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8 February 2002
Young and old, experienced and inexperienced, we are all embarked on a quest for knowledge of our often illusive ancestors. No one of us has the time or resources to alone solve the mysteries of the past, but collectively we have a better than even chance. No tidbit of information, however insignificant it may seem, should be discarded. That tiny tidbit may be just the thing one of us needs to complete a portion of the puzzle. I urge you to forward any and all information to me for correlation in a master data base which will be available to any and all, and will be attributed to the provider. As I get better organized, I will begin to respond to posts with whatever relevant information I have accumulated.

SEND ME YOUR GEDCOMS for posting on the Homepages. Displaying your data to a multitude of researchers is a sure way to detect errors and inconsistencies, and fill in gaps with sourced information. It is also a good way to establish direct communication with others researching your line who may not be into posting. As clearly stated on the Homepages, we will do our best to protect your data from harvesting by others, and will remove any portion of the data you supply on request. To this end we display data in GEDHTREE format, which does not completely cooperate with some genealogy software programs, but we will, with permission, furnish GEDCOMS to interested parties. For those of you who do not have genealogy software, we can often provide data in MS Word format or Rich Text Format, easily readable by most word processing programs.

Any of you who have easy access to archives, courthouses, etc., and are willing to do research and/or photocopy records, please get in touch with me. I am willing to compensate you for such time as you may spend doing so, and reimburse your expenses.

News of our Homepages has spread far and wide, and a number of folks have emailed us asking us to assist them in setting up similar sites for other surnames. Our continuing success depends on data, and I prevail upon you to send it to us.

Happy Hunting!


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