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The War Between the States (CSA Version)
aka The Civil War (Union Version)


This section of the site focuses on the military experiences of the mid-nineteenth century. It is planned to expand this section to include any military experiences. For now we just have some Civil War information but we hope to expand this information to encompass the US Revolutionary War to Operation Enduring Freedom. This area can also be expanded to include other international or regional conflicts if they shed light on Busbee Busby and Variation experiences. Depending on your location and perspective the name of the conflict or war may vary. It is perfectly ok to list your information with the name you prefer. Our purpose here is to share the military histories of our ancestors, not debate the issues of conflict and war. We reserve the right to edit any submission. We are accepting submissions for this area. It is our hope that you will share your Busbee Busby and Variations military experiences with the community.

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