My Grandson's genealogy

Jonathan Glazier

1. Jonathan Glazier. He married Azubah Glazier.
   + 2. i Johnathan Glazier b. 21-Jul-1774.

Second Generation

2. Johnathan Glazier, b. 21-Jul-1774, New Braintree, Massachusetts, d. 06-Aug-1856, buried: Ball Farm Cemetery. Johnathan may have been born in Brookfield, Massachusetts, according to David Kent Young.
   He married Dorothy Goodale, 08-Oct-1797, in Oakham, Mass.? (intent pblshd 8-10-1797), b. 10-Sep-1774, West Boylston, Massachusetts, (daughter of David Goodale and Dorothy Newton) d. 17-Nov-1859.

        i Franklin Glazier, b. 17-Apr-1799, d. ??.
       ii Lymon Glazier, b. 07-Apr-1802, d. ??.
 3.   iii John Newton Glazier b. 29-Jul-1805.
       iv Lucy H. Glazier, b. 01-Dec-1808, d. ??.
          She married Nelson B. Jones, 17-Jan-1827, in Stratton, Vermont.
        v Hannah Glazier, b. 03-May-1811, d. ??.
         She married (1) Addams Maynard, 01-Aug-1811, Intent filed Stratton
         She married (2) Leonard Glazier, 02-Nov-1876, in Stratton, Vermont.
      vi Ephram Glazier, b. 21-Jun-1814, d. ??.

Third Generation

John Newton Glazier

Phebe Cass Bourn Glazier

3. John Newton Glazier, b. 29-Jul-1805, Benington, Vermont, d. 21-Oct-1888, Stratton, Vermont, buried: Ball Farm Cemetery,Stratton, Vermont.

Obituary, John Newton Glazier, Stratton Vermont, 29-Jul-1805 -- 21-Oct-1888. This is hand written, and looks like something that the family wrote to be submitted to a newspaper, since several words were crossed out and other words submitted in their place.

Death Of An Aged Citizen

   An aged and honored citizen of this village (West Wardboro), John N. Gazier Esq. died last Sunday afternoon. He was born in Stratton, July 29, 1805, and lived there for about sixty years, holding important town offices and serving as representative in the state legislature several terms. March 7, 1827 he married Miss Phoebe C. Bourne, a woman of rare excellance and worth, with whom he lived most happily until her death, 30 years later. They had a family of six children, only two of whom are living -- Rev. N. Newton Glazier, pastor of the first Baptist Church in Greenfield, Mass. and Mrs. Czarina A. Williams of Rescue, Nebr. On July 6th, 1862 Mr. Glazier married Mrs. Mary P. Wyatt. She has proved a true help meet, kind & faithful, and her daughter Emma was much beloved by her stepfather.

   For about 20 years Mr. Glazier has lived in West Wardsboro, where he has been highly honored and respected by all who knew him. For some years he has been in feeble health, but thro medical skill and the faithful care of his wife and children his days were prolonged. His death was precipitated by quite a severe fall sustained four weeks ago. He endured all his suffering without a murmur and passed peacably surrounded by his wife, son & other relatives.

   Funeral services were conducted at the house on Wednesday by Rev. N. N. Glazier and Rev. Nelson B. Jones Jr. of Boston, (a nephew) in the presence of a large circle of friends. The burial was in Stratton. The elements of true manliness were harmoniously blended in the life and character of Mr. Glazier. He always had the courage of his convictions and was endowed with a strong mind, quick, discriminating, appreciative, which led him to take a lively interest in educational matters and to make almost any sacrifice in order that the minds of his children might be thoroughly trained in school, college and seminary. The appeals of the needy took a strong hold upon his generous nature, and called forth a quick response. No person was turned away from his door hungry, no appeal for sympathy was ever denied. Fron his childhood he was a firm believer in the Christian religion, a faithful supporter of the church and a constant attendant upon its services. A brother, Ephraim G. Glazier of Edgar, Nebr. and a sister Lucy, Wife of Rev. Nelson B. Jones of Prescott, Mass., survive him.

   He married (1) Phebe Cass Bourn, 05-Feb-1829?, Intent filed 05-Feb-1829 Stratton, VT, b. 28-Nov-1809, Stratton, Vermont, (daughter of Amos Bourn and Lydia Bourn) d. 11-Sep-1856, Stratton, Vermont, buried: Ball Farm Cemetery,Stratton, Vermont. Phebe was born in New York State.

        i John Franklin Glazier, b. 05-Feb-1829, d. 21-Mar-1854.
       ii Czarina Abigail Glazier, b. 16-Aug-1830, Stratton, Vermont, d. 20-Apr-1923, Ashland, Nebraska, buried: Willow Creek Cem.-n. of Prague, Nebr.
   She married John Sumner Williams, 07-Dec-1848, in Stratton, Vermont, b. 30-May-1823, Goshen, Massachusetts, (son of Daniel Williams and Hannah Manning) d. 13-Sep-1898, Rescue, Saunders Co., Nebraska, buried: Willow Spring Cemetary-Prague, Nebraska.
      iii Julia Amelia Glazier, b. 20-Jul-1832, d. ??, died of tuberculosis. She married Jarvis Shaw, d. ??.
       iv Anna Marian Glazier, b. 14-Jan-1835, d. ??.
        v Nelson Newton Glazier, b. 12-Dec-1838, Stratton, Vermont, d. 14-Sep-1922, Ashland, Nebraska, buried: 17-Sep-1922, Willow Creek Cem.-n. of Prague, Nebr.
See Newton's Biography and Civil War letters.
       vi Frederick Francis Glazier, b. 17-Sep-1842, d. ??. He married (2) Mary P. Wyatt, 06-Jul-1862, d. ??.

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