Descendents of John Bunch

John Bunch

1. John Bunch b. ca 1636-41, d. ??.
  + 2. i John Bunch b. ca 1662-7.
    3. ii ?Paul Bunch d. ??.

Second Generation

2. John Bunch b. ca 1662-7, d. ??.
  + 4. i John Bunch, Jr. b. ca 1690.

Third Generation

4. John Bunch, Jr. b. ca 1690, m. ca 1715, Rebecca ??, b. ca 1699, d. 16-Mar-1770. John died bef 14-Mar-1742, Louisa Co., Virginia.
    5. i John Bunch b. ca 1715, prob Hanover Co., Virginia, d. 1777, Louisa Co., Virginia.
    6. ii William Bunch b. ca 1718, prob Hanover Co., Virginia, m. Febe ??, d. ??.  William died ??.
    7. iii Henry Bunch b. ca 1720, prob Hanover Co., Virginia, m. Ann Calloway?, d. ??.  Henry died ??.
  + 8. iv David Bunch b. 24-Jun-1722.
    9. v James Bunch b. ca 1724, prob Hanover Co., Virginia, m. Mary ??, d. ??. James died -  -1802, prob Bedford Co., Virginia.
    10. vi Samuel Bunch b. ca 1726, prob Hanover Co., Virginia, m. Mary ??, d. ??.  Samuel died ??.
    11. vii Lucresea (Lucretia) Bunch b. prob Hanover Co., Virginia, m. ?? Meredith, d. ??.  Lucresea died ??.

Fourth Generation

8. David Bunch b. 24-Jun-1722, western Hanover Co., Virginia, m. 11-Jan-1746, Mary Jane  Hughson, b. 29-Aug-1729, (daughter of Ellis G. Hughson and Dorcus Bonah) d. 04-May-1809.  David died 18-Apr-1776, Trinity Parish, Louisa Co., Virginia.
  + 12. i John A. Bunch b. 20-Oct-1747.
    13. ii Joseph Bunch b. 15-Jun-1749, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. Mary Woodson Anderson, b. -   -1760, d. ??.  Joseph died Aft 1830, Dickson Co., Tennessee.
    14. iii Pouncey Bunch b. 1750/51, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. 1809.  Married Elizabeth Bunch (1st cousin Daugher of James).
    15. iv William Bunch b. 30-Nov-1752, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. Nancy Moore, b. 21-Mar-1752, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. 16-Oct-1843.  William died 15-Dec-1831, Guilford Co., North Carolina.
    16. v Jane Bunch b. 09-Dec-1754, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. 29-May-1783, in Goochland Co. Va, George Chewing.  Jane died ??.
    17. vi Mary Bunch b. 20-Mar-1757, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. Bet 1810/1816, Bullitt, Kentucky.
    18. vii David Bunch b. 23-Mar-1759, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. 13-Jan-1806, in Louisa Co., Virginia, Elizabeth Wright.  David died 1835, Louisa Co., Virginia.  David received 55 acres on the North side of Sycamore Creek and a horse from his father's will probated 1776 in Louisa Co.  Later records show that most of the children migrated to Missouri.
    19. viii Lucreasea (Lucretia) Bunch b. 07-Jan-1761, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. ??.
    20. ix Anthony Bunch b. 19-Nov-1762, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. (1) Mary Bunch, d. ??, m. (2) Mary Burnett/Barnett, d. ??.  Anthony died bef 15-Nov-1827.
  + 21. x Thomas Bunch b. 17-Feb-1765.
    22. xi Nathaniel 'Nathan' Bunch b. 25-Jul-1767, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. 1833.
    23. xii Winnie Bunch b. 20-Dec-1769, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. 01-Feb-1797, William Cruze.  Winnie died ??.
    24. xiii Paul Bunch b. 28-May-1772, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. 12-Dec-1802, Mary 'Polly' Hancock, d. ??.  Paul died 17-Jul-1802.  Received 74 acres and the home place between Camp Creek and Sycamore Fork Creek. Fathers will 1776.

Fifth Generation

12. John A. Bunch b. 20-Oct-1747, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. ca 1770/1, Hannah Cruze(Crews?), b. -   -1745, (daughter of Josiah Crews?) d. 12-Dec-1811.  John died 24-Mar-1820, Grainger Co., Tennessee.
    25. i Anderson Bunch b. 08-Nov-1771, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. (1) Adney Bunch, d. ??, m. (2) Barbara Crawford, d. ??.  Anderson died 08-Oct-1832.
  + 26. ii Jesse Bunch b. 25-Nov-1773.
    27. iii John A. Bunch b. 03-Mar-1776, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. Judith Bowles, d. ??.  John died ??.
    28. iv Lucy Bunch b. 13-Jan-1779, d. 27-Mar-1850.
    29. v Josiah Cruze Bunch b. 23-Sep-1781, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. 25-Oct-1808, Elizabeth Turner, b. 21-Nov-1781, Spottsylvania Co., Virginia, d. 23-Feb-1961, Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Josiah died 28-Oct-1875, Crawfordsville, Indiana.
    30. vi Pouncey Bunch b. 15-May-1785, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. Sally B. Mallory, d. ??.  Pouncey died 16-Aug-1822, Wilkes Co., Georgia.
    31. vii William Bunch b. 12-Aug-1787, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. 01-Aug- 1822.

21. Thomas Bunch b. 17-Feb-1765, Louisa Co., Virginia, d. ??.  On tax rolls in Grainger Co. Tenn 1799 to 1815.  Owned 340 acres of Land. Listed as bondsman 1803 and 1809.  On tax list in Henry Co., Tenn 1827-1831. His grandson Bryan B. Jr. was a Major in Company A, 5th Tenn Infantry in the Civil War Confederate States of America.
    32. i Bryan B. Bunch.

Sixth Generation

26. Jesse Bunch b. 25-Nov-1773, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. 24-Jan-1799, in Louisa Co., Virginia, Elizabeth Pulliam, b. ca 1783, d. ??.  Jesse died 05-Oct-1841, Henry County, Missouri.  From: "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West"p.245: "Jesse was a Private, War of 1812, 7th Reg. (Gray's) Va. Militia; discharged at Camp Carter, Va. 3 Feb 1815."
    33. i Eliza Bunch b. ca Nov 1798, Virginia, d. 13-Dec-1818, Virginia.
    34. ii James Bunch b. ca 1802, m. Emily Young, d. ??.  James died ??.
    35. iii John Carr Bunch b. 27-Dec-1808, Virginia, m. Nancy Tally, d. ??.  John died ??.
    36. iv Lucy Ann Bunch b. ca 1812, Virginia, m. Burdette Osborne, d. ??. Lucy died ??.
    37. v Harriet Bunch b. 1811-20, d. ??.
    38. vi Sarah Caroline 'Sally' Bunch b. ca 1818, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. David Minnis, d. ??.  Sarah died ??.
  + 39. vii David Anderson Bunch b. 11-Nov-1819.
    40. viii Elizabeth E. 'Betsy' Bunch b. 19-Feb-1821, Virginia, m. (1) P.H. Cherry, d. ??, m. (2) James D. Newell, d. ??.  Elizabeth died ??.
    41. ix William Maloy Bunch b. 26-Oct-1822, Virginia, m. Sarah Ann Robinson, d. ??.  William died ??.

Seventh Generation

39. David Anderson Bunch b. 11-Nov-1819, Louisa Co., Virginia, m. -Mar-1845, in St. Clair County, Missouri, Delila Cobb, b. 27-Mar-1830, North Carolina, (daughter of Hugh Cobb and Elizabeth ??) d. ??.  David died 15-Jan-1862, St. Clair County, Missouri.  From "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West":p. 251: "We found no earlier purchase date for Gov't land in the St. Clair Co. in what became Butler Twp. than '31 Dec 1838' when David Bunch and his brother John bought their first land. A year later David bought and adjoining "forty"; he continued buying until in 1860 the St. Clair Census showed he had real property valued at $6,000 and personal property at $3,500. Delila: From: "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West"p.251:"David's home, called "The Yellow House", was on the first land he bought"..."Henry James says the Yellow House 'stood on a hillside sloping to the east'" "Stella (Park) Crockett said that David first courted Delila Cobb's sister Debora, but fell in love with the red-haired Delila, and married her in 1845." ..."Delila had a little clay pipe, and after riding over for a visit she would sit down, fill up her pipe and smoke."
    42. i Hugh James Bunch b. 18-Sep-1846, St. Clair Co., Mo., m. (1) 1871, Mary J. Hannah, d. ??, m. (2) Laura Emma Rickett, d. ??.  Hugh died 29-Apr-1901, St. Clair Co., Mo.  Hugh was just a little more than fifteen when his father died, but a boy that age was almost a man, and he took responsibilities.  He had seven younger brothers and sisters and his mother to look after.  His sisters Fanny and Martha Jane and his brother Joe married before Hugh's first marriage in 1871.
  + 43. ii Joseph Anderson Bunch b. 11-Jul-1848.
    44. iii Frances Debora "Fanny" Bunch b. 24-Oct-1850, St. Clair Co., Mo., m. 09-May-1867, in St. Clair Co., Mo., James Pearson Snyder, d. ??. Frances died 18-Aug-1903, St. Clair Co., Mo.
    45. iv David Edwin "Ed" Bunch b. 1853, St. Clair Co., Mo., m. 1878, Jane E. (Bunch) Daniel, d. ??.  David died ??.
    46. v Martha Jane Bunch b. 19-Apr-1855, d. 14-Sep-1899.
    47. vi Huldah Elizabeth Bunch b. -May-1857, St. Clair Co., Mo., m. 08-Apr-1876, in St. Clair Co., Mo., Luther G. Attebery, d. ??.  Huldah died -   -1934.
    48. vii Henry M. Bunch b. 21-Jul-1859, St. Clair Co., Mo., m. 11-Nov-1882, in St. Clair Co., Mo., Lydia Frances "Frankie" Walker, d. ??.  Henry died 09-May-1889, buried: Landaker Cem., St. Clair Co., Mo.
    49. viii Delila D. 'Dee' Bunch b. 1862, St. Clair Co., Mo., m. 23-May- 1880, in St. Clair Co., Mo., Isaac Hartzell, d. ??.  Delila died 1888, Colorado.

Eighth Generation

43. Joseph Anderson Bunch b. 11-Jul-1848, St. Clair County, Missouri, m. 06-Jan-1869, in Henry County, Missouri, Cymanthat "Si" Park, b. 07-Oct-1851, Benton Co., Missouri, (daughter of Overton Parke/Park and Mary 'Ellen' Foster) d. 13-Mar-1945, died at home, buried: 15-Mar-1945, Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri. Joseph died 25-Sep-1932, St. Clair Co., Mo. (died at home), buried: 26-Sep-1932, Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.  From: "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West":"Joe Bunch was a faithful member of the Park Grove Christian Church. In an old clipping he was quoted as saying to the 'Lowry City Independent', and was highly thought of. He bought the gravesite of his father, David A., where are also buried two infant sons of Joseph and his wife, and had a permanent wall and railing built arount the plot. Joe and Si took his nephew David to live with them after David's father, Henry M. died 1889-probably after Henry's widow re-married." Cymanthat: Her name was spelled "Samantha" on her tombstone, and "Cymanthat" in her obituary.
    50. i Infant d. ??.
    51. ii Infant d. ??.
  + 52. iii Delila Paulina Bunch b. 06-Aug-1871.
    53. iv Elbert A. Bunch b. 19-Jan-1875, d. young, buried: Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.
    54. v Rufus Thos. Bunch b. 06-Mar-1878, d. 13-May-1944, buried: Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.
    55. vi Barney A. Bunch b. 1879, d. infant, buried: Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.
  + 56. vii Lulu Frances Bunch b. 15-Mar-1881.
  + 57. viii Effie Emma Bunch b. 21-Nov-1883.
  + 58. ix Nina B. Bunch b. 13-Oct-1886.
    59. x Rena Esther Bunch b. 1893, m. 25-Dec-1910, Wm. E. Carter, d. ??. Rena died young.

Ninth Generation

52. Delila Paulina Bunch b. 06-Aug-1871, St. Clair, Missouri, m. 05-Mar-1890, in St. Clair Co., Mo., Olen Walter Huey, b. 12-Sep-1866, Atchison Co., Mo., d. -   -1937, Pendleton, Oregon, buried: Pendelton, Oregon.  Delila died 16-Feb-1960, Pendleton, Oregon, buried: 18-Feb-1960, Olney Cemetery, Pendleton, Ore.
  + 60. i Joseph Kennedy Huey b. 26-Jul-1894.
    61. ii Olen L. Huey b. 20-Dec-1897.
    62. iii Vera Cecil Huey b. 21-Oct-1902, Isabel, Kansas, m. (1) Chester Chase, m. (2) Before Aug 1937, Edward Lane Hays, b. -   -1898, d. -   -1964, Pendelton, Oregon, buried: Olney Cem., Pendelton, Oregon.  Vera died -   -1962, Pendelton, Oregon, buried: Olney Cem, Pendelton, Oregon. Edward: Vera and Edward worked together in his book shop.

56. Lulu Frances Bunch b. 15-Mar-1881, Sinclair County, Missouri, m. 20-Jun-1909, in near Deepwater, Missouri, Charles Rollin Inslee, b. 26-Oct-1883, Clements, Chase Co., Kansas, (son of Theophilus 'Ted' Dee Inslee and Harriet 'Emma' Rinebarger) d. 04-Nov-1967, Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas, buried: 07-Nov-1967, Sharon Cemetery, Barber Co., Kansas.  Lulu died 15-Oct-1962, Clinton, Missouri, buried: 18-Oct-1962, Sharon Cemetery, Barber Co., Kansas.
  + 63. i Bertha Emma Inslee b. 28-Mar-1910.
  + 64. ii Clifford 'Dale' Inslee b. 31-Dec-1911.
    65. iii Baby Inslee b. 31-May-1916, near Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas, d. 31-May-1916, near Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas, buried: Isabel, Kansas.

57. Effie Emma Bunch b. 21-Nov-1883, St. Clair County, Missouri, m. 27-Nov-1907, in Joseph A. Bunch home, Col. Cyril C. Phillips, b. 25-Aug-1882, Independence Co., Arkansas, (son of Dr. Robert Samuel Phillips and Ruth Gaither) d. 29-Jun-1945, at home in Lowry City, Missouri, buried: 01-Aug-1945, Lowry City Cemetery, Lowry City, MO.  Effie died 20-Aug-1972, Golden Valley Hospital, Clinton, MO., buried: 23-Aug-1972, Lowry City Cemetery, Lowry City, MO.  Effie was musical and contributed to the affairs of the Park Grove Church.
  + 66. i Constance Louise Phillips b. 14-Jul-1910.

58. Nina B. Bunch b. 13-Oct-1886, m. 25-Dec-1910, William Elvin Carter, b. 27-Nov-1889, d. 15-Feb-1972, buried: 18-Feb-1972, Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.  Nina died 14-Jan-1977, buried: 16-Jan-1977, Park Grove Cem., St. Clair Co., Missouri.  William: William shot himself with a 22 rifle and died in the Windsor ambulance enroute to Wetzel Hospital in Clinton, Mo.
    67. i Clive Lowell Carter b. 19-Jan-1912, Los Angeles, California, d. 16-Nov-1927, Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri, buried: 17-Nov-1927, Mount Washington Cem., Kansas City, Mo.

Tenth Generation

60. Joseph Kennedy Huey b. 26-Jul-1894, m. Myrtle Perry, d. Before 1967.  Joseph died -   -1964.

63. Bertha Emma Inslee b. 28-Mar-1910, near Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas, m. 25-Dec-1936, in Baptist Parsonage, Medicine Lodge, KS, Clarence Edward Rucker, b. 05-Apr-1909, farm S. of Pixley, Barber Co., Kansas, (son of Joseph Oscar Rucker and Bertha Irene Young) d. 05-Oct-1993, 3:00pm Attica, Kansas - rest home, buried: 08-Oct-1993, Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas.  Bertha died 26-Jan-1998, Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas, buried: 29-Jan-1998, Sharon, Barber Co., Kansas.

64. Clifford 'Dale' Inslee b. 31-Dec-1911, Henry County, Missouri, m. 12-May-1933, in Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas, Zelma Opal Rucker, b. 30-Jan-1914, near Medicine Lodge, Kansas, (daughter of Joseph Oscar Rucker and Bertha Irene Young) d. 02-Jun-1984, Pratt Regional Med. Center, Pratt, KS, buried: 04-Jun-1984, Medicine Lodge Cemetery, Kansas.  Clifford died 24-Sep-1980, at home near Sharon, Kansas, buried: 26-Sep-1980, Medicine Lodge Cemetery, Kansas.

66. Constance Louise Phillips b. 14-Jul-1910, St. Clair County, Missouri, m. -   -1927, in Henry Co., Missouri, George Oliver Hillegas, b. 27-Sep-1904, St. Clair Co., Missouri, (son of Charles Hillegas and Nettie Gonser) d. 12-Sep-1968.  Constance died 26-Jan-1987, buried: 29-Jan-1987, Lowry City Cemetery, Lowry City, MO.

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