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WILLS: Benjamin Buzbee of Edgefield [SC]....a will eg. 4 Oct. 1815 pr.23 Oct. 1815.........wife, Susannah Buzbee........children: Benjamin Buzbee Jr.........the 109a of land where I live; Reese Buzbee.........$400 in money; Miles Buzbee......100 bushels of corn, sec. # 42; My wife Susannah is to have my old mare and all of my stock and meat cattle and 50 bushels of corn. EXS: Nathan Morris & Ansil Sawyer/Wit. Jacob Dominick, Catherine Dominick & Hilbert N. Norris


Abstract of the Will of John Busby, as obtained in England by J. Gardner Bartlett, genealogist, reads, "The will of John Busbye, late of Much Okeley [Great Oakley], co. Essex, now of Acley [Acle], co. Norfolk, mercer, dated 22 Sept. 1568. To Nicholas Busby, now my eldest son, four of my best silver pots. To Agnes my daughter &3-6-8, and a silver spoon. To my daughter Jone &3-6-8 and a pair of silver laches, when 21 years of age; if she die before that time, remainder to my son Edward Busbye. To my son Edward all residue of my goods, he to be sole executor. My nephew John Godfrey to be supervisor. Witnesses, Edmund Cooke, John Gouldurg, John Broughton and John Rochester the writer. Proved 27 Mar 1570 by the executor." (Archdeaconry of Norwich, vol.15 fol.I.)


Abstracts of the wills of Nichols Busby
"In the name of God, Amen, I Nycholas Busby of Claxton, co. Norfolk, being of perfect memorie make this my last will and testament as followeth, first, I give unto Nycholas my youngest sonne one silver spoone; unto John my eldest sonne one black stuffe dublett with a payre of stockings, a payre of shooes, and a hatt. All the rest of my goods whatsoever I give and bequeath unto Susann my late [sic] wife. In witnes wherof I have sett my hand this 17th of June 1615. Witnessed by us, Robert Crook, Edmond Heard, Robert Peachie, Edmund Heard [mark] [No probate given, but registered between wills proved 4 Mar 1617/8 and 7 Mar 1617/8] (Consistory of Norwich, vol. Trotter, fol 14)


Abstract of the wills of Nicholas Busby's widow Susan Busby:
"The will of Susan Busby of Langley, co. Norfolk, widow, dated 19 July 1619. My goods to my three sons, Matthew, George and Richard Plumbe. My tenement in St. Saviour's Norwich, given to me by my late husband Thomas Plumbe (who received it by the will of his late father Matthew Plombe). To the daughter of my brother Robert Sherwin, the latter and John Francis of Norwich to be supervisors. My sons George and Richard Plombe to be executors." Proved 20 Mar 1623/4. (Archdeaconry of Norwich, vol Hyll, fol.289.)


From office of Suffolk Registry of Probate, Boston, the will of Nicholas Busby dated 25 Jul 1657, presented, 10 Sep 1657 and recorded 14 Oct 1657:
"In the name of God amen I Nicholas Busby being sicke in body but in pfect memory, Blessed be ye Lord therefor doe make this my Last Testament as hereafter followeth first of all I will and bequeath my soule into the mercyfull hands of Almightie God trusting & unfainedly beleeving to be saved by ye active & passive obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ & my Body to the earth to be buryed therein at the charge of my Executrix heereafter named. I doe appointe my three sonns that are here in New England, that is to say, my Sonne Abraham Busby, my sonne William Nickerson & my Sonne John Grout to gather vp all my debts mentioned in my debt bookes & to make there of a true accott, & to deliuer it as they shall receiue it vuto my Executrix heereafter named....Impris I doe make my Loving wife my whole Executrix of all my Estate, & to possesse this my dwelling house wherein I liue, dureing her life, and all my household Stuffe plate & money; & for my farme if she will consent therto that it be sold & she to receiue the price thereof & to add to it my stocke & to discharge the seurall Legacies.....the Remainder.....to be for her maintenance dureing her life.....Vnto John Busby, my Eldest Sonne, seaventy pounds more then that I sent him the Last yeare, wch was thirtie pounds, & this Seaventy pounds to be payd in such goods as are gathered in by the Brethren above said, within Seaven monthes after my decease.....Vnto Abraham Busby, my Sonne, sixtie pounds.....And after his Mothers decease, this my now dwelling house, with the garden & fruite trees scittuated & being in Boston.....Vuto Anne Nickerson, my daughter, the sume of fiftie pounds; (more then that I sent her the Last yeare).....Vnto Sarah Grout, my youngest daughter, the some of Sixtie & five pounds; vnto my grand Child Joseph Busby, Sonne of my Sonne Nicholas Busby, deceased, the sume of Twenty pounds; vnto Sarah Grout, my grand child, tenn pounds; vnto my two Sonns John Busby & Abraham Busby, my printed bookes, in manner following; to John Busby, all my Phisicke bookes, as Glendall practice, Barrowes method, Dutch Phisicke & garden of health, Mr. Coggans treatis, and the Dialogue of Phisicke Surgery, with Plinnys Naturall Hystory. Vnto Abraham Busby, my bookes of Divinitie, vizt. Mr. Perkins, Mr Willet sinops and Comentary on the Romains, & mr Hieroms two bookes; as for the rest of my bookes of divinitie, or Hystory, my desire is that they may Loveingly & Brotherly devide them betweene except the three Bibles; first, the thicke Bible, I giue vnto Anne Nickerson. The Best Bible, to Sarah Grout, and the bible in my Hamper, to Katherin Savory. As for my Apparell, I giue vnto John Busby, my Sonne, my blacke Stuffe Cloake, & the remainder of my apparell I Leave to my wife to dispose of. As for my weaving tooles, as the two Loomes, the one, I giue to John Busby in case he come over to New England, or else to William Nickerson the same. And the other Loome & warpins & bobings & wheels & shetells & other Implemts thereto belonging I give vnto my Sonne Abraham Busby; And as for my household stuffe, plate & money, I leaue vnto my deare wife....I haue heereunto set my hand & seale, this five and Twentieth day of July, One thousand Sixe Hundred fifty and Seauen...."


Bridget conveyed her property by Deed of 14 May 1659. Superior Court of Judicature No 392, and Suffolk Deeds, v. 3, p 383
"To all christian people to whom this present writing shall Come Bridgett Busby of Boston in the County of Suffolke in New England widdow Sendeth Greeting in our Lord God euerlasting Know yee that the said Bridgett Busby being of Good and perfect memory and wthout fraud or deceipt for & in Consideration of the naturall affetion that I beare vnto my Sonns & daughters and also for other good Causes and Considerations me a present especially mooving Haue Giuen & Graunted and by these presents Doe Giue Graunt and Confirme vnto my sonne John Busby the sume of twenty pounds sterling to be paid vnto him in New England or to his Assignes by the value thereof out of my estate in Boods & debts (wch to that end) I leaue in the hands and custody of my sonne Abraham Busby Also I giue and Graunt vnto my daughter Katherine Sauery the summe of tenn pounds sterling to be pajd vunto hir or hir Assignes in New England by the value thereof out of my estate in Goods & debts wch to that end I leaue in the hands & Custody of my Sonne Abraham Busbey both of the above namned Guifts to be pajd wthin thiry moneths after the date of these presents Also I Giue vnto my Daughter Anna Nickerson a truncke & the one half deale of all my smale linnen cloaths, and one paier of sheets and fower djaper napkins and two Couerd stooles and one Wrought Cushin and two platters the one to be bigg and the other lesse and two silver spoones and one pillow beere and one great Iron pott and one long table board wch is now in hir husbands Custody by way of loane Also I Giue vnto my daughter Sarah Grout the other half deale of all my smale Linnen Cloathes and one Joinct chest, and one paire of sheetes and fower diaper napkins and two Couerd stooles and one wrought Cushen and two platters the one bigg and the other lesse and two siluer spoones and one pillow beere and one feather bed which is in the chamber.....I giue vnto the children of my daughter Anna Nickerson the some of Twenty & fower pounds to be divided amongst them and payd by the value there of out of my Estate in Goods & Debts wch to that end I leaue in the Custody of my Sonne Abraham Busby Also I giue vnto the children of my daughter Sarah Grout the Summe of Twenty pounds to be divided amongst them and pajd by the Value thereof out of my estate in Goods & Debts wch to that end I leaue in the Custody of my Sonne Abraham Busby to be pajd vnto theire parents for the particular vse & behooffe of each of them wthin sixe moneths after the decease of me the sajd Bridgett, And also I the sajd bridgett by these prsents doe Giue Graunt & Confirme vnto my Sonne Abraham Busby all and singular the Remajnder of my goods estate debts and propertjes of what nature kind Condition quallity & quantity soeuer the same are be or may be and in what place or places soeuer the same be or shall or maybe found to be as well in my owne Custody and possession as in the possession hands power & Custody of any person or persons whatsoeuer and wheresoeuer....provided alwajes that the full & free liberty of vse and disbursement of this Remayning part of my estate Given & graunted vnto my sajd sonne Abraham Busbey is reserved by me to my vse & for my maintenance during my naturall life, And a power also to giue graunt & Confirme other guifts if I shall please so to doe and after that so much as my discharge the Costs of my funerall to be performed in a decent manner Also I giue & graunt vnto my tow sonnes in law willjam Nickerson and john groutt to each of them a peece of Gold of twenty shillings to be deliuered & pajd vunto them by my sajd Sonne Abraham on the day of my funerall Provided by me also that if any of my sajd sonnes or daughters Doe dye before me that then the guifts so Giuen as is aboue expressed shall be Vnto the children of him her or them so dying. And I the sajd Bridget Busbey haue putt my sajd Sonnes and daughters in full & peaceable possession of all and euery the premised Graunts and Guifts warranting it to be pajd vnto them at the tjmes & places sett by deliuering vp vnto the hands of my loving freind Mr Robert Saunderson for theire perticular vse a peice of money of money Called sixe penc fixed in the Seale hereof In witness whereof I hare herevnto put my hand & seale the fowerteenth day of may in the yeare of our lord one thousand sixe hundred fiffty and nine" Bridget Busby signed the deeby by her mark and the witnesses were Robert Saunderson, John Hull and William Pearse.


"Chancery Court Records at Pulaski, TN [Giles Co], Book B Sep 1838 - Mar 1842", by Ruth Browning. 976.861/P2b
p18: File Box P-1, case 4270: Will of Augustine Dishough, 1885. Augustine Dishough d Aug 1877 at home near Pulaski. Left widow Arrena, son Charles A., dau George Ann wife of Thomas A. Pittman. Arena Busby married Augustine Dishough III 4 Jul 1855. After his death she married Joseph Elder.

Buzbee, (Minors)
On Nov. 1, 1813 Elizabeth Buzbee, John Jackson bound unto Taliaferro Livingston Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $1000.00. Elizabeth Buzbee made gdn. of Melinda, Benjamin, Stephen, Micajah, John, Lewis Buzbee minors under 14 yrs., Jane Buzbee a minor over 14 yrs.

Buzbee, Lewis
On Nov. 24, 1830 Benjamin Buzbee, John Caldwell bound unto Moses Taggert Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $200.00. Benjamin Buzbee made gdn. of Lewis Buzbee a minor over 14 yrs.

Busby, Henry -
Probate Judge Office. Anderson, SC. Est. admr. the 3 Oct. 1836 by Rebecca Busby, James Gilmore who are bound unto John Harris, Ord. in the sum of $300. Signed Rebecca X Busby and James Gilmore. Cit. was pub. at Roberts, SC. 2 Oct 1836 by Benjamin D. DePre. Recd. 20 Jan. 1841 of Mrs. Rebecca Busby the admin. of the est. of Henry Busby decd. in cash for our part of the estate of said Henry Busby. Signed David Y. Griffen and Martha X Griffen. Wit: William Richardson.

Pennsylvania Wills

BUZBY, THOMAS. Oxford, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. August 31, 1757. September 30, 1757. Book L, p. 6. Wife: Mary. Children: Isaac, Abraham, John, Hannah, Abigal, Sarah, Martha and Mary. Exec: Mary, Isaac and Hannah B uzby. Witnesses: Benjamin Mason, Joseph Griffith, Abram. Leech.

WHARTENBY, RICHARD. Oxford. Co. of Phila. Carpenter. August 14, 1776. September 29, 1792. Book W, p. 287. Wife: Mary. Child: Robert. Exec: Mary Whartenby, Isaac Buzby. Wit: Isaac Buzby, Abraham Buzby, William Buzby.

BUSBY, ISAAC. Oxford, Co. of Phila. Yeoman. January 5, 1788. April 5, 1788. Book U, p. 86. Wife: Eleanor. Children: Elizabeth, Phoebe, Isaac. Exec: Leonard Shallcross, Senr., Nicholas Dilworth. Wit: Nicholas Dilworth, Nathan Whitman.

BUSBY, WILLIAM. Oxford Township. Co. of Phila. June 5, 1790. January 12, 1801 [Established]. Book Y, p. 285. Wife: Mary. Children: John, Rebecca, Elizabeth [Wife of Samuel Wells], Mary. Children by present Wife: Isaac, Tacy, Eziekel, Benjamin, William, Mary. Exec: Mary Busby, Robert Morris. Wit: Philip Burkhardt, William Wells, David Shaw.

COMLY, RACHEL. Moorland Township. Co. of Phila. July 29, 1797. September 12, 1801. Book Y, p. 575. Sisters: Rebekah Vansant, Phebe Swift. Sister-in-Law: Eleanor Busby. Nephew and Nieces: Jonathan Comly [Son of Henry]. To All Daughters of Brothers and Sisters. Exec: Brother Joshua Comly. Wit: Abm. Duffield, Elisha Thomas.

LIPPINCOTT, NATHANIEL. Waterford, Gloucester Co. NJ. Farmer. August 30, 1787. August 16, 1790. Philadelphia Will Book 3, p. 310 1810-1815, (NOTE: apparently recorded out of date sequence) Provides for wife Mary Lippincott during widowhood. To son Caleb Lippincott part of land bought of Richard Haines, adj. lands of Amos Haines and Samuel Stokes, also part of his home place adj. lands of sd. Samuel Stokes, John Matlack, meadow in tenure of John Griffith. To grandson Wallace Lippincott, plantation on which he (Nathaniel Lippincott) now lives including land in tenure of William Bell. To grandsons John Lippincott and Jesse Lippincott. To son Seth's daus. Grandson Jesse Lippincott to have that part of land and Cedar Swamp before given to his father, at his death to his bro. Joshua Lippincott. to grandson Aquilla Lippincott property in Moores Town descended to him (Nathaniel Lippincott) from his father, he paying to granddaus. Abigail and Martha Borton and to niece Phebe Burr's dau. Sarah &c. at his death to his eldest son. To niece Martha Borton. To grandson Nathaniel Busby, son of dau. Martha Busby. To granddaus. Ann and Mary Busby house in Arch Street, Phila., purchased of Lazarus Pine. To survivors of dau. Grace's children and appoints their father Jabez Busby trustee for his sd. children. To granddau. Mary Haines. To grandsons Benjamin and Nathaniel Busby sons of dau. Grace, should they both die, the whole shall go to their sisters. To Treasurer of Preparative Meeting of Haddonfield. Execs: Sons Caleb Lippincott and Joshua Borton. Wit: Thomas Stokes, Samuel Allinson, William Allinson. Codicil July 22, 1788. Since making will has exchanged meadow property with Samuel Allinson, bequeaths to grandson Wallace Lippincott. Wit: Samuel Allinson, Jane Siddons, Mary Allinson.


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