Thomas Orr married Hannah Longmuir Orr in Stewarton in 1802
Thomas Orr born  Kilmaurs 1771 died 1852
Hannah Longmuir born Stewarton 1782 died 1858
Their children:
1 William Orr born Annandale 1803 died in infancy
2 Hannah Orr born Annandale married William Richmond, farmer near
Campbelltown, 5 children
3 Mary Boyd Orr born Annandale 1805 unmarried, died New Zealand 1900
4 Jean Orr born Annandale married 1) Cameron who died young 2) David
(or Douglas?) Caldwell 3 children son Thomas Caldwell & two daughters. **
5 Elizabeth Orr married 1) John Hay of Glasgow, grain & provision
merchant 2) William Aitken, grain merchant Londonderry, 2 children
Elizabeth & William. Emigrated to New Zealand **
6 William Orr, born Annandale, died 1876. Farmer at Annandale, and
afterwards at Castle Farm Glenarn,Co. Antrim, and finally Kirklands,
Maybole. Married Mary McMurtrie, 13 children. After Williams death,
Mary and 13 children emigrated to New Zealand.
7 Agnes Orr born Annandale 1815 married Ebenezer Hay 1839  emigrated
to New Zealand 1839 died Pigeon Bay South Island New Zealand 1863 11 children
8 Ann Orr  born Annandale 1817, married Rev. John Guthrie, Kendal,
Westmoreland and afterwards Glasgow. 5 children, died 1896
9 Julia Orr born Annandale 1825 married Rev. AM Wilson, Airdrie 4
children, died 1896
10 Rev. Thomas Orr  1825 married M. Dixon, 5 children, died Loudon 1896.

Thomas Caldwell married his first cousin Elizabeth Aitken ** in
Londonderry 1866 & emigrated to New Zealand the same year.These are
my great grand parents. Their  ninth child, Mary Boyd Caldwell, was
my grandmother.

Mary Boyd is a recurring name in these families, some connection to
Mary Boyd, daughter of the fourth Earl of Kilmarnock, who was
captured following the collapse of the Jacobite cause at Culloden,
and executed on Tower Hill in  August 1746.

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