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Children of Harrison Herndon Cinnamond and Bessie Long

Maude T. Cinnamon (Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

  • Born: 23 Mar 1886
  • Married: 21 Sep 1906, Robert Gibbens

Children of Maude Cinnamond and Robert Gibbens

  1. Emily May "Emma" Gibbens
    • Born: 28 Dec 1908
  2. Evart Lee Gibbens
    • Born: 30 Sep 1912
  3. Bessie Thomas Gibbens
    • 2 Nov 1914
  4. William Harrison Gibbens
    • Born: 12 Jul 1918
    • Died: 2 Feb 1927
  5. Elizabeth Gibbens
    • Born: 9 Jun 1921

Ed C. Cinnamon (Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

  • Born: 3 Mar 1890, Anderson Co KY
  • Died: 16 Jul 1959, Lawrenceburg, Mercer Co KY
  • Married: 29 Jan 1910, Stella Adkins, Shelbyville KY

Children of Ed C. Cinnamon and Stella Adkins

  1. Arnold C. Cinnamon
    1. David Lewis Cinnamon
      • Born: 18 Dec 1938, Oldham Co KY
    2. Doris Jean Cinnamon
      • Born: 22 Aug 1929, Oldham CO KY
    3. Betty Arnold Cinnamon
      • Born: 8 Sep 1944, Oldham Co KY
        • Edward Lee Cinnamon
          • 19 Apr 1950, Oldham Co KY
  2. Bill Lloyd Cinnamon
    • Born: 21 Dec 1917
    • Died: 19 Mar 1974
    • Married: Mable Hammond, Shelbyville, Shelby Co KY
      1. Lily Frances Cinnamon
        • Born: 12 Apr 1942
        • Married: Schrader
          1. Gary B. Knott Schrader
          2. Tim Nobles Schrader
          3. Paul Nobles Schrader
      2. Doris Marie Cinnamon
        • Born: 6 Feb 1948

    Children of Harrison Herndon and Lulie Morgan Gibbens/Givens Drugan Cinnamond Cinnamon

    Susan Ethel Cinnamon (Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 27 Jan 1893, Anderson Co KY
    • Died: 4 Jul 1961, Hamilton Co OH
    • Buried: Cinnamon Family Plot, Lawrenceburg Cemetery, Anderson Co KY
    • Married: Zach Brown Stone
      • Born: 1 Nov 1887
      • Died: 3 Mar 1963
      • Buried: Cinnamon Family Plot, Lawrenceburg Cemetery, Anderson Co KY

    Children of Susan Ethel Cinnamon and Zach Stone

    1. Marcelene Opal Stone
      • Born: 29 Jan 1913
      • Died: Abt 1968
    2. Herndon Steadman Stone
      • Born: 27 Oct 1914
    3. Zack Brown Stone
      • Born: 4 Sep 1919
    4. James Bowman Stone
      • Born: 17 Oct 1921
    5. Sara Ann Stone
      • Born: 6 Jul 1927, Franklin Co KY

    Mary Etta Cinnamon (Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 22 May 1895 Anderson Co KY
    • Died: 1976
    • Buried: Cinnamon Family Plot, Lawrenceburg Cemetery, Anderson Co KY
    • Married: Ed Fultz

    Children of Edd Fultz and Mary Etta Cinnamon

    1. Mildred Fern Fultz
      • Born: 27 Sep 1914
    2. Mary Hazel Fultz
      • 25 Aug 1918

    Corine Cinnamon(Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 2 Feb 1897, Anderson Co KY
    • Died: 12 Dec 1977, Franklin Co KY
    • Married: Arthur Charles McChesney

    Children of A. Charles McChesney and Corine/Corrine Cinnamon

    1. Dorothy Vernon McChesney
      • Born: 7 Aug 1914, Franklin Co KY
    2. Carl Stuart McChesney
      • Born: 25 Mar 1917, Franklin Co KY
      • Married: 28 Feb 1942, Priscilla Eunice Wiley, Franklin Co KY
    3. Charles William McChesney
      • Born: 7 May 1920, Franklin Co KY
    4. Arthur Carlton McChesney, Sr.
      • Born: 15 Mar 1924, Franklin Co KY
    5. Edward Harrison McChesney
      • Born: 12 Jan 1934, Franklin Co KY

    John A. Cinnamon(Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 10 Jul 1898, Anderson Co KY
    • Died: Feb 1974
    • Buried: Lawrenceburg Cemetery, Anderson Co KY
    • Married: Norris Hanks
      • Born: 27 Mar 1900
      • Died: 11 Sep 1989
      • Buried: Lawrenceburg Cemetery, Anderson Co KY

    Children of John and Norris Hanks Cinnamon

    1. Nell Hanks Cinnamon
      • Born: 12 Dec 1922, Anderson Co KY
    2. Kenneth Alvin Cinnamon
      • Born: 7 Aug 1925, Salvisa, Mercer Co KY
      • Died: 22 Jan 1979, Mercer Co KY, Age 53
    3. Gene Carlton CinnamonBorn: 4 Sep 1930, Salvisa, Mercer Co KY
    4. Betty Lou Cinnamon
      • Born: 8 Apr 1937, Salvisa, Mercer Co KY
    5. Mary Nevins "Blondie" Cinnamon
      • Born: 29 Apr 1939, Salvisa, Mercer Co KY

    Charles Cinnamon(Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 27 Oct 1900 Anderson Co KY
    • Died: 17 Oct 1978, Cincinnati, Hamilton County OH
    • Buried: Arlington Gardens, Hamilton County OH
    • Married: 6 Jun 1936, Covington KY, Mary Ellen Bullock

    Children of Charles Cinnamon and Mary Ellen Bullock

    1. Janice Marie Cinnamon
      • Born: 5 Jul 1937, Cincinnati OH
    2. Charles Gerald Cinnamon
      • Born: 22 Jun 1940
      • Married 1st: Elizabeth Miles
      • Married 2nd: Sari Hou

    Collie Cinnamon(Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 10 Nov 1902 Anderson Co KY
    • Died: 1 Jul 1985, Hamilton Co OH

    Children of Collie Cinnamon and Catherine Gibbens/Givens

    1. Doris Lee Cinnamon
      • Born: 12 Aug 1928
      • Died: 14 Apr 1930
    2. Paul Cinnamon
      • Born: 7 May 1932, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH
    3. Carol Jane Cinnamon
      • Born: 12 Feb 1937, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH

    Allen Cinnamon(Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • 9 Jan 1905 Anderson Co KY
    • Died: Jun 1970, Hamilton Co OH

    Child of Allen Cashfield Cinnamon and Bernice Goodpastor

    1. John Allen Cinnamon
      • Born: 11 Oct 1934, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH

    Goldie Evelyn Cinnamon(Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 18 Feb 1807, Anderson Co KY
    • Died: 19 Apr, Chautauqua Co NY
    • Buried: Lake View Cemetery, NY
    • Married: 30 Jun 1828, Raymond Schwall
      • Born:
      • Died: 5 Apr 1986

    Child of Goldie Cinnamon and Raymond Schwall

    1. Shirley Morgan Schwall
      • 16 Aug 1931, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH

    James Harrison Cinnamon(Harrison4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 13 Jan 1913, Anderson Co KY
    • Died: 10 Nov 1990, Jefferson Co KY
    • Buried: Kirkwood Baptist Church Cemetery, Kirkwood, Mercer Co KY
    • Married: 30 Sep 1938, Hazel Mae Riley

    Children of James Harrison Cinnamon and Hazel Mae Riley

    1. Gilda P Cinnamon
      • Born: 4 Jan 1930, Salvisa, Mercer Co KY
      • Married: 24 Dec 1950, Tarzan Watts
        1. Deborah Lynn Watts m: Thomas DuVuono
          1. Katharine Nicole DuVuono
          2. Emily Ann DuVuono
        2. Mark Steven Watts
          • m: (1st)Karen Cambbell
          • m: (2nd)Kathy Stivers
            1. Marcus Tyler Watts
          • m: (3rd)Amy Glasscock
            1. Jennifer Nicole Watts
        3. Lora Jean Watts m: William Funk
          1. David James Funk
          2. Sarah Elizabeth Funk
    2. James Newton Cinnamon
    3. Gayle Franklin Cinnamon [17 Nov 1945-17 Nov 1945]

    Children of Alfred Bruner Cinnamond and Mary "Molly" Devine

    Research Suggestion: At some point in his life, Alfred apparently adopted his brother Harrison's ways and dropped the "D" from his surname as well. One family member doesn't recall there ever being a "D";   another from the same line, still uses the "D".   We suggest then that when researching individuals from this particular line, use both spelling variations in your search: Cinnamon and Cinnamond.  It might be wise to use this as a general rule of thumb for all Cinnamond research [See What's IS In a Name Anyway!?]

    Jannie Bell Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 19 Jul 1887, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 3 Dec 1972, Kentucky
    • Married: 14 Oct 1916, Woodford Co KY, John Birchette Dalton

      Children ofJannie Bell Cinnamond and John Dalton

      1. Ann Elizabeth Dalton
      2. Lila Dalton
      3. Lola Dalton
      4. Dorothy Dalton

    William Thomas "Willie" Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 18 Oct 1888, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 18 Oct 1918, Montgomery AL
    • Buried: Herndon Private Burying Ground, Alton KY
    • Married: 1908, Arnie Bryant

    No Known Children

    Hollie J. Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 24 Apr 1891, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 20 Feb 1933
    • Married: 1912, Anderson Co KY,Hattie Cook

      Children of Hollie J. Cinnamond and Hattie Cook

      1. Waldene Cook
      2. Cecil Cook
      3. Hazel Mae Cook
      4. Marvin Cook

    Lillie P. Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 10 May 1893, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 4 Feb 1941
    • Married: Phillip Montgomery

      Children of Lillie Cinnamond and Phillip Montgomery

      1. Dillon Dee Montgomery
      2. Daisy Montgomery

    Marshall Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 20 Sep 1897, Woodword Co KY
    • Died: 23 Aug 1962, Louisville, Jefferson Co KY
    • Married 1st: Abt 1919, Thelma Hackney
      • Born: 1903
      • Died: 1 April 1925, Jefferson Kentucky
    • Married 2nd: Aft 1922, Sadie Risinger
      • Born: 1905
      • Died: 4 April 1965, Jefferson Kentucky

      Unsolved Mystery

      Marshall with daughter,Carmilla and granddaughters, Carolynn and Donna

      Recollections of a Granddaughter

      Marshall was a very friendly, warm, and quiet man. He was always willing to help out a friend or neighbor. No one was ever a stranger to him. Marshall attended Hopewell Baptist Church regularly. Upon his death, Hopewell Methodist Church gave him a burial plot - as he was so highly thought of in the community.

      Marshall attempted to raise his daughter, Carmilla, and son, Paul, after the death of his first wife, Thelma Hackney. He had a housekeeper by the name of Carrie who loved and cared for Carmilla and Paul. Neighbors (family name of Risinger) convinced him it was not good to have a single woman living in his home. It didn't look good. He needed to remarry.

      Because he was an honorable man, he did what he was convinced was honorable and married again. He married Sadie Risinger. She had a leg amputated from the knee down. At the time, Sadie was very active and could do most anything she wanted to do while on crutches. Some time later, however, she seemed unable to do much of anything. She resigned hereself to a wheelchair and expected others to take care of her.

      Marshall waited on her hand and foot. Carmilla and Paul always felt mistreated and resented it when their dad was not home. At her death, Sadie was buried next to Marshall at Hopewell Church.

      Marshall was a very good cook. His granddaughter, Donna, remembers the many times he cooked homemade biscuits that were delicious - for breakfast or along with a chicken he had raised. Marshall had a house and property on Payne Street in Louisville, Ky, and he built himself a house in Jeffersontown.

      For awhile, Marshall and Sadie live in J-town during the summer and on Payne Street in the winter. The home in Jeffersontown (J-town) was a farm where he grew several crops, had chickens and pigs, and planted lots of trees and flowering bushes. His home in J-town was about two lots away from the Tucker Lake. Mr. Tucker repeatedly tried to get Marshall to sell the property to him - offering him a large sum. After Marshall's death, Sadie's relatives placed her in a nursing home and sold the property to Mr. Tucker at less than half of what had been offered to Marshall. Marshall's children knew nothing of the plans to sell the property. Carmilla had always thought the property would remain in the family. (Today, the property has been stripped of the house and all trees, bushes, and flowers. It is nothing more than an open field.)

      Marshall wanted very much to serve in the military during World War I but was unable to. He cut a thumb off in a corn grinder and was considered ineligible to serve. His daughter said he went to the barn and cried for hours because he could not serve. Marshall had a picture made of himself in his twin brother's (Mark) uniform.

      Marshall loved to play the harmonica and do a little dance with it to please his granddaughters. He played very well.

      He may have lost a thumb in a corn grinder but he still had a "very green thumb." Plants and flowers grew for him - even in odd, difficuilt places. When Carmilla and her two daughters moved to Miami, Florida, he visited and planted a rose bush in an area containing nothing but sand. The rose bush was beautiful!

      As stated above, Marshall was always willing to help out a friend or neighbor. There were many times he helped neighbors who were sick or otherwise unable to take care of their crops by doing what needed to be done. In fact, Marshall was working on someone's field in 110 degree temperatures (after having worked all night) when he had a heart attack. Marshall died in the hospital a few days later. [Donna Moore, dau of Carmilla Cinnamon Swaim, Lavaca Ark, Dec 2009]

      Children of Marshall Cinnamond and Thelma Hackney

      1. Paul Thomas Cinnamon
        • Born: 13 May 1920, KY
        • Died: Mar 1975, Lavaca AR
      2. Carmilla Dorsey Cinnamond
        • Born: 31 December 1922, Woodford County Kentucky USA
        • Married 1st: Abt 1942 George Butts
        • Married 2nd: Aft 1942, George Byron Swaim, Jr.
        • Married 3rd: Aft 1942, Louis Butto

    Children of George Butts and Carmilla Dorsey Cinnamon

    • Carolynn Thelma Butts (Living)
    • Joyce Evelyn Butts (Living)

    Children of George Butts' First Marriage

    • George Butts Jr.
      1. Born:1929
      2. Died: 8 Jan 1989
    • Marion Douglas Butts (Living)
    • William Paschal Butts
      1. Born: 5 Nov 1925
      2. Died: 30 Sep 1998

    Children of Carmilla Cinnamon and George Swaim

    • Donna Jean Swaim (Living)

    Mark Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 20 Sep 1897, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 27 Sep 1943
    • Married: 12 Mar 1922, Ora Lee Coke

      Children of Mark Cinnamond and Ora Lee Coke

      1. Mark Cinnamond, Jr.
      2. William "Billy" Cinnamond
      3. Onita Cinnamond
      4. Elwood Cinnamond

    Lula Mae Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 5 Dec 1900, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 13 Mar 1974
    • Married: William Royalty

      Children of Lula Cinnamond and William Royalty

      1. Sadie Pearl Royalty
        • Married: Frank Risinger
          1. Jerry Risinger
          2. Denny Risinger
          3. Marzetta Risinger
      2. G.W. Royalty
      3. Earl Royalty
      4. Alfred Royalty
      5. Marzeta Royalty
      6. Robert "Bobby" Royalty

    Melvin Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 6 Aug 1903, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 8 Nov 1973, Louisville, Jefferson Co KY
    • Married: Elizabeth Fields

      Child of Melvin Cinnamond and Elizabeth Fields

      1. William "Billy" Cinnamond

    Albert Lee Cinnamond (Alfred Bruner4, JohnA3, JohnA2, Robert1)

    • Born: 11 June 1906, Woodford Co KY
    • Died: 30 Jun 1970, KY
    • Married: Abt 1932, Ophelia Wilson, Anderson County KY

      Child of Albert Lee Cinnamond and Ophelia Wilson

      1. Mary Kathleen Cinnamon
        • Born: 5 Jan 1934
        • Married: 15 Oct 1954, Raymond Sylvester Clark
          1. Karen Clark
          2. Neal Clark
          3. Kerry Lee Clark (Twin)
          4. Terry Ray Clark (Twin)

    Children of Hubert M and Mintie Willard Cinnamond

    1. Horace Stanley Cinnamon, Abt 1904, KY
    2. Bernice B. Cinnamon, Abt 1905, KY
    3. Albert B. Cinnamon, Abt 1907, KY; m: Ophelia Wilson 23 Dec 1932
    4. Alice Cinnamond, Abt 1909, KY; m: John F. Hellard Abt 1929
    5. Goldie Hellard Cinnamond, Abt 1911; m: Thomas Hellard Abt 1931
    6. Nellie Cinnamond, Aft 1911; m: Richard Barnes

    Children of Charles Coleman and Edith Connorty/Carnity Cinnamond/Cinnamon

    1. Charles Coleman Cinnamon Jr.
      • Born:
      • Died:
      • Married: Abt 1943, Marjorie Alice BRACKETT
        1. Dennis Charles Cinnamond (13 Sep 1944 CO - 24 Jul 1962 CO)
        2. Kenneth Ray Cinnamond
    2. Clayton Leroy Cinnamond
      • Born:
      • Died:
      • Married 1st: Louise Putman
      • Married 2nd: Aft 1958, Charlotte Unknown
    3. Clinton W. Cinnamond
      • Born:
      • Died:
      • Married: Unknown
        1. Carolyn Jo Cinnamond
        2. Gary Cinnamond
        3. Gordon Cinnamond
    4. Leonard Gordon Cinnamond
      • Born:
      • Died:
      • Married: Unknown
        1. Ginger Cinnamond
    5. Marvin Neal Cinnamond-Cameron
    6. Born:
    7. Died:
    8. Married: Donna Morrison
      1. Male Cameron
      2. Male Cameron


    1. It's is believed that the individual responsible for dropping the "D" on this branch was Charles Coleman Cinnamond, Sr. per his grandson, Kenneth W. Cinnamon.
    2. Marvin Neal Cinnamon changed his surname from Cinnamond to Cameron, thus introducing yet another, altogether different variation to the string of existing ones! The rationale behind this name change has yet to be determined.

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