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Several descendants of the known Division progenitors have gained a measure of success.  The following list, published in the April 2002 issue of Corson Cousins, comes from Biography and Genealogy Master Index, edited by Frank V. Castronova, 2000.  We've added brief biographies for some of them.  If you have more information about any of them that you would like us to place on this page, please contact us.


Hiram Corson (1804-1896) of NY, Division III, physician and genealogist

John W. Corson (1816-1882) of NY, physician

Author of the following articles:

Corson, J.W. July 1848. Loiterings in Europe.  The United States Democratic Review, 23 (121): 73-77. (PDF file available in members only section)

Corson, J.W. 1874. On the treatment of pleurisy: with an appendix of cases, showing the value of combinations of croton oil, ether, and iodine, as counter-irritants in other diseases. W. Wood & Co.,  New York, 31 p.

Caroline Rollin Corson (1828-1901) of France and NY, translator and author.

Henry W. Longfellow to Caroline R. Corson, June 15, 1855 - Offers use of his name if it will be of any service. Linked to Hiram Corson (1828-1911).

Hiram Corson (1828-1911) of NY, Division III, educator

Hiram Corson taught literature courses at Girard College, St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, and at Cornell University. Letter from Woodrow Wilson, Nov. 18, 1908 - Birthday congratulations.

George Norman Corson (1833-1901) of PA, soldier, lawyer, lecturer, journalist and poet

Juliet Corson (1841 -1897) of MA and NY, Division I, founder of and instructor at the New York Cooking School, author of popular works such as: 

The Cooking School Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-day Cookery (1877), Fifteen-Cent Dinners (1877), and 

Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery and Household Management (1886).

Eugene Rollin Corson (b. 1855) of DC and GA, physician and author

Oscar Taylor Corson (1857-1928), educator, OH commissioner of common schools. Born near Camden, Preble County, Ohio, 3 May 1857

Allan Corson (b.1876) of PA, civil engineer

John Jay Corson (b.1905) of VA, author

David Birdsall Corson (b.1864) of NJ, educator

Fred Pierce Corson (1896-1985) of NJ, college president

Dighton Corson (1827-1915), lawyer, Supreme Court judge in SD 1

Hazel W. Corson, Division I, author of children's books.  Wrote Peter and the Two-Hour Moon, Peter and the Rocket Trip, etc.

Richard R. Corson, captain and assistant quartermaster of volunteers in the Union army from March 27-June 9, 1865.  Lost a case in the Supreme Court (United States v. Corson, 114 U.S. 619, 1885), in which he had asked for back pay.

Corsan, George Hebden, Sr. (1867-)

Corson, Robert R., Esq. , of VT, military agent for Vermont at Philadelphia.

Corson, Audrey P.

Corson, Barry Alan (1949-)

Corson, Dale Raymond (1914-), Division IV, born near Pittsburg, KS, author, physics, professor, and retired Provost and President of Cornell University.

Corson, Debra( 1956-)

Corson, Donald Cleon (1941- )

Corson, Harry Herbert (1931- )

Corson, J. Jay (183 5-)

Corson, Jame (1845-)

Corson, James Allen (1859-)

Corson, James Robert (1845-)

Corson, John Arthur (1940-)

Corson, Joseph (1923-)

Corson, Joseph Kirby (1836-1913), Division III, U.S. Medal of Honor, Assistant Surgeon, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves. Medal of Honor citation. Born: 26 November 1836, Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County, PA.

Corson, Joseph Mackie (1924-)

Corson, Keith Daniel(1935-)

Corson, Kimball Jay (1941-), Division IV, born in Mexico of American parents, Harland Jerry Corson (b. 1896 in Millville, NJ) and Arleen Elizabeth Jones (b. 1909, Colorado Springs, CO).  Earned J.D. in Law from the University of Chicago and worked as a prominent attorney in Phoenix, AZ. Argued before the US Supreme Court and many federal Circuit Courts. Currently retired and sailing around the world in a sailboat: Wandering the Oceans

Corson, Laurie H. (1960-)

Corson, Lorna

Corson, Madeleine (1937-)

Corson, Maurice S. (1933-)

Corson, Richard Howell (1931-)

Corson, Robert W.( 1946-)

Corson, Samuel Abraham (1908-1998)

Corson, Shayne (1966-), hockey player?

Corson, Thomas Harold (1927-)

Corson, Vincent T. (1947-)

Corson, Walter Harris (1932-)

Corson, William (1949-)

Corsun, Lori A. (1961-)

Coursen, A. B.

Coursen, Bradner Wood (1929-)

Coursen, Christopher Dennison (1948-)

Coursen, David Linn (1923-)

Coursen, Herbert R. (1932-)

Coursen, Larry L (1942-)

Coursen, Phillip E. (1944-)

Coursen, Richard Dennison (1917-)

Coursen, Samuel Streit (1926-1950), U.S. Medal of Honor, First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Company C 5th Cavalry Regiment.  Entered service at Madison, NJ.  Medal of Honor citation

Coursen, Valerie (1965?-)

Courshon, Arthur Hoard (1921-)

Courshon, Jack Robert (1924-)

Coursin, David Baird (1919-)

Courson, Donald C. (1944-)

Courson, James Harold

Courson, John A. (1941- )

Courson, John Edward (1944-)

Courson, Marna B. P. (1951-)

Courson, Maxwell Taylor (1936-)

Courson, Richard J.

Courson, Robert Wylie, II (1946-)

Courson, Roger Lee (1931-)

Courson, Steve (1955-)

Courson, Virginia Hughes

Courson DeLa Villeneuve, Tanguy De (1911-)


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