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"Supplement to the History of Windham in New Hampshire" 1892

The following is a list of Boyd's taken from the book by L.A. Morrison
called "Supplement to the History of Windham in New Hampshire" 1892. He
personally relates viewing the below names while viewing the records in a
trip to Ireland. The first church record was in the church, and the second
set  was at the PRONI location in Dublin. Whether or not these records exist
today, I do not know. However, Mr.Morrison was a meticulous researcher and
prominent historian and genealogist in the state of New Hampshire.

I can see a connection to the Pa, NH, MA, and maybe Maine Boyd's from the
names given. Obviously the Adam and Catherine family should be of great
interest to the PA clan. George Boyd is the first I have seen of this name in
Ireland, and may be a connection to the Maine and MA families. I believe the
William Boyd marriage is attributed to the REV. WILLIAM BOYD who led the 1718
migration. Confirming that would be great!
Write back with any ideas or comments.

Colin Brooks

History of Windham by L.A. Morrison, 1892
Parish records in Templemore, County Londonderry, Derry Diocese, Ireland

Boyd, ANDREW son of Adam and Katreen baptized Nov. 14, 1678
Boyd, ELEANOR daughter of Robert, baptized March 31, 1673
Boyd, HUSTON son of Adam and Katherine baptized July 9, 1681
Boyd, JANET daughter of Thomas and Jean baptized Sept. 11, 1687
Boyd, JAMES son of Adam and Catherine baptized April 25, 1680
Boyd, JOHN son of Robert and Joanna baptized Sept. 6 1688
Boyd, Katherine wife of Adam buried July 13, 1681
Boyd, widow buried Sept. 24 1681
Boyde, GEORGE son of James baptized Feb 16 1676
Boyde, James son of Robert baptized Nov 9 1669
Boyde, MARGARET daughter of Robert a Couper, baptized March 8, 1674; buried
Oct. 3 1674
Boyde, WILLIAM married Agnes Young Sept. 23 1658. Robert Morrison, sherife
and others being present

Index to Cromwell Officers granted land in Ireland, 1649
"Index Nominim to the Inrolments of Adjudications in favor of the officers"
Preserved in PRO office in Dublin in 1892

Boyd, ADAMS-  roll 1, pp. 96,98,99
Boyd, Lt. ADAM- roll 1, p.122
Boyd, Qrtmstr ADAM- roll 2 pp. 120,121
Boyd, Cpt. ARCHIBALD- roll 2 pp.111-112
Boyd, George- roll 2, p.127
Boyd, Mjr. GEORGE- roll 2, p.72
Boyd, Ensign GILBERT- roll 1, p.2, 35
Boyd, Robert- roll 2, p.70

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