Yorkshire and Westmorland Capsticks

Yorkshire and Westmorland Capsticks

(A joint project of Edmund Robert (Bob) Capstick and E.A. (Ann) Capstick)

I am indebted to many people for the information on these pages: to my father, Edward Alfred (Ted) Capstick, for the initial research in Crosby Garrett, Westmorland; to my father's first cousin, Kay (Day) MacDonald, for lending me the Jonathan Locke, John Locke, and Capstick Bibles; to the members of the YORKSGEN list, particularly Marion Young, who gave me the link from Westmorland to Yorkshire; and especially to Edmund Robert (Bob) Capstick, my fifth cousin once removed, whose extensive research has provided virtually all the Yorkshire information. Nonetheless, any omissions or errors are entirely my own and can be reported to Ann Capstick

I'd like to make it clear that these pages would not be here had I not been able to make contact with my cousin Bob through his page on Family Tree Maker. Bob has been invaluable, not only in providing the basic research, but also in proofing pages and confirming information from others. Neither I nor my father did any primary research in Yorkshire, so if you find a connection please write to Bob; he has been researching CAPSTICKs in Yorkshire and beyond since 1973. My only contribution is the presentation of this data in HTML format. Even if you don't find a connection, Bob would be interested in any CAPSTICKs who have been involved with law enforcement

Capstick Family Group Sheets

Bob's Ancestors

Edmund Capstick and Alice Mary Stephenson Yorkshire to Victoria, Australia(1901-)

Edmund Capstick and Edith Ann Goring Yorkshire (1869-)
John Stephenson and Alice Sutcliffe Yorkshire (1845-)

Thomas Capstick and Betsey Drabble Yorkshire (1835-)
Richard Goring and Sarah Ann Jackson Sussex to Yorkshire (1844-)

Edmund Capstick and Jane Ratcliff Yorkshire (1786-)
William Drabble and Mary Grant Yorkshire (1807-)

Edward Capstack and Rebecca Moor(e) Yorkshire (1750-)
Joe Ratcliff and Mary Lupton Yorkshire (1765-)

Thomas Moor(e) and Ann _______ Yorkshire (1715-)

Ann's Ancestors

Robert Capstick and Jessie Eugenie Silver Nova Scotia to British Columbia (1873-)

Edward Alfred Capstick and Catherine Longhurst Westmorland to Nova Scotia (1840-)
Nathaniel Silver and Martha Finck Nova Scotia (1836?-)

Francis Capstick and Jane Coulthart Westmorland (1810-)
George Nickerson Longhurst Snr. and Bethia West Locke Nova Scotia (1813-)

Edward Capstick and Margarett Robinson Yorkshire to Westmorland (1785-)
Robert Coulthard and Mary Clark Westmorland (1790-)

Francis Capstick and Dorothy Robinson Yorkshire (1753-)

Our Common Ancestors

Edmond Capstick and Mary Guy Yorkshire (1720-)

Edward Capstack and Elizabeth Willan Yorkshire (1687-)
Rob(ert) Guy and Margaret Fawcett Yorkshire (1679-)

Edward Capstacke and Elizabeth Burton Yorkshire (1651-)
Edmund Willan and Hellener Hodshon Yorkshire (1640-)
Christopher Guy and Bettrix Write Yorkshire (1640-)
John Fawcett and Elizabeth Howgill Yorkshire (1672-)

John Capstacke and Elizabeth _______ Yorkshire (1621-)
Myles Burton and Elizabeth Wilkinson Yorkshire (1627-)
Richard Willan and Jane Holmes Yorkshire (1613-)
John Fawcet and Eliz(abeth) FAWCETT Yorkshire (1648-)

Miles Capstacke and Margaret Willan Yorkshire (1595-)
Wilfrey Burton and Elizabeth Jackson Yorkshire (1595-)
Christofer Wilkinson and Faith Walker Yorkshire (1595-)
Edmonde Willan and Anna Fawcett Yorkshire (1580-)
Marmaduke Hollmes and Elizab(eth) Tateham Yorkshire (1580-)
Hen(ry) Fawcett and Elizabeth Ward Yorkshire (1612-)

Reignolde Holme and _______ _______ Yorkshire (1555-)
Robert Fawcett and Margery Towanson Yorkshire (1585-)

More generations to come

Sources Key

CAPBCapstick Bible
EACMAnn Capstick Records
ipoaIn possession of Ann Capstick
L-LBLonghurst-Locke Bible at Little Schoolhouse Museum. Lockeport, NS
LYDCTranscription of stones in Lydgate Cemetery circa 1981
NSMANova Scotia Marriages Microfilm
TEDMManuscript prepared by Ted Capstick
VCLValerie Capstick--letter to Ann Capstick

The family group sheets on these pages have been adapted from group
sheet reports generated by Cumberland Family Tree for Windows

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