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A Few Historical Discrepancies

William H (We Think) Murray, (1830 or 1849)

  1. William's line descends from Robert Bruce who won England in a crap game but had to use military force to assume power in Scotland. (Who knows? With the Scots, anything's possible. However, we can't address this issue at the moment. We're much too busy trying to locate William H (we think) in his documented place of birth!)
  2. William descends from William the Bastard who participated in the crap game. (Now that's probably a lot closer to the truth...)
  3. William was born in Franklin County PA (1830-31)
  4. William was born in Johnstown PA 1849
  5. His middle name was Hemlock
  6. His middle name was not Hemlock
  7. His middle initial was "A"
  8. He did one or all of the following:
    • Attended Yale University sometime between 1850 and 1867
    • Considered the priesthood as a career
    • Rejected the priesthood as a career despite parental encouragement
    • Became a fencing master
    • Earned a law degree
    • Was a Greek scholar; could read and speak the language
    • Enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War
    • Was a Yankee Officer
    • Was a Carpet Bagger (or is that beggar?)
    • Served as a Circuit Court Judge in Tennessee and/or Kentucky (6th District)
    • Amassed wealth and property during his career
    • Lost all of the above due to an indiscreet relationship with the Demon Rum

Jane Walden/Wallen/Walling (1847)

  1. Was born/spent a portion of her childhood in, or had some affiliation with, Rock Springs, Wyoming
  2. Was the daughter of a Cherokee chief
  3. Was orphaned before the age of nine, -- courtesy of the US government
  4. Was adopted into the family of George Walden/Wallen from Albany, Clinton County KY abt. 1855
  5. Was a tall woman, about 6 feet and very quiet
  6. May have married again after the death of William H in 1902 (Oh, granny! Why would you do it twice?)

Charles E. Murray, son of William and Jane Walden (1884)

  1. According to three separate obituaries for his brother, also William H., Charles resided in:
    • Jamestown PA
    • Jamestown KY
    • Jamestown TN
  2. Was born in Fentress County (1880 and 1900 Fentress Census)
  3. Was born in Morgan County (1954 Obituaries for William Murray (1872)
  4. Married Amanda Hicks, also of Cherokee descent, and sired four sons and one daughter
  5. Was fathered by a man named William A. Murray

Iles W. Murray, son of William and Jane Walden(1878)

  1. Enlisted in the Army during the Spanish American War
  2. During his term of service was listed as:
    • Iles W. Murray
    • I.W. Murray
    • J.W. Murray
    • Miles Murray
  3. And was born in
    • Fentress County TN
    • Morgan County TN
    • Ferris County TN
  4. Was fathered by a man named W. H. Murray

Rosetta Winifred Murray, daughter of William and Jane Walden (1876)

  1. Was fathered by a fellow named William H. Murray
  2. Was mothered by a woman named Jane Parmley
  3. Now who the heck is PARMLEY????

John Urich Murray, youngest son of William and Jane Walden (1888)

  1. Migrated to California ca 1909
  2. Married a woman named Ellen
  3. Sired five children, --four sons and a daughter
  4. Gave three out of four sons the middle name "Asher"
  5. Was born in Burrville, Morgan County TN [Obit for John Urich Murray, 1979]
  6. Was born in Jamestown, Fentress Co TN [1880 & 1900 Census Records]
  7. Was fathered by a man named Andrew Murray

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