Caudill - Know Your Ancestors - Title Page Typed and submitted by Dianne Dearring.   My great uncle Sammy compiled this booklet for his family.  With his blessing, I am sharing this with you.  Sadly, Uncle Sammy passed away on 18 Jan 2000.  I am grateful for the information he has shared with us about his life and his family in this booklet.  It is truly a legacy which can be passed down to future generations.   I have omitted references to living persons and have added known corrections/additions in brackets [].  If you have corrections to the information listed here, please email the change, along with your source infomation to

Know Your Ancestors
1986 Edition
Compiled by


Origin of the Name "Caudill"  7
Chapter 1 Stephen Caudill   9
The Slave Girl    10
Chapter 2 James Caudill, Sr.   11
Chapter 3 Matthew Caudill   14
Chapter 4 Stephen Caudill   16
It’s Against the Law   18
Chapter 5 William Caudill   19
Chapter 6 John Caudill    22
The Duel    25
Chapter 7 Sarah Elizabeth May   26
Chapter 8 Winston Caudill   33
A Little Chunk of Heaven  38
Thoughts Worth Thinking  41
Can You Pass This Test?  45
Something I Couldn’t Give Away 55
The Case Of A Crooked Leg  58
The Converted Bull   64
Marriages    76
The Last One    78
A Sad Commentary   79