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Robert Bloomer

1. Robert Bloomer b. Abt 1628, Birmingham, England, m. 1661/2, in New England, Elizabeth Bullis, d. ??.  Robert died ??, age of 102 years old.
  + 2. i Robert Bloomer b. -   -1672.
  + 3. ii John Bloomer b. -   -1683.

Second Generation

2. Robert Bloomer b. -   -1672, New Rochelle, Westchester Co., New York, m. (1) Elizabeth Sutton, d. ??, m. (2) Elizabeth Shute, d. ??.  Robert died ??.
    Children by Elizabeth Sutton:
    4. i Robert Bloomer d. ??.
    5. ii Joseph Bloomer d. ??.
  + 6. iii John Bloomer.
    7. iv Gilbert Bloomer d. ??.

3. John Bloomer b. -   -1683, New Rochelle, Westchester Co., New York, m. Abigale ??, d. ??.  John died ??.
  + 8. i Abraham Bloomer b. 19-Apr-1758.
    9. ii Daniel Bloomer d. ??.
    10. iii Robert Bloomer d. ??.

Third Generation

6. John Bloomer m. Batha Fowler, d. ??.  John died ??.
    11. i John Bloomer.
    12. ii Robert Bloomer.
    13. iii David Bloomer.
    14. iv Gilbert Bloomer.
    15. v William Bloomer.
  + 16. vi Nehemiah Bloomer.
    17. vii Daniel Bloomer.

8. Abraham Bloomer b. 19-Apr-1758, d. 07-Nov-1841.
  + 18. i Stephen Bloomer.

Fourth Generation

16. Nehemiah Bloomer m. Elizabeth Ketchum, d. ??.  Nehemiah died ??, buried: Washington Co., Ohio.  Nehemiah Bloomer was a Tailor in New York.  He moved to Virginia, then to Kentucky and then to Ohio.  He is buried in Washington Co., Ohio old cemetery.
    19. i John Bloomer b. 22-Jul-1810/11, m. Ann Allen, d. ??.  John died ??.
    20. ii Daniel Bloomer d. ??.
    21. iii Benjamin Bloomer d. ??.
  + 22. iv William Bloomer b. 19-Jun-1784.
  + 23. v Joseph Bloomer.
    24. vi Phoebe Bloomer d. ??.
  + 25. vii Jessee Bloomer.

18. Stephen Bloomer d. ??.
    26. i Abraham Bloomer d. ??.
    27. ii James Bloomer d. ??.
    28. iii John Bloomer d. ??.

Fifth Generation

22. William Bloomer b. 19-Jun-1784, New Jersey, m. (1) -   -1807, Nancy Carroll, b. 03-Oct-1772, Georgia, d. ??, m. (2) 29-Feb-1833, Sara Paul, b. 28-May-1805, Virginia, d. -Jan-1852.  William died ??.
    Children by Nancy Carroll:
    29. i Jessee Bloomer b. 08-Feb-1809, Madison Co., Miss., d. ??.
    30. ii Ann Bloomer b. 22-Jul-1810, d. ??.
    31. iii Mary Bloomer b. -   -1811, d. ??.
  + 32. iv Phoebe Bloomer b. 18-Dec-1812.
    33. v Asa Bloomer b. 05-Nov-1814, d. ??.
    34. vi Benjamin Bloomer b. 09-Mar-1816, m. Eliza Dunkle, d. ??.  Benjamin died ??.
    35. vii Eliza Bloomer m. ?? Dunkle, d. ??.  Eliza died ??.
  + 36. viii Joseph Ephriam Bloomer b. 04-Feb-1819.
    37. ix Elizbeth Bloomer b. 03-Nov-1819, m. Joab Harper, d. ??.  Elizbeth died 03-Nov-1890.
    38. x Fannie Bloomer b. 29-Oct-1821, m. ?? Willis, d. ??.  Fannie died ??.
    39. xi William Carroll Bloomer b. 08-Feb-1823, Ohio, d. 19-Oct-1823.
    40. xii Rebecca Bloomer b. 21-Sep-1825, d. 04-Aug-1827.
    41. xiii Hinton Bloomer b. 09-Mar-1828, Ohio, d. ??.
    42. xiv Stephen Bloomer b. 08-Jun-1829, Ohio, d. -   -1833.
    Children by Sara Paul:
    43. xv Coleman Bloomer b. 16-Mar-1835, Ohio, d. ??.
    44. xvi James Bloomer b. 04-Mar-1836, Ohio, d. ??.
    45. xvii Jane Bloomer b. 20-Jun-1838, Ohio, m. Stephen Stewart, d. ??. Jane died ??.

23. Joseph Bloomer d. ??.
    46. i Rebecca Bloomer m. ?? Ayers, d. ??.  Rebecca died ??.
  + 47. ii Joseph Gatch Bloomer.
  + 48. iii William Johnson Bloomer b. -Jan-1858.
  + 49. iv Allen Trimble Bloomer.
    50. v Eliza Bloomer m. ?? Parret, d. ??.  Eliza died ??.
    51. vi Thomas Marshall Bloomer d. ??.
    52. vii Phoebe Bloomer m. ?? Kealing, d. ??.  Phoebe died ??.
    53. viii Nancy Ann Bloomer d. ??.
    54. ix James Hinton Bloomer d. ??.
    55. x Effie Jane Bloomer m. ?? Moore, d. ??.  Effie died ??.

25. Jessee Bloomer d. ??.
  + 56. i Joseph Bloomer b. -   -1830.

Sixth Generation

32. Phoebe Bloomer b. 18-Dec-1812, m. (1) David Johnson, d. ??, m. (2) Richard Heizer, d. ??.  Phoebe died ??.
    Children by David Johnson:
    57. i William Johnson d. ??.
    58. ii Joseph Johnson d. ??.
    59. iii Caroline Johnson d. ??.
    60. iv Terrel Johnson d. ??.
    61. v Josephine Johnson d. ??.

36. Joseph Ephriam Bloomer b. 04-Feb-1819, Fayette Co., Ohio, m. 06-Mar-1842, Sussanna May Ebby, b. 06-Jan-1823, d. 16-Apr-1880.  Joseph died 01- Feb-1859, Jefferson Co., Kansas.
  + 62. i Perry Harrison Bloomer b. 30-Apr-1845.
  + 63. ii Arthur Finley Bloomer b. 15-Jan-1851.
  + 64. iii Ames Elliot Bloomer b. 21-Mar-1853.

47. Joseph Gatch Bloomer b. Lebanon, Kansas, d. ??.
    65. i Thomas Allen Bloomer b. Indiana, d. ??.
    66. ii Lewis Henry Bloomer b. Indianapolis, Indiana, d. ??.
    67. iii Joseph Clinton Bloomer d. at 6 years.
    68. iv Mary Elizabeth Bloomer m. ?? Foster, d. ??.  Mary died ??.
    69. v Phoebe Francis Bloomer m. ?? Edwards.  Phoebe died 6mos.aft marria.
    70. vi Gilbert Bloomer, M.D. b. 1861, d. ??.
    71. vii Cora Alice Bloomer m. ?? Foster, d. ??.  Cora died ??.
    72. viii Wm. Creighton Bloomer, M.D. d. ??.

48. William Johnson Bloomer b. -Jan-1858, d. ??.  from: "Old Wars Pensioners 1815-1926" by White, P. 95: "Bloomer, William J.  Private, Old War IA-R23306 Kansas 3 Nov 1880 Service Florida War, Roger's Tennessee Vols."
    73. i James Bloomer d. ??.
    74. ii Oscar Bloomer, M.D. d. ??.

49. Allen Trimble Bloomer b. Newport, Missouri, m.  ?? Baker.  Allen died ??.
    75. i Watson Bloomer.

56. Joseph Bloomer b. -   -1830, m. Isabelle Baker, b. Fayette Co., Ohio, d. ??.  Joseph died -   -1885.
    76. i Pheobe Bloomer m. ?? Crawford, d. ??.  Pheobe died ??.
    77. ii Rebecca Bloomer m. ?? Kirk, d. ??.  Rebecca died ??.
    78. iii William A. Bloomer b. Lebanon, Kansas, d. ??.
    79. iv Jennie Bloomer m. ?? Allen, d. ??.  Jennie died ??.
    80. v Samuel Bloomer d. 1890.
    81. vi Erma Bloomer m. ?? Cheif, d. ??.  Erma died 1892.
    82. vii Charles Bloomer d. ??.

Seventh Generation

62. Perry Harrison Bloomer b. 30-Apr-1845, Whitley Co., Indiana, m. 25-Apr-1872, in Marion Co., Mo. by Rev. Nathan Ayres, Katherine Rhodes, b. 13-Dec-1843, Stark Co., Ohio, (daughter of David Rhodes and Cordia ??) d. ??.  Perry died 20-Nov-1900.  Perry H. Bloomer was born in Whitley Co., Indiana.  In 1857, he moved to Jefferson Co., Iowa and in 1858 to Jefferson Co., Kansas.  He was a private, Co. H, 15th Regiment of the Kansas Cavalry in the Civil War.  From 10/20/1863 to 12/7/1865 he was a Potter and Farmer near Palmyra, Mo. Katherine: From "Bloomers in America" (p 222), a copy of a letter written by Perry H. Bloomer 04-May-1898 to Hon H. Clay Evans, Commissioner of Pensions is reproduced.  It is on stationary of Mrs. Kate Bloomer, Breeder of Farm Raised Poultry, Toulouse Geese, Pekin Ducks, Bronze Turkeys, Light Brahama Chickens, PO Box 155, Palmyra, Mo.  (From Dorothy G. Tuttle letter 22-Nov-1996).
  + 83. i Edwin Arthur Bloomer b. 28-Dec-1872.
    84. ii Maud May Bloomer b. 10-Sep-1875, d. 17-Jun-1953.
  + 85. iii Hiram Ames Bloomer b. 01-Nov-1879.

63. Arthur Finley Bloomer b. 15-Jan-1851, Wabash Co., Indiana, m. Kate Alexander, d. ??.  Arthur died 28-Jan-1908.  Arthur F. Bloomer was born in Wabash Co., Indiana and moved to Jefferson Co., KS in 1858.  In 1856 he learned the printers trade. From 1873 to 1908 he worked in the U.S. Printing Office and was a writer for Labor and Masonic Journals.  His wife and daughter were in Munich, Germany when he died.
    86. i Jessee Bloomer d. ??.

64. Ames Elliot Bloomer b. 21-Mar-1853, m. Clara Regina Smith, d. ??.  Ames died ??.
    87. i Frank L. Bloomer d. ??.
  + 88. ii Kate Bloomer.

Eighth Generation

83. Edwin Arthur Bloomer b. 28-Dec-1872, Marion Co., Missouri, m. 24-Mar-1908, in Davenport, Iowa, Selma Grace Hofstetter, b. 31-Dec-1887, Rock Island Co., Illinois, (daughter of Fred Hofstetter and Ruth Elizabeth Richardson) d. 11-Apr-1957, Hannible, Mo. (Levering Hospital), buried: Palmyra, Missouri.  Edwin died 11-Mar-1953, Hannible, Mo. (Levering Hospital), buried: 14-Mar-1953, Palmyra, Missouri.  Edwin suffered a stroke one week before he died.
    89. i Evelyn Pearl Bloomer b. 04-Apr-1909, d. 23-May-1973.
    90. ii Lyle Harrison Bloomer b. 20-Jul-1910, m. 27-Apr-1941, Minnie O. Todd, b. 08-Jun-1908.  Lyle died 27-Jul-1973, Monroe City, MO, buried: 30-Jul-1973, St. Jude's Cemetery, Monroe City, MO.
    91. iii Cecil Fredrick Bloomer b. 06-Aug-1912, Marion County, Missouri, d. 27-Apr-1976, Palmyra, Missouri, buried: 01-May-1976, Greenwood Cemetery, Palmyra, Missouri.  Enlisted in the Army of the United States on 21-Feb-1942 at Jefferson Barrocks, Missouri.  Received Honorable Discharge on 13-Oct-1945 as a Private First Class.
    92. iv Virgil Edwin Bloomer b. 10-Apr-1914, d. 11-Jan-1917.
  + 93. v Russell Addison Bloomer b. 04-Sep-1916.
    94. vi Helen Elizabeth Bloomer b. 15-Jul-1918, d. 20-Apr-1922.
  + 95. vii Raymond Edgar Bloomer b. 16-Apr-1920.
  + 96. viii Victor LeRoy Bloomer b. 12-Aug-1924.
  + 97. ix Francis Gene Bloomer b. 20-Nov-1926.
    98. x Arnold J. Bloomer b. 27-Mar-1929, d. 23-Jul-1944.  Arnold was killed in a car accident- Riding in a Model A with a rumble seat. He was thrown out and hit his head on a rock.

85. Hiram Ames Bloomer b. 01-Nov-1879, m. Jennie Banks, d. ??.  Hiram died ??.
    99. i Gwendolin Bloomer.

88. Kate Bloomer m. John S. Cameron, d. ??.  Kate died ??.
    100. i Elizabeth Cameron.
    101. ii Jack Cameron.
    102. iii Clara Cameron.

Ninth Generation

93. Russell Addison Bloomer b. 04-Sep-1916, m. 20-Nov-1939, in Palmyra, Missouri, Eula 'Mae' Meyer, b. 19-Oct-1923.  Russell died ?, Franciscan Hospital, buried: Nat'l Cemetery, Rock Island, Illinois.

95. Raymond Edgar Bloomer b. 16-Apr-1920, Palmyra, Missouri, m. 28-Feb-1944, in Attica, Harper Co, Kansas, Tharon Lois Evans, b. 28-Dec-1920, (daughter of Henry Noah Evans and Arva Willa Berg).

96. Victor LeRoy Bloomer b. 12-Aug-1924, Rock Island, Illinois, m. 23-Nov-1948, in St. Louis, Missouri, Kathryn Virginia Goodwin, b. 18-Nov-1926, Oblong, llinois, Crawford Co., (daughter of James Nelson Goodwin and Lettie Dale Ikemire). Victor died 18-Feb-1984, buried: 21-Feb-1984, Hutsonville Cemetery, Hutsonville, Ill.

97. Francis Gene Bloomer b. 20-Nov-1926, m. 13-Jan-1948, Helen C. Bailey, b. 28-Apr-1930.

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