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Smith Family

Freeman Orange Smith

The information on Freeman Orange Smith has been very hard to find. I have some new information that may change some of the information for this family.

--Latest information: Freeman's father was either David or Daniel Smith, b. (est.) 1768-1 Vermont, m. (est.) 1811, Asenath ?, b. 1798, Pennsylvania, d. (est.) 1818. One source states that this Daniel was Daniel Richard Smith. Children:
Freeman Orange Smith, b. 14-Jan-1814. Elizabeth Smith, b. abt 1816, Ohio, m. James Sullivan Tufts, b. abt 1799, d. abt 1833. Elizabeth died abt 1817. Marilla Jane Smith, b. 24-Jul-1821. Rosetta Sarah Smith, b. abt 1825, m. 6-Dec-1843, David Campbell, b. 1828, d. abt 1849. Rosetta died abt 1849. 1. Freeman Orange Smith b. 22-Aug-1798??, Unitown, VA, m. Mary Ann Wolfe, b. Blue Mountain, PA., d. ??  Freeman died 12-Sep-1901.  Buried in Lone Star Cemetery, Gentry County, Missouri. Tombstone photo
    --From family source:  Freeman was born in Stafford, Orange County, Vermont and married Sally ??.  They had a son, Samuel who was the father of Daniel R. Smith.
    --New information: Freeman Orange Smith was b. 14-Jan-1814, Franklin Twp., (later)Summit Co, Ohio, m. (1) 15-Oct-1838, in Akron, Stark County, Ohio, Mary Ann Wolfe, b. 8-Apr-1813, Pennsylvania, d. 22-Apr-1878, Albany, Gentry Co., Missouri, m. (2) BEF. 1879, Martha Martin, d. UNKNOWN. Tombstone photo Freeman died 12-Sep-1901, Albany, Gentry Co., Missouri. [Ratliff-Ripley.FTW]. Note: there is more on Freeman's children which I haven't had time to merge with my own information.
    2. i Minerva Rosetta Smith b. 08-Apr-1843, Worth, MO., m. 18-Nov-1858, William F. M. Gibson, d. ??.  Minerva died 2-Jun-1923.
  + 3. ii Daniel Richard Smith b. 18-Jun-1846.
  + 4. iii Solomon Smith.
    5. iv Dave Smith d. ??.
    6. v John Smith d. ??.

Smith Brothers

Smith Brothers: Solomon, Daniel, John, David
Picture from Linda Ratliff.

Second Generation

3. Daniel Richard Smith b. 18-Jun-1846, Missouri, m. (1) 22-Dec-1870, Mary Jane Vest, b. 17-Jul-1852, Indiana, (daughter of William F. Vest and Melinda Johnson) d. 05-Jun-1894, buried: Maple Grove Cem, m. (2) Elizabeth ??, d. ??.  Daniel died 09-Jul-1934, Downs, Osborne Co., Kansas, buried: 11-Jul-1934, Maple Grove Cem. Came to Kansas from Iowa- 1885 state census Daniel Richard Smith drove an artillery wagon during the Civil War. He lied about his age to get in.  (as told to family source by Ruby Cole.) Maple Grove Cem is N. of Burr Oak, KS on the highway to the stateline.  Turn west at the line and go 1 mile, then ¼ mi. North. Daniel died at Roy's home in Downs. Elizabeth: There's a possibility that there is a second family from this marriage, with a daughter named Iva, who married someone named Foutz.
    Children by Mary Jane Vest:
    7. i William O. 'Jim' Smith b. 23-Nov-1871, Iowa, d. 25-Apr-1892, buried: Maple Grove Cem.
  + 8. ii Alvirtis 'Bert' Smith b. 25-Apr-1874.
    9. iii Alvinus 'Bink' Smith b. 29-May-1876, Iowa, m. 18-Feb-1906, Elva 'Pearl' Stopp, d. ??.  Alvinus died ??.  Spelled Alvenus on 1885 census and Alvanis on 1895 census no children.
  + 10. iv Elsfredo 'Fred' Smith b. 09-May-1880.
  + 11. v Enola 'Nola' May Smith b. 28-Feb-1882.
  + 12. vi Leroy 'Roy' Smith b. 03-Sep-1884.
  + 13. vii Ada Loretta Smith b. 28-May-1888.
    14. viii Jesse Edman 'Ed' Smith b. 12-Jan-1892, Kansas, m. Flossie Renmic, d. ??.  Jesse died ??.

4. Solomon Smith m. Sue ?, d. ??.  Solomon died ??.  Solomon lived 25-30 miles NW of Alva, Oklahoma in the Gyp hills. There's a family story about a feud that developed when one son's wife left with her son and went to Kansas.  The men of the family followed to retrieve the boy.  The house where she and the boy were, was surrounded, and a gunfight ensued.  Jim Smith was shot.  The boy was taken back to Oklahoma.  This happened sometime after 1914.
    15. i Guy Smith.
    16. ii Jim Smith.
    17. iii John Smith.
    18. iv David Smith.
    19. v ?? Smith.

Third Generation

8. Alvirtis 'Bert' Smith b. 25-Apr-1874, Iowa, m. 25-Dec-1898(00), Almyra S. Stephenson, d. ??.  Alvirtis died ??.  Lived with John W. Vest family in Jewell Co., KS in 1895
    20. i Elva Smith d. ??.
    21. ii George Smith d. ??.
    22. iii Lloyd 'Jack' Smith d. -   -1994?.
    23. iv Frances 'Bill' Smith d. ??.
    24. v Eva Smith b. After 1913, d. ??.

Fred and Mabel Smith

Fred and Mabel Smith

10. Elsfredo 'Fred' Smith b. 09-May-1880, Kansas, m. Mable D. Smith, d. ??.  Elsfredo died ??, Sterling, Colorado, buried: Longmont, Colorado.  Listed as Fredie on 1885 census and Elsfredo on 1895 census There may be another son named Lawrence.
    25. i Grace Smith. Grace lived in Red Cloud, Nebraska.  She was married with 1 son.
    26. ii Cecil Smith.
    27. iii Herbert Smith. (name may have been Hubert.)

11. Enola 'Nola' May Smith b. 28-Feb-1882, Kansas, m. (1) -  -1902 ??, Claud Fraizer, d. ??, m. (2) 20-May-1902, Elmer L. Shafer, d. ??.  Enola died ??.  listed as Nola on 1885 census and N.M. on 1895 census Nola and Elmer had 3 girls and 1 boy, Lawrence.  One of the girls was Mary Shafer Possum, who had 2 girls and 1 boy. In 1906, they lived in Downs, Kansas and later in Norton, Kansas.
    Children by Elmer L. Shafer:
    28. i Myrtle Shafer.
    29. ii Lawrence Shafer b. -   -1907?.
    30. iii Mary Shafer b. Before 1913.
    31. iv Dorothy Shafer b. -   -1916?.

12. Leroy 'Roy' Smith b. 03-Sep-1884, Kansas, m. 16-May-1915, Grace Penland, d. ??. Leroy died ??.  on March 1, 1895 census, he was 11 years old. (order of children uncertain.)  Grace had a son from a previous marriage.
    32. i Margaret Smith.
    33. ii Gladys Smith.
    34. iii Goldie Smith.
  + 35. iv Merle Smith.
    36. v Warren Smith.
    37. vi Orville Smith.
    38. vii Laverne Smith.
    39. viii Larry Smith.

13. Ada Loretta Smith b. 28-May-1888, near North Branch, Kansas, m. 03-Jun-1906, in ½ mi. So. of Winchester, Oklahoma, Samuel Fernoi Snyder, b. 25-Jan-1880, near Glen Elder, Kansas, (son of Samuel Snyder and Clara Bell Courson) d. 06-Jul-1968, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: 09-Jul-1968, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma. Ada died 09-Jul-1979, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: 12-Jul-1979, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma.
  + 40. i Eula Bessie Snyder b. 13-Aug-1907.
  + 41. ii Ruby Leona Snyder b. 13-Apr-1909.
  + 42. iii Nona Pearl Snyder b. 03-Oct-1911.
  + 43. iv Glenn Edman Snyder b. 30-Jan-1914.
  + 44. v Doris Irene Snyder b. 16-Sep-1916.
  + 45. vi Gordon Lee Snyder b. 07-Apr-1920.
  + 46. vii Teddy Otis Snyder b. 03-Mar-1924.
  + 47. viii Vernon Lewis Snyder b. 31-Dec-1927.

Fourth Generation

35. Merle Smith m. Helen Smith.  Merle died ??.  Helen: Helen remarried Eric Garner.

40. Eula Bessie Snyder b. 13-Aug-1907, Hardtner, Barber, Kansas, m. (1) -  -1933, Dick Ponton, m. (2) 20-Nov-1939, in Enid, Oklahoma, William Donald Slaughter, m. (3) Carl Williams, m. (4) 24-Nov-1963, Bill Kell.

41. Ruby Leona Snyder b. 13-Apr-1909, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 16-Jul-1926, in Woodward, Oklahoma, Hershal Alva Cole, b. 22-Jul-1905, d. 05-Apr-1985, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma.  Ruby died 12-Oct-1989, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, buried: Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma.

42. Nona Pearl Snyder b. 03-Oct-1911, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 20-Oct-1930, in Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, Paul 'Eddie' Vaughn, b. 02-Feb-1910, Hartford, Arkansas, d. 08-Aug-1979, Grand Junction, Colorado, buried: Palisade, Colorado. Nona died 20-Mar-1979, Grand Junction, Colorado, buried: 23-Mar-1979, Palisade, Colorado.

43. Glenn Edman Snyder b. 30-Jan-1914, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. (1) 22-Nov-1942, Rozella Mae Benjamin, b. 21-Oct-1918, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, (daughter of Clarence Benjamin and Esther Ella Whitlock), d.: 09-Apr-1998, Alva, Oklahoma. m. (2) 20-Aug-1967, in Sterling, Colorado, Gladys Virginia "Ginger" Hawkins Wilkey, re-m. (3) 07-Oct-1989, Rozella Mae Benjamin. Glenn worked in the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)- 1933-1935.  In 1935 he helped create Boiling Springs Park in Oklahoma.

44. Doris Irene Snyder b. 16-Sep-1916, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 03-Jun-1941, in Alva, OK- Sacred Heart Church, Frederick George Schaffer, b. 07-Apr-1914, Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kansas, (son of Frederick George Schaffer and Mary ??).

45. Gordon Lee Snyder b. 07-Apr-1920, Winchester, Oklahoma, m. 14-Jul-1946, in Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kansas, Nona LaDonna Parker, b. 22-Jan-1928, Beloit, Mitchell Co., Kansas, (daughter of Clarence Lester Parker and Lila LaVerne Doyle).

46. Teddy Otis Snyder b. 03-Mar-1924, Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, m. 26-Dec-1947, in Raton, N.M., Joyce Arlene Gourley, b. 07-Apr-1926, Avard, Oklahoma.  Teddy died 07-May-1987, Casper, Wyoming, buried: 13-May-1987, Oregon Trail Veteran's Cem.-Evansville,Wy.

47. Vernon Lewis Snyder b. 31-Dec-1927, near Alva, Woods, Oklahoma, m. (1) 07-Jan-1950, in Alva, Woods Co., Oklahoma, Donna Failes, b. 12-Jul-1932, St. Cloud, MN, m. (2) 12-Apr-1974, in Maize, Kansas, Mattie Boys, m. (3) Donnis Klein, b. 29-Apr-1939.

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