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Descendents of Henry H. Snyder

Henry & Eliza Snyder

Henry H. Snyder

1. Henry H. Snyder b. 22-Oct-1818, Perry Co., Pennsylvania, m. 24-Jan-1853, in East Waterford, Juniata Co.,Penn-Presby., Elizabeth Jane 'Eliza' Fisher, b. 06-Oct-1829, East Waterford, Juniata Co., Penn., (daughter of Samuel Fisher and Elizabeth Moyer) d. 26-Jun-1890, at home, near Glen Elder, KS, buried: High Prairie Cemetery, Glen Elder, KS.  Henry died 08-Feb-1890, at home, near Glen Elder, KS, buried: High Prairie Cemetery, Glen Elder, KS.  The Snyders moved to Kansas from Iowa, sometime between 1875 and 1885, according to State Census data. Henry and Eliza are buried in High Prairie Cemetery, south of Glen Elder, KS in Walnut Creek Township, Mitchell Co., Kansas. from family source: Henry and Eliza moved from East Waterford by covered wagon in 1870. They first went to Iowa, and then to Glen Elder, Kansas in 1876. The Snyder ancestors came from Holland and were Quakers.
  + 2. i Samuel Snyder b. 25-Apr-1854.
  + 3. ii Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzie' Snyder b. 12-Jul-1856.
    4. iii Charles Marly Snyder b. 28-Jul-1858, Pennsylvania, d. ??.  Charles left home and the family did not know where he was.  Family source told that Charles went to Iowa and stayed there.  Charles came to visit his relatives in Mitchell County.  His relatives and/or descendents live in Iowa. Charles came to Kiowa, Kansas and visited Henry Snyder when Doris was a young girl.
  + 5. iv Rebecca Ellen 'Ellie' Snyder b. 11-Nov-1860.
  + 6. v Emmaretta 'Em' Moyer Snyder b. 30-Sep-1862.
  + 7. vi George McClellan Snyder b. 11-Feb-1865.
    8. vii Viola Bell Snyder b. 18-Nov-1867, Gosport, Marion Co., Iowa, d. 26-Dec-1901, buried: near Glen Elder, Kansas.  On the 1895 state census, a V.B. Snyder lived with T.W. and M.A. Neff-27 yrs.
  + 9. viii Mary Ann Snyder b. 29-Sep-1870.

Second Generation

2. Samuel Snyder b. 25-Apr-1854, Juniata Co., Pennsylvania, m. 17-Mar-1880, in Mitchell County, Kansas, Clara Bell Courson, b. 17-Apr-1863, Avon, Warren Co., Illinois, (daughter of James Ross Courson and Hesterine Catherine Russell) d. 14-Oct-1932, buried: Fairview Cem.,Okla.- near Hardtner, KS.  Samuel died 09-Jun-1933, Glen Elder, Kansas, buried: Fairview Cem.,Okla.- near Hardtner, KS. Samuel moved to Kansas from Iowa with his parents, sometime between 1875 and 1885, according to state census data. Clara: The Coursons came to Kansas from Illinois, according to state census data. This occurred between 1870 and 1875.

Samuel Snyder Family
(photo courtesy of Joyce Coates)

  + 10. i Samuel Fernoi Snyder b. 25-Jan-1880.
  + 11. ii Frankie Otis Snyder b. 18-Sep-1881.
    12. iii Frances Lors Snyder b. 18-Sep-1881, Glen Elder, Kansas, d. stillborn.
    13. iv Elizabeth Melinda 'Lynn' Snyder b. 05-Oct-1883, Mitchell County, Kansas, m. James Meyers, b. Canadien, Texas, d. ??.  Elizabeth died 28-Nov-1934, buried: Canadien, Texas. Listed as M.E. Snyder on 1885 state census.
    14. v Daniel Webster Snyder b. 20-Feb-1887, Mitchell County, Kansas, d. 06-Aug-1887, Glen Elder, Kansas.
    15. vi Lucelia 'Cele' Snyder b. 25-Feb-1890, Mitchell County, Kansas, m. B.C. 'Bert' Dorman, d. ??.  Lucelia died 09-May-1917, after birth of 3rd child, buried: Fairview Cem.,Okla.- near Hardtner, KS.
    16. vii Bessie Jane Snyder b. 17-Jun-1894, Mitchell County, Kansas, m. (1) Earl Dorman, d. ??, m. (2) George Bradley, d. -   -1942.  Bessie died 14-Mar-1942, buried: Enid, Oklahoma.
    17. viii Fred Floid Snyder b. 27-Aug-1902, Okla.Territory-NW of Alva 17 mi-Woods Co, m. (1) -   -1922/23, Addie Jenkins, d. ??, m. (2) -Oct-1932, Alma Ward, d. ??.  Fred died ??, buried: Kiowa, Oklahoma.

Samuel Snyder Home near Glen Elder, KS
Sam Snyder home near Glen Elder, Kansas

(photo courtesy of Joyce Coates)

3. Elizabeth Jane 'Lizzie' Snyder b. 12-Jul-1856, Pennsylvania, m. 22-Jan(Feb)1881, William 'Billy' Darling, d. ??.  Elizabeth died 20-Mar-1917, buried: Glen Elder, Kansas.
    18. i Ethel Darling b. ??-Feb-1885, d. ??.
    19. ii Grace Darling b. ??-Jan-1890, d. ??.
    20. iii Eunice Darling b. ??-Feb-1893, d. ??.

5. Rebecca Ellen 'Ellie' Snyder b. 11-Nov-1860, Pennsylvania, m. 17-Feb-1881, in Mitchell County, Kansas, Frank Muck, d. ??.  Rebecca died 24-Jul-1927.
    21. i Mabel Muck.
    22. ii Nona Muck.
    23. iii Mary Muck.
    24. iv Grace Muck. Grace burned to death by starting a fire with a can of kerosene.
    25. v Walter Muck.
    26. vi Ruth Muck. From family source: Mabel Snyder met Ruth in 1934.  Ruth had a daughter, Maxine, who had just married her second cousin, Dale Porter, November, 1973.  They were both in their fifties.
    27. vii Gena Muck. Last known address- a nursing home in Beloit.

6. Emmaretta 'Em' Moyer Snyder b. 30-Sep-1862, Pennsylvania, m. 19-Feb-1881, George Muck, d. ??.  Emmaretta died 07-Jun-1949, buried: Silver City, Colorado. She was listed as "Emma" on the 1885 state census, and moved to Kansas from Iowa.
    28. i Florence Muck b. 28-Nov-1900.

7. George McClellan Snyder b. 11-Feb-1865, Pennsylvania, m. -  -1890, Flora B. ?, b. -  -1867?, Illinois-30 on March 1, 1895, d. ??.  George died ?.
    29. i Earnest H. Snyder b. -   -1893?, Kansas- 2 on 1895 census.
    30. ii Alice G. Snyder.

9. Mary Ann Snyder b. 29-Sep-1870, Iowa, m. 04-Mar-1890, in Gosport, Marion Co.,Iowa,Washington TS, Thomas William Neff, b. -   -1866, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co., Indiana, d. ??.  Mary died 03-Jan-1950.
    31. i Ted Neff.
    32. ii Lewis Neff.

Third Generation Samuel Snyder

10. Samuel Fernoi Snyder b. 25-Jan-1880, near Glen Elder, Kansas, m. 03-Jun-1906, in 1/2 mi. So. of Winchester, Oklahoma, Ada Loretta Smith, b. 28-May-1888, near North Branch, Kansas, (daughter of Daniel Richard Smith and Mary Jane Vest) d. 09-Jul-1979, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: 12-Jul-1979, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma.  Samuel died 06-Jul-1968, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: 09-Jul-1968, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma.

  + 33. i Eula Bessie Snyder b. 13-Aug-1907.
  + 34. ii Ruby Leona Snyder b. 13-Apr-1909.
  + 35. iii Nona Pearl Snyder b. 03-Oct-1911.
  + 36. iv Glenn Edman Snyder b. 30-Jan-1914.
  + 37. v Doris Irene Snyder b. 16-Sep-1916.
  + 38. vi Gordon Lee Snyder b. 07-Apr-1920.
  + 39. vii Teddy Otis Snyder b. 03-Mar-1924.
  + 40. viii Vernon Lewis Snyder b. 31-Dec-1927.

11. Frankie Otis Snyder b. 18-Sep-1881, Glen Elder, Kansas, m. 05-Nov-1903, Margaret 'Maggie' Elizabeth Hart, b. 17-Jul-1886, Eureka, Kansas, d. 06-Aug-1970, Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas, buried: Hardtner, Barber, Kansas.  Frankie died 27-Jul-1954, Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas, buried: Hardtner, Barber, Kansas.
    41. i Agnes Snyder.
    42. ii Eva Snyder.
    43. iii Mabel Snyder.
    44. iv Alfred Snyder d. -   -1957.
    45. v Earl Snyder.
    46. vi Wilbur Snyder.
    47. vii Merl E. Snyder d. 1916, buried: Fairview Cem.,Okla.- near Hardtner, KS.
    48. viii Inez Hope Snyder b. -  -1917, d. -   -1918, buried: Fairview Cem.,Okla.- near Hardtner, KS.
    49. ix Bethel Snyder.
    50. x Leora O. Snyder d. 1923, at 7 months, buried: Fairview Cem.,Okla.- near Hardtner, KS.
    51. xi Eleanor Snyder.

Fourth Generation

33. Eula Bessie Snyder b. 13-Aug-1907, Hardtner, Barber, Kansas, m. (1) -   -1933, Dick Ponton, m. (2) 20-Nov-1939, in Enid, Oklahoma, William Donald Slaughter, m. (3) Carl Williams, m. (4) 24-Nov-1963, Bill Kell.

34. Ruby Leona Snyder b. 13-Apr-1909, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 16-Jul-1926, in Woodward, Oklahoma, Hershal Alva Cole, b. 22-Jul-1905, d. 05-Apr-1985, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma.  Ruby died 12-Oct-1989, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma.

35. Nona Pearl Snyder b. 03-Oct-1911, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 20-Oct-1930, in Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, Paul 'Eddie' Vaughn, b. 02-Feb-1910, Hartford, Arkansas, d. 08-Aug-1979, Grand Junction, Colorado, buried: Palisade, Colorado. Nona died 20-Mar-1979, Grand Junction, Colorado, buried: 23-Mar-1979, Palisade, Colorado.

36. Glenn Edman Snyder b. 30-Jan-1914, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. (1) 22-Nov-1942, Rozella Mae Benjamin, b. 21-Oct-1918, d. 09-Apr-1998, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, (daughter of Clarence Benjamin and Esther Ella Whitlock) m. (2) 20-Aug-1967, in Sterling, Colorado, Gladys Virginia "Ginger" Hawkins Wilkey, m. (3) 07-Oct-1989, Rozella Mae Benjamin, b. 21-Oct-1918, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, (daughter of Clarence Benjamin and Esther Ella Whitlock). Glenn worked in the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)- 1933-1935.  In 1935 he helped create Boiling Springs Park in Oklahoma. Glenn died 22-Oct-2004, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma. Tombstone Tombstone Back

37. Doris Irene Snyder b. 16-Sep-1916, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 03-Jun-1941, in Alva, OK- Sacred Heart Church, Frederick George Schaffer, b. 07-Apr-1914, Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kansas, (son of Frederick George Schaffer and Mary ??).

38. Gordon Lee Snyder b. 07-Apr-1920, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 14-Jul-1946, in Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kansas, Nona LaDonna Parker, b. 22-Jan-1928, Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kansas, (daughter of Clarence Lester Parker and Lila LaVerne Doyle).

39. Teddy Otis Snyder b. 03-Mar-1924, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, m. 26-Dec-1947, in Raton, N.M., Joyce Arlene Gourley, b. 07-Apr-1926, Avard, Oklahoma.  Teddy died 07-May-1987, Casper, Wyoming, buried: 13-May-1987, Oregon Trail Veteran's Cem.-Evansville,WY.

40. Vernon Lewis Snyder b. 31-Dec-1927, near Alva, Woods, Oklahoma, m. (1) 07-Jan-1950, in Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, Donna Failes, b. 12-Jul-1932, St. Cloud, MN, m. (2) 12-Apr-1974, in Maize, Kansas, Mattie Boys, m. (3) Donnis Klein, b. 29-Apr-1939.

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