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BMD reference numbers with an Armenian slant

I will undertake a look up of a record if it has YES beside it and you are willing to make a donation to help with the running costs, please contact me for details on how to do that.

This started off as a list of the CHATER's I have discovered in the records of birth, marriage and death held at the British Library in the Oriental and India Office reading rooms in London. I have now also included other CHATER's that I have discovered along the way.  I have listed the name, the India Office Reference and the event. The reference number is the same as that used at the British Library, India Office records. Many of these were copied from the birth, marriage and burial registers for the three presidencies.

Towards the latter end of 2003 I started photocopying the actual records from the micofiche films at the OIOC.  I now hold a copy of the individual folios of the majority of the CHATER's listed. Should anyone be interested in knowing fuller details of an individual, please do not hesitate to contact me.  liz  at chater-genealogy dot com. Send mail to me as above but because of excessive spam you will have to replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with the usual.

As my research has continued I have also started keeping a note of other entries that may have been of use or interest to me.  These are centered around the Armenian community in India, but you will see there are some other non-Armenian references too.

Please note that I am able to do a look up of the records that only have a YES next to them. If you require a complete transcription of a particular record, perhaps you would consider making a donation - please contact me.

I do not hold copies of any of the other records mentioned.  

Please quote the full reference number beginning with "N".

E.I.R refers to the  East India Register entry.
Incoming Passenger - refers to the entry being taken from the Movinghere website.

LDS refers to the Latter Day Saints referencing.