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Billy Graham Becomes America's Most Prominent Christian Leader (1950)

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Billy Graham, Evangelist

Abstract: William Franklin "Billy" Graham becomes the world's most prominent Christian Leader.

The following abstract was written by Carol Hepburn, 2005. Source: What Everyone Should Know About the 20th Century: 200 Events that Shaped the World by Dr. Alan Axelrod and Charles Phillips, published by Adams Media Corporation, 1995; 1998.

Note: I found this article to be decidedly anti-Christian. The author's view Graham as a religious moderate and assert their political bias against the pro-Christian wing of the Republican party. There are a number of good, inexpensive biographies of Billy Graham, written from a Christian viewpoint. I would suggest you find a good biography to read aloud to your children and if possible watch a Billy Graham crusade on television to allow them the opportunity to see this great man of faith while he is still alive and serving the Lord.

Background Information

Billy Graham was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 7, 1918. He graduated from Wheaton College in 1943 and became the pastor of First Baptist Church of Western Springs, Illinois as well as a leader in the national Youth for Christ movement. In 1950 he founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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