Ancestors of Joseph Anderson Bunch

Joseph Anderson Bunch

1. Joseph Anderson Bunch b. 11-Jul-1848, St. Clair County, Missouri, occupation farmer & stockman, m. 06-Jan-1869, in Henry County, Missouri, Cymanthat "Si" Park, b. 07-Oct-1851, Benton Co., Missouri, d. 13-Mar-1945, died at home, buried: 15-Mar-1945, Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.  Joseph died 25-Sep-1932, St. Clair Co., Mo. (died at home), buried: 26-Sep-1932, Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.  From: "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West":"Joe Bunch was a faithful member of the Park Grove Christian Church. In an old clipping he was quoted as saying to the 'Lowry City Independent', and was highly thought of. He bought the gravesite of his father, David A., where are also buried two infant sons of Joseph and his wife, and had a permanent wall and railing built arount the plot. Joe and Si took his nephew David to live with them after David's father, Henry M. died 1889-probably after Henry's widow re-married."


2. David Anderson Bunch b. 11-Nov-1819, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. -Mar-1845, in St. Clair County, Missouri, Delila Cobb, b. 27-Mar-1830, North Carolina, d. ??.  David died 15-Jan-1862, St. Clair County, Missouri.  From "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West":p. 251: "We found no earlier purchase date for Gov't land in the St. Clair Co. in what became Butler Twp. than '31 Dec 1838' when David Bunch and his brother John bought their first land. A year later David bought and adjoining "forty"; he continued buying until in 1860 the St. Clair Census showed he had real property valued at $6,000 and personal property at $3,500.

3. Delila Cobb b. 27-Mar-1830, North Carolina, m. (1) -Mar-1845, in St. Clair County, Missouri, David Anderson Bunch, b. 11-Nov-1819, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. 15-Jan-1862, St. Clair County, Missouri, m. (2) 1869 or later, Solomon Johnson, b. Ohio, occupation Herb doctor, d. 1876.  Delila died ??.  From: "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West"p.251:"David's home, called "The Yellow House", was on the first land he bought"..."Henry James says the Yellow House 'stood on a hillside sloping to the east'" "Stella (Park) Crockett said that David first courted Delila Cobb's sister Debora, but fell in love with the red-haired Delila, and married her in 1845." ..."Delila had a little clay pipe, and after riding over for a visit she would sit down, fill up her pipe and smoke."

Grand Parents

4. Jesse Bunch b. 25-Nov-1773, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. 24-Jan-1799, in Louisa Co., Virginia, Elizabeth Pulliam, b. ca 1783, d. ??.  Jesse died 05-Oct-1841, Henry County, Missouri.  From: "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West"p.245: "Jesse was a Private, War of 1812, 7th Reg. (Gray's) Va. Militia; discharged at Camp Carter, Va. 3 Feb 1815."

5. Elizabeth Pulliam b. ca 1783, d. ??.

6. Hugh Cobb b. 1790, North Carolina, m. Elizabeth ??, b. 1792, Md., d. ??.  Hugh died ??.

7. Elizabeth ?? b. 1792, Md., d. ??.

Great Grand Parents

8. John A. Bunch b. 20-Oct-1747, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. ca 1770/1, Hannah Cruze(Crews?), b. -   -1745, d. 12-Dec-1811.  John died 24-Mar-1820, Grainger Co., Tennessee.

9. Hannah Cruze(Crews?) b. -   -1745, d. 12-Dec-1811.

Great Great Grand Parents

16. David Bunch b. 24-Jun-1722, western Hanover Co., Virginia, m. 11-Jan-1746, Mary Jane  Hughson, b. 29-Aug-1729, d. 04-May-1809.  David died 18-Apr-1776, Trinity Parish, Louisa Co., Virginia.

17. Mary Jane  Hughson also known as: Mary 'Polly" O. (?) b. 29-Aug-1729, d. 04-May-1809.  I have Mary's name as Mary 'Polly' O. (?).  From Bunch Book.  Got Mary's name from "Harold E. Emerson Jr" <>

18. Josiah Crews? d. ??.

3rd Great Grand Parents

32. John Bunch, Jr. b. ca 1690, m. ca 1715, Rebecca ??, b. ca 1699, d. 16-Mar-1770. John died bef 14-Mar-1742, Louisa Co., Virginia.

33. Rebecca ?? b. ca 1699, d. 16-Mar-1770.

34. Ellis G. Hughson .

35. Dorcus Bonah.

4th Great Grand Parents

64. John Bunch b. ca 1662-7, d. ??.

5th Great Grand Parents

128. John Bunch b. ca 1636-41, d. ??.

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