Descendents of Robert Douglas

Robert Douglas

Bob Green has some interesting information and theories on the Douglas line on his web site.

1. Robert Douglas b. abt. 1588, Scotland, d. ??.
  + 2. i William Douglas b. abt. 1610.

Second Generation

2. William Douglas b. abt. 1610, Scotland, m. 1636, in Scotland (England?), Ann Mattle, b. -   -1610, Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England, (daughter of Thomas Mattle) d. -   -1685, New London, Connecticutt.  William died 26-Jul-1682, New London, Connecticutt, buried: Old First Burial Ground.  From:"The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy", Vol. II, 1926(1968): DOUGLAS, William (1610-82), came with his wife and two children to Gloucester, Mass., 1640; freeman at Boston, 1640; settled at New London, Conn., 1659, rep. Gen. Ct.; m: Ann (d 1685), dau. of Thomas Mattle.
    3. i Ann Douglas b. 1637, Scotland, m. Nathaniel Geary, d. ??.  Ann died ??.
  + 4. ii Robert Douglas b. -   -1639.
    5. iii Elizabeth Douglas b. 26-Aug-1641, Ipswich, Massachusetts, m. Dec. John Chandler, d. ??.  Elizabeth died ??.
    6. iv Sarah Douglas b. 08-Apr-1643, Ipswich, Massachusetts, m. John Keeney, d. ??.  Sarah died ??.
  + 7. v William Douglas b. 01-Apr-1645.

Third Generation

4. Robert Douglas b. -   -1639, Scotland, m. 28-Sep-1665, Mary Hempstead, b. 26-Mar-1647, New London, Connecticutt, (daughter of Robert Hempstead and Joanna Wyllie) d. 26-Dec-1711, New London, Connecticutt.  Robert died 15-Jan-1715(6), New London, Connecticutt.  Mary: from:"Charles Henry James Book": "Mary, daughter of Robert Hempstead, of New London.  She was the first child of English parents born in the town."
    8. i William Douglas b. 11-Nov-1666, m. b 1701, in New London, Connecticutt, Hannah ??, d. ??.  William died ??.
    9. ii Mary Douglas b. 13-Jun-1668, m. George Chappell, d. ??.  Mary died ??.
    10. iii Ann Douglas b. 25-Dec-1669, m. Jacob Waterhouse, d. ??.  Ann died 15-Mar-1714(5).
    11. iv John Douglas b. 17-Jul-1671, d. in infancy.
    12. v Hannah Douglas b. 14-May-1673, m. Stephen Hurlbut, d. ??.  Hannah died ??.
    13. vi Sarah Douglas b. 02-Dec-1674, m. Samuel Comstock, d. ??.  Sarah died 01-Apr-1704.
    14. vii Elizabeth Douglas b. 26-Apr-1677, m. Henry Rowland, d. ??.  Elizabeth died ??.
  + 15. viii Thomas Douglas b. 15-May-1679.
    16. ix Phebe Douglas b. 20-Jan-1681, m. John Baker, d. ??.  Phebe died ??.
    17. x Susannah Douglas b. abt. 1683, m. Edward DeWolf, d. ??.  Susannah died ??.
    18. xi Ruth Douglas b. abt. 1685, m. Isaac Woodworth, d. ??.  Ruth died ??.

7. William Douglas b. 01-Apr-1645, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, m. (1) 18-Dec-1667, in New London, Connecticutt, Abiah Hough, b. -  -1648, England, d. -  -1715, m. (2) Mrs. Mary Bushnell, d. ??.  William died -   -1724/25.
    Children by Abiah Hough:
    19. i Capt. Richard Douglas b. -   -1682, d. -   -1734/35.

Fourth Generation

15. Thomas Douglas b. 15-May-1679, New London, Connecticutt, m. 25-Nov-1703, in New London, Connecticutt, Hannah Sperry, b. New Haven, Connecticutt, d. 1758. Thomas died 03-Mar-1724(5), New London, Connecticutt.
    20. i John Douglas b. 07-Sep-1704, New London, Connecticutt, d. young.
    21. ii Robert Douglas b. 28-Dec-1705, m. Sarah Edgecome, d. ??.  Robert died ??.
    22. iii Thomas Douglas b. 18-Feb-1707, New London, Connecticutt, d. 25-Feb-1724(5).
    23. iv James Douglas b. 05-Apr-1710, New London, Connecticutt, m. Sarah Gee, d. ??.  James died ??.
    24. v Daniel Douglas b. 18-Sep-1713, m. Lois Caulkins, d. ??.  Daniel died ??.
    25. vi Mary Douglas b. 13-Feb-1715(6), New London, Connecticutt, m. Daniel Sexton, d. ??.  Mary died ??.
    26. vii Stephen Douglas b. 18-May-1719, New London, Connecticutt, m. Patience Atwell, d. ??.  Stephen died ??.
    27. viii Nathan Douglas b. 15-Apr-1721, New London, Connecticutt, m. Anne Dennis, d. ??.  Nathan died ??.
  + 28. ix John Douglas b. 08-Apr-1727.

Fifth Generation

28. John Douglas b. 08-Apr-1727, New London, Connecticutt, m. 11-May-1746, in New London, Connecticutt, Esther Leach, b. -   -1727, (daughter of Clement Leach) d. 06-Nov-1803, Whitestown, New York.  John died 13-Dec-1777, New London, Connecticutt.
    29. i John Douglas b. 21-Apr-1747, d. 04-Apr-1748.
    30. ii John Douglas b. 18-Jan-1748(9), m. Elizabeth Hall, d. ??.  John died ??.
    31. iii Esther Douglas b. 11-Dec-1750, m. Peter Chapel, d. ??.  Esther died ??.
    32. iv Grace Douglas b. 08-Apr-1753, m. Richard Chapel, d. ??.  Grace died  -  -1790.
  + 33. v Caleb Douglas b. 12-Feb-1756.
    34. vi David Douglas b. 02-May-1758, m. (1) Elizabeth Bishop, d. ??, m. (2) Eunice Swoddle, d. ??.  David died ??.
    35. vii Joshea Douglas b. 05-Sep-1760, m. Mary Turner, d. ??.  Joshea died ??.
    36. viii Elijah Douglas b. 01-Dec-1762, d. young.
    37. ix Stephen Douglas b. 26-Aug-1763, m. Abigail Ames, d. ??.  Stephen died ??.
    38. x Daniel Douglas b. 12-Feb-1765, Whitestown, New York, m. (1) 1792, Lucy Ames, d. ??, m. (2) Mrs. Martha Davis, d. ??.  Daniel died ??.
    39. xi Abel Douglas b. 27-Jun-1770, d. -  -1776.
    40. xii Isaac Douglas b. 04-Jul-1773, m. Sarah Gleason, d. ??.  Isaac died ??.
    41. xiii Elizabeth Douglas b. 29-Mar-1776, m. Jonathan Ames, d. ??.  Elizabeth died ??.

Sixth Generation

33. Caleb Douglas b. 12-Feb-1756, New London, Connecticutt, m. (1) 20-Nov-1777, in New London, Connecticutt, Bethiah Chapel, b. 10-Sep-1758, (daughter of Jonathan Chapel and Esther ??) d. 19-Aug-1788, m. (2) 10-Feb-1789, Sarah Hall, b. 05-Mar-1762, (daughter of Daniel Hall) d. 11-Aug-1830.  Caleb died 27-Sep-1833, Gorham, New York.
    Children by Bethiah Chapel:
    42. i Esther Douglas b. 25-Jul-1778, New London, Connecticutt, m. Elisha Payne, d. ??.  Esther died ??. More about Elisha and Esther can be found on Tom Payne's The Payne Genealogy website.
    43. ii Grace Douglas b. 05-Jun-1780, Middletown, New York, d. ??.
    44. iii Elizabeth Douglas b. 29-Apr-1782, m. Asa Webster, d. ??.  Elizabeth died ??, Western New York.
  + 45. iv David Douglas b. 07-Feb-1784.
    46. v Daniel Douglas b. 06-May-1786, Sandisfield, New York, m. (1) Mary Fuller, d. ??, m. (2) Rebecca Stilwell, d. ??.  Daniel died ??.
    47. vi Caleb Douglas b. 06-Jul-1788, Sandisfield, New York, m. Belenda Chapel, d. ??.  Caleb died ??.
    Children by Sarah Hall:
    48. vii Sarah Douglas b. 28-Sep-1790, Sandisfield, New York, m. John Butolph, d. ??.  Sarah died ??.
    49. viii Bethia Douglas b. 01-Mar-1793, Sandisfield, New York, d. 14-Feb-1872, Gorham, New York.
    50. ix Stephen Douglas b. 21-Apr-1795, Whitestown, New York, d. 27-Aug-1796.
    51. x Stephen Douglas b. 11-Jul-1797, Whitestown, New York, d. 25-Aug-1798.
    52. xi Nathan Douglas b. 22-Jul-1799, Whitestown, New York, m. Francis Smith, d. ??.  Nathan died ??.
    53. xii Levia Douglas b. 10-Apr-1801, Whitestown, New York, d. 29-Sep-1802.
    54. xiii Maria Douglas b. 23-Aug-1803, Whitestown, New York, m. David Pickett, d. ??.  Maria died ??.
    55. xiv George Douglas b. 30-Jun-1806, Whitestown, New York, m. Eliza Metcaff, d. ??.  George died ??.
    56. xv Henry Douglas b. 11-Jun-1808, Whitestown, New York, m. (1) Amanda Blodget, d. ??, m. (2) Angelina Branbridge, d. ??.  Henry died ??.

Seventh Generation

45. David Douglas b. 07-Feb-1784, Middletown, New York, m. 27-Mar-1806, in Middletown, New York, Rhoda Phelps, b. 02-Feb-1788, Windsor, Connecticutt, d. 19-Jul-1853, Brockport, New York.  David died 11-Jun-1872, Brodhead, Wisconsin.
    57. i Melissa Douglas b. 24-Feb-1807, Whitestown, New York, d. -abt 1866.
    58. ii Eliza Douglas b. 10-Sep-1807, Whitestown, New York, m. S.F. Colby, d. ??.  Eliza died 19-Nov-1868.
    59. iii Stephen Caleb Douglas b. 31-Mar-1812, Avon, New York, m. Ellis Reed, d. ??.  Stephen died ??.
  + 60. iv David Phelps Douglas b. 06-Jul-1818.
    61. v Daniel Chapel Douglas b. 18-Jun-1820, d. 31-Aug-1834.
    62. vi Elon Agripta Douglas b. 27-Apr-1822, Rome, New York, m. Martha Beach, d. ??.  Elon died ??.
    63. vii Mary Beth Douglas b. 26-May-1822, Pontiac, Michigan, d. 15-Sep-1822.
    64. viii James Sidney Douglas b. 16-Mar-1824, Pontiac, Michigan, d. at 10 yrs.
    65. ix Phelps Elisha Douglas b. 04-Nov-1824, Pontiac, Michigan, d. 27-Aug-1834.
    66. x Cornelius Albert Douglas b. 25-Nov-1827, Pontiac, Michigan, m. Mary Beach, d. ??.  Cornelius died ??.
    67. xi Esther Maria Douglas b. 15-Jun-1833, d. in infancy.
    68. xii Rhoda Ann Douglas b. 24-Feb-1848, Avon, New York, m. C.F. Milard, d. ??.  Rhoda died ??.

Eighth Generation

David and Mary Douglas
David and Mary Douglas

60. David Phelps Douglas b. 06-Jul-1818, Sweden (Utica), Oneida Co., N.Y., m. (1) Anna Marie Millard, b. 12-Jul-1815, d. 27-Dec-1849, m. (2) 21-Oct-1850, in Milton, Wisconsin, Amerilla Ayers, b. 05-Feb-1825, d. 21-May-1857, m. (3) 24-Feb-1858, in Plymouth, Wisconsin, Mary Jane Coryell, b. 29-Aug-1835, Painted Post, Steuben Co., New York, (daughter of Abraham Coryell and Mary Covert) d. 11-Feb-1909, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, buried: 13-Feb-1909, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  David died 24-Mar-1891, Brock, Nemaha Co., Nebraska, buried: Clifton Cem., Nemaha Co., Nebraska.
    Children by Anna Marie Millard:
    69. i Daniel Eleazur Douglas b. 01-Dec-1844, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, d. 23-Nov-1920.
    Children by Amerilla Ayers:
    70. ii Ursula Douglas b. 19-Sep-1851, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, d. 19-Jul-1858.
    71. iii Paul Douglas b. 23-May-1853, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, d. 24-Apr-1920.
    72. iv William Douglas b. 15-Jun-1855, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, d. 08-Aug-1855.
    73. v Infant Douglas b. 17-Mar-1857, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, d. 20-Mar-1857.
    Children by Mary Jane Coryell:
    74. vi George Abram Douglas b. 21-Dec-1858, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, d. 27-Jul-1861.
  + 75. vii Silas Berkley Douglas b. 05-Jul-1861.
  + 76. viii Arthur 'Art' Phelps Douglas b. 19-Nov-1865.
  + 77. ix Cora Lucelia Douglas b. 29-Mar-1868.
  + 78. x Olney 'Ona' Viola Douglas b. 17-Dec-1876.

Ninth Generation

75. Silas Berkley Douglas b. 05-Jul-1861, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, m. 03-Sep-1890, Lavina Trentman, b. 17-Feb-1865, d. ??.  Silas died 29-May-1930, El Paso, Texas, buried: 31-May-1930.
    79. i Leon Arthur Douglas b. 12-Feb-1891, d. ??.
    80. ii Corte Oliver Douglas b. 09-Mar-1893, d. ??.

Arthur P. Douglas
Arthur P. Douglas, ca 1886

76. Arthur 'Art' Phelps Douglas b. 19-Nov-1865, Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, m. 19-Apr-1909, in Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, Ella Frances Wilson, b. 27-Dec-1877, Salem, Pike Co., Illinois, (daughter of Alexander Wilson and Margaret Jane McCallister) d. 22-May-1927, Murphy, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, buried: Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  Arthur died 02-Oct-1939, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  Art and Charles Barton went to the Oklahoma Land Rush (April 22, 1889) as spectators.  They did follow the rush for a while, but did not look for land.
  + 81. i Raymond Wilson Douglas b. 03-Dec-1912.

77. Cora Lucelia Douglas b. 29-Mar-1868, Brock, Nemaha Co., Nebraska, m. 27-Jul-1887, Wayne Goodhue, b. 09-Aug-1863, d. ??.  Cora died 13-Jul-1938, Parsons, Kansas ??.  Wayne: There were three babies that died young.
  + 82. i Carrie Ethel Goodhue b. 17-Jul-1888.
  + 83. ii Loretta Coral Goodhue b. 31-Oct-1899.

78. Olney 'Ona' Viola Douglas b. 17-Dec-1876, Brock, Nemaha Co., Nebraska, m. 01-Mar-1898, Charles Barton, b. 28-Dec-1875, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, d. 31-Aug-1929, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, buried: Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  Olney died 24-Dec-1951, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, buried: Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  Charles: Charles and Art Douglas went to the Oklahoma Land Rush (April 22, 1889) as spectators.  They did follow the rush for a while, but did not look for land.
  + 84. i Vern Douglas Barton b. 30-Jan-1899.
  + 85. ii Teressa Elma Barton b. 31-Aug-1904.
  + 86. iii Fern Elga Barton b. 29-Oct-1905.
  + 87. iv Ivan K. 'Bud' Barton b. 07-Jan-1913.

Tenth Generation

81. Raymond Wilson Douglas b. 03-Dec-1912, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, m. 25-Feb-1934, in Marquette, Nebraska, Cynthia 'Marie' Eaton, b. 16-Aug-1914, Ulysses, Butler Co., Nebraska, (daughter of Orland Linzey Eaton and Maud Cynthia Williams) d. 09-Feb-1995, Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska, buried: 13-Feb-1995, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  Raymond died 13-Jan-1988, Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska, buried: Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  Raymond was born on a farm near Murphy, Nebraska. He was the owner of a produce station in Aurora, then a salesman for Metropolitan life Insurance in Lexington, Nebraska.

82. Carrie Ethel Goodhue b. 17-Jul-1888, m. Boyd Reaser, d. ??.  Carrie died ??.

83. Loretta Coral Goodhue b. 31-Oct-1899, m. 1917, Oliver Brough, d. ??.  Loretta died ??-Nov-1926.

84. Vern Douglas Barton b. 30-Jan-1899, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, m. 14-Sep-1921, in Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, Ruth Isaac, b. 14-Mar-1901, d. 07-Apr-1957, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, buried: Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.  Vern died 05-Sep-1953, Grand Island, Hall Co., Ne.-VA hosp., buried: Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

85. Teressa Elma Barton b. 31-Aug-1904, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, m. 24-Jul-1926, in Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, John 'Bob' Charles Kurth, b. 24-Feb-1901, Fullesburg, Illinois, d. 07-Apr-1987, Greeley, Weld Co., Colorado, buried: Greeley, Weld Co., Colorado.  Teressa died 12-Jun-1961, Greeley, Weld Co., Colorado, buried: Greeley, Weld Co., Colorado.

86. Fern Elga Barton b. 29-Oct-1905, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, m. 06-Jun-1932, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Douglas Ephrim Ortegren, b. 02-Sep-  ,Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, d. ??.  Fern died 18-Nov-1975, buried: Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

87. Ivan K. 'Bud' Barton b. 07-Jan-1913, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, m. 16-Apr-1945, in Blythville Arkansas, Martha 'Marti' Elizabeth Lindsey, b. 22-Feb-1927, Burkley, Kentucky, (daughter of Edgar Nicholas Lindsey and Dovie Ann DeWeese) d. Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska.  Ivan died 04-Oct-1988, North Platte, Nebraska, buried: 07-Oct-1988, McPherson Nat'l Cemetery-Maxwell, Nebr.

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