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Judge Benjamine Busby
Grandma Flora
James A Busby
Busbee & Heard
Harrison Busby and Tinsey Ann Busby
1. Judge Benjamine Busby b.12 March 1886 in Aiken Co., SC D. 23 March 1932 in Tillman, Jasper Co., SC Judge's 2nd wife, Alneta McKenzie, b.13 August 1901 in Tillman, Hampton Co., SC d.07 February 1976 in Jackson, Aiken Co., SC. Submitted by Karen Busby
2. Great Grandma Flora, Jane Busby, Connie and Mom. Submitted by Carolyn
3. James A Busby Tombstone. The tombstone is located in Goodrum Cemetery in DeSoto County, Mississippi. Inscription reads: James A Busby Co B 44 Regt Miss Inf CSA 1835-1901 Submitter: Unknown
4. Wedding photo of Jacob Foreman Heard born 15 Feb 1815 and Martha Elizabeth Busbee born 17 July 1822 married on 07 Jul 1839 at Macon Bibb Co GA. Submitted by: Gaila Merrington
5. Harrison Busby and Tinsey Ann Busby. Submitter: Unknown

Jim Busby
Busby and Buzbee
Vernon Edward Busby
Lizzie and Vernon Busby
Crazy Mule
6. Jim Busby Submitter: Unknown
7. Lawrence (1870-1937) & Minnie Lovelace Busby (1880-1955) and Henry Buzbee (1877-1936) Submitted by: Jo Anne Seay Holt
8. Vernon Edward Busby Submitted by Joyce
9. Lizzie and Vernon Busby Submitted by Joyce
10. Crazy Mule Submitted by Julius

Harrison M Busby
David Taylor Busby and William Alvin Busby Family
11. Postcard Submitted by Julius
12. Harrison M. Busby, submitted by Howard Munding
13. David Taylor Busby. The photo on the right is William Alvin Busby, wife, Blanche, and daughter VearDean. It was taken ca 1922. Submitter: Unknown
14. The photograph shows a good view of the officers 1870 pattern picked seal skin busby (5-1/4 inches high in front and 8 inches in back). The plume is made of white goat's hair (6-1/2 inches in overall length) with blue feathers (2-1/2 inches) at the base. It is worn on the front of the busby held by a standard busby socket (also called a boss). The example seen here is the standard type of plume fastening system that was also used on other busbys of the period. Visible below the busby socket is the cord plait. This is two gold square backed cords that would have been seen at the rear of the busby when it was worn. The busby was worn by officers on duty with companies in the Royal Engineers. Submitted by: Michael Lee Busby
15. These are the badges worn on their BUSBY hats by the ROYAL FUSILIES. The one on the left: Other ranks. Right: Officers. Submitted by: Julius Busbee

Ancestors of William Andrew Busby
Buzbee & Ivey Marriage License
Buzby & Smith Marriage License
William Ernest Busby
William Ernest Busby Children
Seaborn Busby
16. Ancestors of William Andrew Busby Submitter: Unknown
17. John Buzby & Lucretia Ivey Marriage License 8 Feb 1879 Submitter: Unknown
18. James Buzby & Viola Smith Marriage License 11 Jan 1882 Submitter: Unknown
19. My grandfather, William Ernest Busby. Submitted by Ethel Buster
20. William Ernest Busby's five oldest children. Back Row: Margaret Jeanette, Alice. Bottom Row: Hazel, James William, Ruth. This photo was taken about 1912. Submitted by Ethel Buster
21. Seaborn Busby Submitter: Kathy Kendrick

Seaborn Busbee Family
Busbay & Dawsey Marriage License
22. Sebern B. Busbee and Family Submitter: Kathy Kendrick
23. Seaborn Busby & Frankie Dawsey Marriage License 24 Jan 1847 Submitter: Kathy Kendrick


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