Armenian Graves in Calcutta

Agra, Asansol, Bombay, Calcutta, Chinsurah, Dhaka, Delhi, Gwalior + Narwar, Hyderabad, Madras, Saidabad, Surat

There are a number of locations in and around Calcutta that have Armenian graves, these are:

The Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth [there are 8 separate webpages for graves at the Holy Nazareth Church]

The Old Armenian Cemetery, Lower Circular Road

The Armenian Chapel of St. Gregory the Illuminator, Park Circus [there are 3 separate webpages for the graves at St. Gregory's Church]

The Armenian Holy Trinity Chapel, Tangra

The Armenian Section of the Tollygunge Cemetery

The Roman Catholic Church

The Lower Circular Road Main Cemetery - Other Graves

Armenian graves at Colootollah

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My thanks and full acknowledgement of help with the translation from Armenian to English of the graves on this page goes particularly to Alina Salnazaryan, Lola Koundakjian, Karen Mkrtchyan and Dr. Sebouh Aslanian without their help I would not be able to open up these locked Armenian families in Calcutta.

This is a work-in-progress.  There are still several hundred photographs of graves in Calcutta that require translation from Armenian to English. It is a slow and meticulous process. No other website has attempted to translate and transcribe ALL the Armenian graves in Calcutta and offer them as a free first-hand source and resource available to the general public.