THE BOYDS OF PORTLAND, MAINE

                           Frederick Tilghman Boyd, Ph. D., 1962
                                   (used with permission)

James Boyd, son of Hon. Robert Boyd, 4th son of the 1st Earl of Kilmarnock
came to America in 1756 and settled in Portland, Maine.  He married Susanna
Coffin, daughter of Col. Joseph Coffin on 11 August 1757. James was born in
1732 and died in Boston in 1798. James and Susanna had nine children: Mary
Lee Boyd, Capt. Joseph Coffin Boyd, Robert Boyd, Francis Boyd, Charles Coffin
Boyd, Margaret Boyd, Rev. Ebenezer Little Boyd, General John Parker Boyd, and
William Boyd.

Capt. Joseph C. Boyd was born in Newbury, Massachusetts and moved to Portland,
Maine about 1784. He was the first treasurer of the State of Maine and he
served in the War of 1812. He married Isabella Southgate, daughter of Judge
Robert Southgate, M.D. and Mary King. They had fourteen children: Mary
Southgate Boyd, Charles Orlando Boyd, Ellen Augusta Boyd, Robert Southgate
Boyd, Miranda Elizabeth Boyd, Judge Samuel Stillman Boyd, Isabella Susanna
Boyd, Frances Greenleaf Boyd, Horatio Erroll Boyd, Walter Bowne Boyd, Rev.
Frederick William Boyd, Dr. Edward Augustus Boyd, Augusta Murray Boyd, and
Octavia Caroline Boyd.

Dr Edward Augustus Boyd was born 10 June 1816 and died 4 June 1888. He married
Sarah Bragg Farrington 2 December 1841. She was the daughter of John
Farrington and Dolly Adams of Andover, Maine. He began a medical practice in
Maine in 1843, but moved to St. Paul, Minnesota with his family in 1854. He
and Sarah had 12 children: John Stillman Boyd, Walter Bowne Boyd, Edward
Augustus Boyd Jr., Allen Pierce Boyd, Emma A. Boyd, Frederick Boyd, George
Burgess Boyd, Charles King Boyd, James Farrington Boyd, Isabella Southgate
Boyd, Sarah Augusta Boyd, and Catherine Wilkins Boyd.

George Burgess Boyd was born 20 May 1859 and died in 1929. He married Jennie
Hinds in 1881. He was a feed and fuel merchant in St. Paul, Minnesota and was
in real estate. George and Jennie had three children: Isabella Farrington
Boyd, Leon Higginson Boyd, and James Hinds Boyd.

Leon Higginson Boyd was born in St. Paul 12 October 1884. He married Marie
Mollet, daughter of Alcide Johann Mollet and Rosina Rufenacht Mollet from
Switzerland. Leon was an attorney and a farmer and was in the real estate
business. Leon and Marie had nine children: Beaulah Farrington Boyd, George
Noel Boyd, Paul Jones Boyd, Marie Mollet Boyd, Frederick Tilghman Boyd, Grace
Boyd, Leon Higginson Boyd Jr, Robert Allen Boyd, and Florence Marguerite Boyd.

Lt. Colonel Frederick Tilghman Boyd (1913-1993).  He married Jeanette Marion
Dresser on 21 August 1937. Their children were Barbara Jean Boyd, Marilyn Jeanette
Boyd, Virginia Lea Boyd, Bettie Kay Boyd, and Frederick Tilghman Boyd Jr.

Gen. John Parker Boyd

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