Descendents of William Illsley/Inslee

William Illsley

1. William Illsley m. Joane Piper.
  + 2. i Richarde Ilsley.

Second Generation

2. Richarde Ilsley m. Jane Lewes (Corvar).  Jane: Alias Corvar
  + 3. i William Ilsley b. -   -1608.
    4. ii John Ilsley.

Third Generation

3. William Ilsley b. -   -1608, Compton Parish, Berks, England, m. 06-Mar-1637, Barbara Stevens, d. -   -1663.  William died 22-Jul-1681, Newbury, Massachusettes. William and Barbara left Newbeury, England sailing from South Hampton aboard the Confidence.  They arrived in Boston, Massachusettes 12-Apr-1638.  William settled in Newbury, Massachusettes and is listed on a monument as an original settler.
    5. i Mary Ilsley b. -   -1637, Newbury, Massachusettes, d. -   -1677, Woodbridge, New Jersey.
  + 6. ii John Ilsley b. 11-Sep-1641.
    7. iii Elisha Ilsley b. -   -1642, Newbury, Massachusettes, d. 16-Jan-1689, Newbury, Massachusettes.
    8. iv Child Ilsley b. 24-Feb-1645, Newbury, Massachusettes, d. Newbury, Massachusettes.
    9. v William Ilsley b. 23-Feb-1646, Newbury, Massachusettes.
    10. vi Joseph Ilsley b. 30-Oct-1649, Newbury, Massachusettes, d. 15-Oct-1724, Newbury, Massachusettes.  Estate valued at 2066.2.0 pounds.  Declared freeman 25-May-1669.  Appointed Constable 12-Mar-1684/85.
    11. vii Issac Ilsley b. 23-Jun--1652, Newbury, Massachusettes, d. 10-Jan-1702, Newbury, Massachusettes.  Isaac served in Major Appleton's Company, during the King Philip's War and was wounded at the Indiam Fort in the Narragansett fight on 19-Dec-1675.
    12. viii Sarah Ilsley b. 08-Aug-1655, Newbury, Massachusettes, d. 16-Jan-1679, Woodbridge, New Jersey.
    13. ix Child Ilsley b. 07-Oct-1658, Newbury, Massachusettes, d. 15-   -1658, Newbury, Massachusettes.

Fourth Generation

6. John Ilsley b. 11-Sep-1641, Newbury, Massachusettes, m. Abt 1670, Ann ??.  John died -   -1706, Woodbridge, New Jersey.  Appointed surveyor of highways in 1694 and served as Deputy to the General Assembly, and as an Assistant Justice.
    14. i Rebeckah Ilsley b. 10-Jun-1673.
  + 15. ii John Ilsley b. 22-May-1675.
    16. iii David Ilsley b. 03-Aug-1677, Woodbridge, New Jersey, d. 28-Oct-1681, Woodbridge, New Jersey.
    17. iv Mary Ilsley b. 13-Apr-1680, Woodbridge, New Jersey.
    18. v David Ilsley b. 09-Set-1682, Woodbridge, New Jersey.
    19. vi Jonathan Inslee b. 19-Nov-1689, Woodbridge, New Jersey, d. 15-Dec-1744, Woodbridge, New Jersey.  He was a land owner in 1708. In 1711 and 1717, Ne served as a grand juror. In 1714 he was a constable and the following year, a member of the militia.
    20. vii Joseph Inslee b. 29-Apr-1693, Woodbridge, New Jersey, d. Abt 1711. "Being called forth into the Queen's service in Canada," gives all the land inherited from father John Ilsley, to brother Jonathan, also all personal property.

Fifth Generation

15. John Ilsley b. 22-May-1675, Woodbridge, New Jersey, m. Rebecca ??.  John died 08-Aug-1715, Woodbridge, New Jersey.  Elected Constable in 1698 and overseer of the highway in 1700.
  + 21. i Joseph Inslee b. -   -1691/92.
    22. ii John Inslee b. -   -1693/94.

Sixth Generation

21. Joseph Inslee b. -   -1691/92, m. Sarah ??.  Joseph died -   -1765, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania.  In 1734, Joseph purchases a 3 acre lot in Amwell, Hunterdon Co., where he established a tavern, which was still standing in 1992.
    23. i Margaret Inslee b. Abt 1725.
    24. ii Elizabeth Rosannah Inslee b. Abt 1728.
    25. iii Sarah Inslee b. Abt 1730.
    26. iv Anne Inslee b. Abt 1732.
  + 27. v Joseph Inslee b. -   -1737/38.

Seventh Generation

27. Joseph Inslee b. -   -1737/38, m. Elizabeth Adams, b. Abt 1740, d. Bef 1779.  Joseph died 13-Apr-1813, Bath, New York, buried: Pioneer Cemetery, Bath, New York. Served as an Ensign in the Bucks Co Militia during the French and Indian War. Elected Sheriff for the County of Hunterdon and in 1778 referred to as the "High Sheriff of the County of Hunterdon."
  + 28. i Joseph Inslee b. Abt 1765.
    29. ii Jonathan Inslee b. 20-Oct-1766.
    30. iii Elizabeth Inslee b. 04-Mar-1775.
    31. iv John Adams Inslee b. 11-Nov-1778/79.

Eighth Generation

28. Joseph Inslee b. Abt 1765, New Jersey, m. 19-Oct-1792, in South Amboy, New Jersey, Susannah Gorden, b. Abt 1772, South Amboy, New Jersey, (daughter of Samuel Gorden and Margaret ??) d. ??.  Joseph died Abt 1812, Galena, Seneca Co., New York.  27 years in the New Jersey Militia. From 1780-1782, Joseph performed carting and labor for Joseph Inslee, Sr, Contractor for Hunterdon County, along with Jonathan Inslee, and Benjamin Brearley Inslee,  These supplies were destined for General George Washington's Army.
    32. i Joseph Inslee b. -Oct-1796.  Settled in Illinois.
  + 33. ii Samuel Insley b. abt 1798.
  + 34. iii Redford Inslee b. -   -1800.
  + 35. iv Susan Inslee b. 13-Dec-1811.

Ninth Generation

33. Samuel Insley b. abt 1798, New York ?, m. Isabel ?, b. -  -1799, d. 18-May-1824, Sodus, New York, buried: Sodus Village, Old Cemetery, New York.
    36. i Harry B. Insley b. 25-Jun-1813, d. 13-Aug-1814, buried: Sodus Village, Old Cemetery, New York.

34. Redford Inslee b. -   -1800, Cayuga Co., New York, m. 16-May-1823, Sara Reed, b. -   -1804, (daughter of John Reed and Dorcas Riggs) d. 07-Jun-1879, Lyons, Wayne Co., New York, buried: rural Lyons cemetery.  Redford died -  -1880, Lyons, Wayne Co., New York, buried: rural Lyons cemetery.  Redford Inslee was blind by the time Theophilus Dee Inslee was born. Family name was spelled 'Anesly' on 1850 census. Sara: names and order of children possibly not accurate.
  + 37. i Susan A. Inslee b. -   -1824.
    38. ii John Reason Inslee b. 18-Apr-1827, Wayne Co., New York, m. Mary Ann Kirkum, b. -   -1803, Montgomery Co., New York, d. ??.  John died 15-Jun-1902, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    39. iii Mary Inslee b. -   -1829, d. ??.
  + 40. iv James Pollack Inslee b. 19-Sep-1831.
    41. v Emmaline Dorcas Inslee b. 06-Feb-1833, Wayne Co., New York, d. 28-Aug-1922, Canandaigua, New York, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.  never married, worked in tailor shop 45 years
    42. vi Laura L. Inslee b. 22-May-1836, Wayne Co., New York, d. 23-Apr-1923, Canandaigua, New York.
  + 43. vii Sarah Jane Inslee b. -   -1838.
  + 44. viii Charles R. Inslee b. -   -1840.
    45. ix Joseph S. Inslee b. 26-Jul-1843, New York, m. Delia Thomas.  Joseph died 19-Oct-1864, Cedar Creek, Virginia, KIA.  According to Pension records, Delia Inslee applied for a pension as Joseph's widow, but was rejected because of lack of proof.  She stated that they eloped and he took the marriage certificate with him to the army, where it was lost. This case was taken to the U.S. House of Representatives. Joseph's mother was granted his pension. S.Sgt., Co. C, 160 NYV.  died in Civil War battle.
    46. x William Gilbert Inslee b. 17-Jul-1844, Sodus, Wayne Co., New York, m. 21-Feb-1870, in Ransom, Hillsdale Co., Michigan, Adelaide Louise Brayman, b. Lincoln, Wayne Co., New York, d. 1926?.  William died 17-Jul-1879, Woodbridge Township, Hillsdale Co., Mich, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.  William G. Inslee served in the New York State Volunteers, Co.C., 160th reg., infantry, in the Civil War as a private.  He enrolled 27-Aug-1862 at Auburn, NY, mustered into service 21-Nov-1862, mustered out 01-Nov-1865 in Savannah, Georgia. He was a boatman during the Civil War.
  + 47. xi Theophilus 'Ted' Dee Inslee b. 07-May-1847.
  + 48. xii Arletta (Lettie) A. Inslee b. -   -1851.

35. Susan Inslee b. 13-Dec-1811, Seneca Co., New York, m. John F. Peeler, b. - -1809, d. 13-Apr-1875, Sodus Center, Wayne Co., New York.  Susan died 06-Nov-1890, Sodus Center, New York.
    49. i John F. Peeler, Jr. b. -   -1838, d. 28-Feb-1862, Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.

Tenth Generation

37. Susan A. Inslee b. -   -1824, m. William Hill, d. ??.  Susan died -   -1876, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
  + 50. i Florence "Ella" Hill b. -   -1847.
    51. ii Willie Hill b. -   -1855, d. -   -1863.

40. James Pollack Inslee b. 19-Sep-1831, New York, m. (1) 31-Dec-1858, Phoebe Helena Fox, b. 08-Apr-1841, (daughter of George Fox and Mary Isdell) d. 08-Oct-1880, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York, m. (2) 20-Dec-1899, Mary H. Shoemaker Huest, d. ??, m. (3) 04-Feb-1884, Louisa T. Clark, d. ??.  James died 26-May-1912, Clifton Springs, Ontario Co., New York, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    Children by Phoebe Helena Fox:
    52. i Noel E. Inslee b. 08-Apr-1861, d. 21-Apr-1863, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    53. ii George N. Inslee b. 12-Jan-1863, d. 04-Dec-1887, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    54. iii Joseph Sheridan Inslee b. 18-Sep-1864, d. 22-Feb-1876, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    55. iv James Pollack Inslee, Jr. b. 25-Jan-1867, d. 02-Sep-1873, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    56. v Rellan C. Inslee b. 04-Feb-1869, d. 06-Jan-1882, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    57. vi Infant Inslee b. 07-Dec-1870, d. 21-Feb-1871, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
  + 58. vii Victor Fox Inslee b. 14-May-1874.
    59. viii Emma Laura Inslee b. 18-Apr-1877, d. 27-Nov-1878, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    60. ix Gurden Eysman Inslee b. 21-Jan-1879, d. 24-Jan-1915, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.  Crushed in the locks on the Erie Canal.
    61. x Helene Ann Inslee b. 11-Sep-1880, Steuben County, New York, d. 18-Jan-1979, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.  never married, was engaged to Charles Browne for over 50 years.

43. Sarah Jane Inslee b. -   -1838, m. Alfred (Aaron M.) Riggs, d. ??.  Sarah died - -1889, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    62. i Sarah Riggs b. -   -1856, Wayne Co., New York, d. ??.
    63. ii Alford Riggs b. -   -1861, Wayne Co., New York, d. ??.
    64. iii Minnie Riggs b. -   -1871, d. ??.

44. Charles R. Inslee b. -   -1840, New York, m. Mary E. Doughty, d. ??.  Charles died 07-Apr-1874, Buffalo, New York, buried: Lyons, Wayne Co., New York.
    65. i Josephine  Inslee b. -   -1864, d. -   -1865.
    66. ii Charles Inslee b. -   -1870, d. ??.
    67. iii Leonard Inslee b. -   -1872, d. -   -1874.

47. Theophilus 'Ted' Dee Inslee b. 07-May-1847, near Batavia, Genesee Co., New York, Life History, m. 12-Nov-1879, in Havensville, Chase Co., Kansas, Harriet 'Emma' Rinebarger, b. 02-Jan-1865, Upper Sandusky, Wynadot Co., Ohio, (daughter of Henry Rinebarger and Mary Amelia Coates) d. 22-Jun-1942, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma, buried: 24-Jun-1942, Isabel, Barber Co. Kansas.  Theophilus died 23-May-1913, near Isabel, Pratt Co., Kansas, buried: Isabel, Pratt Co., Kansas.  Theophilus Dee Inslee's father was blind, so Theophilus, at the age of twelve, left home to support the family. He got a job on the Erie Canal, driving horses -- pulling the barges up and down the canal.  A group of settlers in covered wagons and on horseback were going west to seek their fortunes.  He decided to go with them.  That was the last time he saw his family. Harriet: Emma died in her daughter's (Mrs. P.C. Gilliard) home.
  + 68. i James 'Redford' Inslee b. 13-Nov-1880.
    69. ii Baby Inslee b. 29-May-1881, d. 29-May-1881.
  + 70. iii Charles Rollin Inslee b. 26-Oct-1883.
    71. iv George 'Dee' Inslee b. 14-Apr-1886, near Clements, Chase Co., Kansas, m. (1) -   -1924, Edna Rhea Burton, d. 14-Aug-1938, m. (2) 17-Aug-1942, in Hutchinson, Kansas, Nell Hudson, b. 15-Mar-1898, Kingman County, Kansas, (daughter of William T. Hudson and Leanna Crabtree) d. 10-Feb-1995, Wichita, Kansas, buried: 13-Feb-1995, Resthaven Cemetery, Wichita, Kansas.  George died 05-Dec-1979, Wichita, Sedgwick Co, Kansas, buried: Resthaven Cemetery.
  + 72. v Mary Emma Inslee b. 25-Apr-1889.
  + 73. vi Alva Theophilus Inslee b. 27-Oct-1890.
  + 74. vii William Andrew Inslee b. 17-Jan-1894.
  + 75. viii Laura Ida Inslee b. 05-Jan-1897.
  + 76. ix Clifford Henry Inslee b. 09-Mar-1902.
  + 77. x Joseph 'Gilbert' Inslee b. 14-Apr-1906.

48. Arletta (Lettie) A. Inslee b. -   -1851, Wayne Co., New York, m. William D. Reed, d. ??.  Arletta died ??.
    78. i Emma (Angletta?) Reed d. ??.

Eleventh Generation

50. Florence "Ella" Hill b. -   -1847, m. ?? Andrus.  Florence died ??.  Ella was a self-proclaimed cancer doctor.  She was often referred to in our family as the "freckle doctor."
    79. i Arthur Andrus b. -   -1879, d. -Aug-1895, at age 16.

58. Victor Fox Inslee b. 14-May-1874, Lock Berlin, Wayne Co., New York, m. (1) ca 1894, Alma Parmington, d. ??, m. (2) ca 1925, Alice Amelia Tuttle, b. -   -1894, d. - -1945.  Victor died 22-Jun-1955, Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York, buried: Lyons rural cemetary, Wayne Co, New York.
    Children by Alma Parmington:
    80. i James L. Inslee b. 24-Sep-1895, m. Dorothy ??, d. ??.  James died 28-Jul-1972, Rochester, Monroe Co., New York.
    81. ii Harold H. Inslee b. -   -1901, d. -   -1924.
    Children by Alice Amelia Tuttle:
    82. iii Lucille Arlene Inslee b. 05-Jan-1927, Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York, m. Harold Bell.
  + 83. iv George Edward Inslee b. 28-Sep-1930.
  + 84. v Victor Earl Inslee b. 30-Jan-1933.

68. James 'Redford' Inslee b. 13-Nov-1880, Havensville, Chase Co., Kansas, m. 19-Mar-1908, in Cunningham, Kingman Co., Kansas, Dora "Dode" Cecil Bundy, b. 18-Dec-1890, Chase County, Kansas, (daughter of William Bundy and Matilda Isabell Routhrough) d. 24-Feb-1979, Thomas, Custer Co., Oklahoma, buried: 28-Feb-1979, Oakwood Memorial Cem., Oakwood, Oklahoma.  James died 16-Oct-1947, Oakwood, Dewey Co., Oklahoma, buried: IOOF Cemetery.
  + 85. i Ada 'Isabell' Inslee b. 26-Dec-1908.
  + 86. ii Mary 'Amelia' Inslee b. 03-Oct-1912.
  + 87. iii James 'Elden' Inslee b. 16-Dec-1916.

70. Charles Rollin Inslee b. 26-Oct-1883, Clements, Chase Co., Kansas, Life History, Will, m. 20-Jun-1909,  in near Deepwater, Missouri, Lulu Frances Bunch, b. 15-Mar-1881, Sinclair County, Missouri, (daughter of Joseph Anderson Bunch and Cymanthat "Si" Park) d. 15-Oct-1962, Clinton, Missouri, buried: 18-Oct-1962, Sharon Cemetery, Barber  Co., Kansas.  Charles died 04-Nov-1967, Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas,  buried: 07-Nov-1967, Sharon Cemetery, Barber Co., Kansas.
  + 88. i Bertha Emma Inslee b. 28-Mar-1910.
  + 89. ii Clifford 'Dale' Inslee b. 31-Dec-1911.
    90. iii Baby Inslee b. 31-May-1916, near Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas, d. 31-May-1916, near Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas, buried: Isabel, Kansas.

72. Mary Emma Inslee b. 25-Apr-1889, Havensville, Chase Co., Kansas, m. 11-Jun-1911, in Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas, Walter Stuart Robinson, Sr., b. 04-Jul-1885, (son of William James Robinson and Annis Elizabeth Thompson) d. 29-Aug-1964, Nashville, Kansas, buried: Nashville, Kansas.  Mary died 15-Jan-1979, Kingman, Kingman Co., Kansas, buried: Nashville, Kingman Co., Kansas.
    91. i Carl Gilbert Robinson b. 01-Apr-1912, d. 20-Mar-1919.
  + 92. ii Ralph Rollin Robinson, M.D. b. 07-Jul-1913.
    93. iii Cecil Redford Robinson b. 07-Dec-1916, Nashville, Kansas, d. 07-Jul-1944, WW II - Aieu, Hawaii in Naval Hospital, buried: Nashville, Kansas.
  + 94. iv Walter Stuart Robinson, II b. 26-Sep-1918.
    95. v Wilma Harriet Robinson b. 11-Feb-1921, Nashville, Kansas, m. 28-Aug-1948, Richard S. Kubik.  Wilma died 18-Apr-1961, Colby, Kansas.

73. Alva Theophilus Inslee b. 27-Oct-1890, Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas, m. 11-Dec-1912, in Sawyer, Pratt Co., Kansas, Marguerite Anna Gore, b. 23-Dec-1892, Sawyer, Pratt Co., Kansas, (daughter of Alvin Mannon Gore and Ellen Anderson Mack) d. 15-Sep-1988, Fresno, California, buried: Chapel of Light, Fresno, California.  Alva died 31-Dec-1970, Fresno, Fresno Co., California, buried: Chapel of Light, Fresno, California.
  + 96. i Roy Alvin Inslee b. 14-Oct-1913.
  + 97. ii Loren Dee Inslee b. 15-Nov-1918.
  + 98. iii Helen Elizabeth Inslee b. 10-Oct-1926.

74. William Andrew Inslee b. 17-Jan-1894, Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas, m. 24-May-1919, in Newton, Harvey County, Kansas, Myreen Artine Deistler, b. 17-Jun-1895, Roxbury, McPherson County, Kansas, (daughter of Hermon Deistler and Christene Pflugi) d. 12-Oct-1991, Hutchinson, Kansas, buried: 15-Oct-1991, Isabel, Kansas.  William died 12-Jun-1978, Pratt Regional Med. Center, Pratt, KS, buried: 15-Jun-1978, Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas.  Known as Willie, Billy, or Bill.  He served on the Waverland School Board and helped hire a teacher for the 1916-1917 school term who later was his wife.
    99. i Theda Fayne Inslee b. 21-Feb-1920, on the family farm at Isabel, Kansas, m. 09-Aug-1943, Joyce David Ashley, b. 30-Jun-1914, Marshall Co., Oklahoma.
  + 100. ii Victor Dean Inslee b. 11-Dec-1923
  + 101. iii Theophilus Dwayne Inslee b. 22-Dec-1927.
  + 102. iv Beverly Jean Inslee b. 08-Feb-1933.
  + 103. v Shirley Willene Inslee b. 26-Nov-1935.

75. Laura Ida Inslee b. 05-Jan-1897, Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas, m. 16-Feb-1920, in Wichita, Sedgwick Co, Kansas, Paul Campbell McGilliard, d. 06-Nov-1960, Hudson, Wisconsin.  Laura died 27-May-1981, Stillwater Medical Center, Oklahoma.  Paul: P.C. Gilliard was a Professor with the Dairy Department of Oklahoma State University.
  + 104. i Lon Dee McGilliard b. 09-Aug-1921.
  + 105. ii Jean Harriett McGilliard b. 23-Oct-1924.
  + 106. iii Alba Dare McGilliard b. 15-Oct-1926.
  + 107. iv Laura Faye McGilliard b. 22-Sep-1928.

76. Clifford Henry Inslee b. 09-Mar-1902, Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas, m. (1) 21-May-1926, Edna Margaret Cook, b. 31-Jan-1908, La Junta, Colorado, d. 18-Jul-1976, Apple Valley, buried: 21-Jul-1976, Victor Valley Mem Park, Victorville, CA, m. (2) 08-Oct-1977, Mildred Adele.  Clifford died 21-Sep-1982, Barstow, California.
    Children by Edna Margaret Cook:
    108. i Harriett 'Rosaline' Inslee b. 21-Oct-1927, La Junta, Colorado, m. 27-Oct-1947, Jack Williams.
  + 109. ii Melba Ruth Inslee b. 08-Nov-1929.

77. Joseph 'Gilbert' Inslee b. 14-Apr-1906, Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas, m. 22-Dec-1928, in Enid, Garfield Co, Oklahoma, Blythe Capitola Davis, b. 20-Apr-1908, Bethel, Missouri, (daughter of Edward Lovell Davis and Lavina Bell Todd) d. 26-Oct-1984, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, buried: 29-Oct-1984, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma. Joseph died 29-Oct-1991, Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma, buried: 01-Nov-1991, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma.
  + 110. i Charlotte Jayne Inslee b. 04-Dec-1930.
  + 111. ii Carolyn Blythe Inslee b. 21-Jan-1934.

Twelfth Generation

83. George Edward Inslee b. 28-Sep-1930, Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York, m. Joyce ??.  George died 04-Aug-1989.

84. Victor Earl Inslee b. 30-Jan-1933, Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York, m. (1) Norma Jean Gregor, m. (2) 13-Feb-1954, in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York, Marian Ethel Wolfanger, b. 16-Apr-1936, Naples, Ontario Co., New York, (daughter of Earle Wolfanger and Ethel Footer).
    Children by Norma Jean Gregor:
  + 116. i Victor Kenneth Inslee b. 20-Jun-1954.

85. Ada 'Isabell' Inslee b. 26-Dec-1908, Kingman Co., Kansas, m. (1) 08-Apr-1934, in Thomas, Custer Co., Oklahoma, Vernon Wayne Syzemore, b. 14-Jan-1909, Cogar, Caddo Co., Oklahoma, d. 10-Mar-1976, Okeene, Oklahoma (of lung cancer), buried: 13-Mar-1976, I.O.O.F. Cem., Oakwood, Oklahoma, m. (2) 06-Apr-1978, in Ames, Major Co., Oklahoma, Elvin B. Coleman, b. 26-May-1910, Series, California, (son of Hugh Coleman and Ollie Martin) d. 05-Feb-1990, Ames, Major Co., Oklahoma, buried: 08-Feb-1990, Fairview Cemetery, Fairview, Oklahoma.  Ada died 02-Sep-1994, Okenne, Oklahoma, buried: 05-Sep-1994, Oakwood Memorial Cemetery.

    86. Mary 'Amelia' Inslee b. 03-Oct-1912, Nashville, Kingman Co., Kansas, m. 25-Jan-1933, in Watonga, Oklahoma, Charles A. Jones, b. 30-Nov-1910, Oakwood, Oklahoma, (son of Charles A. Jones, Sr. and Cora Rossiter). Mary died 23-Jun-1978, Thomas, Custer Co.,  Oklahoma, buried: 26-Jun-1978, Mound Valley Cem., Thomas, Oklahoma.

    87. James 'Elden' Inslee b. 16-Dec-1916, Oakwood, Dewey Co., Oklahoma, m. (1) 30-Jul-1938, Marguerite Eileene Ratlief, d. 20-Sep-1958, Isabel, Kansas, m. (2) 30-Oct-1968, in Pratt, Pratt Co., Kansas, Viola Oller Blue.  Isabel and Vern were with them when they went to Charles and Lulu Inslee after they were married.  They did not tell Lulu that they had just gotten married so they did not sleep together on their wedding night because Lulu had made up separate beds.

88. Bertha Emma Inslee b. 28-Mar-1910, near Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas, m. 25-Dec-1936, in Baptist Parsonage, Medicine Lodge, KS, Clarence Edward Rucker, b. 05-Apr-1909, farm S. of Pixley, Barber Co., Kansas, (son of Joseph Oscar Rucker and Bertha Irene Young) d. 05-Oct-1993, 3:00pm Attica, Kansas - rest home, buried: 08-Oct-1993, Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas.  Bertha died 26-Jan-1998, Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas, buried: 29-Jan-1998, Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas.

89. Clifford 'Dale' Inslee b. 31-Dec-1911, Henry County, Missouri, m. 12-May-1933, in Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas, Zelma Opal Rucker, b. 30-Jan-1914, near Medicine Lodge, Kansas, (daughter of Joseph Oscar Rucker and Bertha Irene Young) d. 02-Jun-1984, Pratt Regional Med. Center, Pratt, KS, buried: 04-Jun-1984, Medicine Lodge Cemetery, Kansas.  Clifford died 24-Sep-1980, at home near Sharon, Kansas, buried: 26-Sep-1980, Medicine Lodge Cemetery, Kansas.

92. Ralph Rollin Robinson, M.D. b. 07-Jul-1913, Nashville, Kansas, m. (1) 1938, in Kingman County, Kansas, Nettie Jones, m. (2) 1953, Mona McGraw.

94. Walter Stuart Robinson, II b. 26-Sep-1918, m. 20-Aug-1944, Mary Armeda Douthett, b. 13-Apr-1923.

96. Roy Alvin Inslee b. 14-Oct-1913, m. -   -1937, Olive Neomia Smith, b. -   -1913, d. - -1990.  Roy died 08-Jan-1966.

97. Loren Dee Inslee b. 15-Nov-1918, Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas, m. 20-Jun-1939, in Red Cloud, Nebraska, Thelma Winfred Buchner, b. -   -1920. They kept their marriage a secret for four or five months.

98. Helen Elizabeth Inslee b. 10-Oct-1926, Lebanon, Kansas, m. 23-Jun-1946, Russell Raymond Lowell, b. -   -1923.

100. Victor Dean Inslee b. 11-Dec-1923, 3 mi. E and 1/4 mi N of Isabel, KS, m. 28-Aug-1945, Stephanie Joan Wesolowski, b. 06-Aug-1920, Manhattan, New York. Enlisted in U.S. Coast Guard 09-Oct-1941, discharged Nov. 1945.

101. Theophilus Dwayne Inslee b. 22-Dec-1927, on the family farm, m. 08-May-1949, in Presbyterian Church, Medicine Lodge, KS, Phyllis Mulliken, b. 10-Feb-1931, Grandparent Woodward's home.

102. Beverly Jean Inslee b. 08-Feb-1933, on the family farm, Isabel, Kansas, m. 11-Jan-1952, Delmar Dean Hewitt, b. 10-Apr-1926, Crisfield, Kansas, d. 26-Jun-1994, Isabel, Kansas, buried: 29-Jun-1994.

103. Shirley Willene Inslee b. 26-Nov-1935, on the family farm, Isabel, Kansas, m. 20-Dec-1953, Joseph James McGee, b. 02-Dec-1930.

104. Lon Dee McGilliard b. 09-Aug-1921, Manhattan, Riley Co, Kansas, m. 29-Dec-1946, Pat Cadenhead, b. 23-Dec-1927, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

105. Jean Harriett McGilliard b. 23-Oct-1924, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma, m. -Aug-1947, Robert Schuetz, b. 01-May-1923, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

106. Alba Dare McGilliard b. 15-Oct-1926, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma, m. 07-Jul-1951, Margaret Louise Mason, b. 30-Apr-1927, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

107. Laura Faye McGilliard b. 22-Sep-1928, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma, m. 11-Sep-1949, William Edward Morris, b. 13-Jun-1926, Ivansville, Indiana.

109. Melba Ruth Inslee b. 08-Nov-1929, m. 10-Jul-1949, J. Richard Saucier.

110. Charlotte Jayne Inslee b. 04-Dec-1930, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma, m. (1) 25-Jan-1952, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jay Theodore Gannaway, b. 06-Feb-1932, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, (son of Virgil Theodore Gannaway and Irma Augusta Geer) m. (2) 21-Nov-1984, in Yukon, Oklahoma, Vincent Jones Carlyle. Jay: Air Force pilot- served from 30-May-1955 to 16-Jul-1979.

111. Carolyn Blythe Inslee b. 21-Jan-1934, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma, m. 10-Sep-1955, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Wilbur Lee Frank, b. 13-Sep-1929, Stillwater, Payne Co, Oklahoma, (son of George Frank and Mary Lavina Tanner). Wilbur: 4 years in Air Force.

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